Small business business plan structure

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Small Business Planning

Today, when small and medium-sized enterprises are developing dynamically, they need modern approaches to management to improve their business efficiency and remain competitive.

One of the most effective business management tools is business planning, which takes an increasingly significant share in modern management.

The use of business planning methods, covering almost the entire spectrum of management, streamlines and systematizes the decision-making process. The technology of business planning itself contains a mechanism for finding the optimal management solution based on the capabilities of the external and potential of the internal environment of the enterprise. To the greatest extent, business planning is necessary for small and medium-sized enterprises operating in conditions of high uncertainty and having less margin for error.

In market conditions and fierce competition, entrepreneurs and managers of these enterprises cannot rely only on experience, intuition, and apparent good circumstances. Refusal to use business planning in enterprise management is accompanied by fluctuations, erroneous maneuvers, untimely change of orientation, which are the reasons for the poor state of affairs.

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"Organization of entrepreneurial activity"

Small Business Plan

The topic of the test "Business plan of a small enterprise" is currently very relevant, since it is not possible for an entrepreneur to achieve stable success if he does not clearly and effectively plan activities, constantly collect and accumulate information, how about the state of target markets, the position of competitors on them, and our own prospects and opportunities.

In a market economy The experience of many successful companies in industrial countries shows that in a highly competitive market, business planning is the most important, if not the main condition for their survival, economic growth and prosperity. In practice, strategic, long-term, short-term and current planning is used. Particular importance is attached to a business plan, which is a document containing the rationale for the actions that are planned to be carried out for the implementation of a commercial project or the creation of a new enterprise.

The purpose of my test is to study the meaning and order of drawing up a business plan for a small business.

The tasks of the control work are carried out as follows:

ь Reveal the essence and significance of a business plan for small businesses;

ь Determine the place of the business plan in the planning system for small businesses;

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Developing a business plan for a small business

The relevance of the topic chosen for this diploma study is determined by the fact that every entrepreneur, starting his activity, must clearly understand the need for the future in financial, material, labor and intellectual resources, sources of their receipt, and also be able to clearly calculate the efficiency of using resources in the process of the firm's work.

In a market economy, entrepreneurs will not be able to achieve sustainable success if they do not clearly and effectively plan their activities, constantly collect and accumulate information both about the state of target markets, the position of competitors in them, and about their own prospects and opportunities ...

With all the variety of forms of entrepreneurship, there are key provisions that are applicable in almost all areas of commercial activity and for different firms, but necessary in order to timely prepare and bypass potential difficulties and dangers, thereby reducing the risk in achieving the set goals.

The purpose of a business plan in construction is to plan the economic activities of a construction organization for the coming years in accordance with the needs of the market and the possibilities of obtaining the necessary resources. In environmental engineering, the business plan should be developed primarily taking into account the decisions made in the master plans for the development of cities or rural areas, targeted environmental programs, plans for the development of new territories. issues of environmental management, with local executive authorities, which can act as customers or investors, with potential sponsors. Agreements (without money) on creative cooperation of scientific, design and production organizations that can take part in environmental engineering can be effective.

A well-developed business plan helps to attract investment in the established, operating and developing construction organizations or construction industry enterprises.

The business plan is systematically updated, changes are made to it related to changes within the organization itself, the hell market for construction services, in the country's economy as a whole.

The main tasks related to the business plan are:

· determination of specific directions of the organization's activities and its place in the market of construction services

· defining the goals of the organization, strategies and tactics for achieving them

· definition of expected financial results

· determination of the composition of marketing activities for market research, advertising, pricing, advertising

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