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Rules for drawing up a business plan

Concept and purpose of a business plan A business plan is a document that describes a project idea, business processes and mechanisms for their implementation to achieve the goals stated by the author of the document For investors for themselves

Business Planning Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Analysis Opportunities and threats are characteristics of the external environment that cannot be directly influenced by the company, and therefore, they can influence the future outcome of its work.

An important point of the business plan Industry analysis Ways of promoting goods Competition Technologies Amount of tax deductions

Title page name of the project; the name of the organization where the project is planned to be implemented, indicating phone numbers, addresses and other contact information; the head of the above organization; business plan developer; date of preparation of the document; it is allowed to put on the first sheet of the most significant indicators of financial calculations for the project

Summary The main questions of the introductory part of the business plan: What will the investors get from the successful implementation of the project? What are the chances of losing capital or part of it in the event of an unfavorable development of events? The purpose of the resume: to make a positive impression on investors and to give an overall description of the project.

Description of goods and services Analysis of the characteristics of products and sales market includes: Description of the main products of the company and secondary ones; Taking photos of your products; Market analysis for the presence of similar products or services in your target market; Service organization planning

Creative project "The use of design technology in economics lessons for drawing up a business plan"


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Prepared by gr. No. 101 for spec. "Hairdressing" Head: F. Edigarieva. Chistopol 2021 Business plan of an economy class hairdressing salon

1. Summary 2. Analysis of the situation, monitoring 3. The essence of the proposed project 4. Production plan 5. Marketing plan 6. Organizational plan 7. Financial plan 8. Risks

Hairdresser may be founded in 2021. The hairdresser will provide services: haircuts for men, women, children; coloring, perm; highlighting, toning; evening hairstyles. To accommodate a hairdresser, it is planned to lease premises in the CEC with a total area of ​​10 m². There are ways to approach the building of freight and light transport on the square in front of the KRC. The building is located in the center of Chistopol.

The clients of the hairdressing salon are residents of Chistopol and the region. Prices are targeted at low to medium income clients. Profit is formed as the difference between the volume of services sold and the cost of purchasing goods. In addition to the purchase costs, it is planned to invest in the renovation of the premises and its reconstruction.

There is no economy class hairdressing salon in Chistopol. There are people in town who cut their hair at home. One master all-rounder is needed to create a hairdresser. A survey was conducted among schoolchildren and the population of the city. Most of them are in favor of creating an economy class hairdressing salon in the city. People just need to open an economy class hairdressing salon.

Competitors Strengths and weaknesses of competitors Strengths and weaknesses of an economy class hairdressing salon in Chistopol. Hairdressing salons in Chistopol Strengths: High level of service There are manicure services Weaknesses: High prices of services provided Long queues Strengths: Located in the city center Reasonable prices Weaknesses: Low income of the majority of the population No additional services are provided yet Hairdressing at home Strong side: low price Weak side: mostly non-professionals

The entity of the proposed project The hairdresser will provide the following services: Men's haircut (simple, model); Women's haircut (simple, model); Children's haircut; Perm; Coloring, highlighting, toning; Washing, drying, hair styling.

Production plan Repair and modernization of the premises: 1. Purchase of linoleum - 2200 rubles; 2. Purchase of a castle - 200 rubles; 3. Cosmetic repairs - 1500 rubles; 4. Replacement of electrical wiring -900 rubles; 5. Installation of water supply, sewerage - 5200 rubles. 6. Installation of a partition for the utility room - 3000 rubles. 7. Installation of blinds - 1000 rubles. TOTAL: 14,000 rubles Requirements of Pozhnadzor and Rostpotrebnadzor: 1. Purchase of a fire extinguisher -1300 rubles; 2. Purchase of a first-aid kit - 300 rubles; 3. Sanitary book - 400 rubles; TOTAL: 2,000 rubles Organization of the enterprise and certification: Own funds - 5,000 rubles Premises rental - Monthly - 5,000 rubles

Marketing plan 1. The location of the enterprise has been chosen advantageous - in the center of the city. 2. Information of the population about the characteristics of the services provided: 1) distribution of leaflets with an invitation and a 10% discount to the first 10 clients; 2) a signboard on the Internet about the opening of a hairdressing salon.

A business plan is a document that regulates information about a company or a project, specifies a business strategy, marketing and financial plan, market and competitor analysis, possible risks and ways to overcome them, profitability, prospects for investors. The structure of a business plan may vary depending on the type of enterprise.

This article will cover the following points:

Business plan components

A business plan should have a clear, well-thought-out structure, with detailed calculations. Due to the fact that this document is the main guide to running your own company, it must be treated with responsibility. Even home or internet business owners need to draw up a detailed business plan, because it allows you to step by step achieve the goal, and not keep everything "afloat."

The main components of any business plan:

  • Summary - a statement of the full business strategy, starting from its launch and ending with the expected results;
  • Purpose - the key purpose of the business, why it is created and what benefits it will bring the product being released;
  • A marketing plan is a strategy in which it is necessary to write the answers to a number of questions. For example, what the entrepreneur is going to put up for sale; what he wants to get; enterprise costs; target market analysis; marketing plan testing period;
  • Customer base - who the customers are, why they are offered products, what is the uniqueness of the offered product;
  • Identification and analysis of competitors;
  • Short-term and long-term business strategies;
  • Product price;
  • Methods of delivery of goods (if material purpose);
  • Protection of products from intruders (in particular, this applies to goods of the electronic segment);
  • Options for payment for goods - using electronic money, bank transfer, cash in the office, cash to the courier, etc.

How to write a business plan yourself, video:

The main points of the business plan for the enterprise

The business plan of an enterprise is a documentation with a detailed rationale for the company, estimates of its profitability, planning activities to achieve key goals. The business plan fixes the options for finding consumers for a product or service, establishes the volume of the sales market and the prospects for the company's development. Also, the document prescribes an estimate of the costs that will be needed for the manufacture and sale of a product, the profitability of production is determined, and the efficiency for a potential investor is shown.

Content of the business plan of the enterprise, points:

  • Overview part (summary) - it contains the main information about the essence of the enterprise. This section determines whether future investors will become interested in the company;
  • Information about the company - its nature, main activity, profile; stage of development; organizational and legal structure; the goals of the enterprise; what the company will offer to customers; competitiveness of products; data on technical and economic indicators; prospects of the enterprise in the region / country / abroad;
  • Description of products - physical parameters, its capabilities and format of use, attractiveness and relevance, readiness to enter the market, expert opinion of specialists and consumers;
  • Marketing strategy;
  • Market analysis;
  • Production plan with detailed content;
  • Production schedule;
  • Management system and organization of the company;
  • Financial plan;
  • Possible risks, their assessment and minimization plan;
  • Attachments to the business plan - additional documents (photos and product samples, biographies of managers, audit, contracts, plans of production areas, warranty obligations, etc.).

Components of the business plan for the project

A business project is a change in the way of organization with a limited time frame, aimed at improving results, optimizing costs, changes in product development and sales. That is, the business project is aimed at modifying the format of the company's work, increasing its profitability, attractiveness for buyers, suppliers, partners, investors. Each project can have a unique outline template that highlights its strengths. Also, the document reveals all the features of the project, emphasizes its uniqueness. The structure of the project business plan can be changed.

Presentation on the topic: Business plan structure

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Purpose of writing a business plan Having chosen your business, you need to plan how you will organize it. This plan is needed by everyone: banks and investors, the employment center (in the case of receiving subsidies), your employees who want to understand their prospects and objectives; and most importantly - you yourself, in order to carefully analyze your ideas, check their rationality and realism. Business plan - a document developed by a new or existing firm, company, which systematizes the main aspects of the planned commercial event.

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Sections of the business plan * Summary; Marketing market research; Organizational plan; Production plan; Marketing plan; Financial plan; Risks and insurance.

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1. Summary Your business plan should start with conclusions. You write them last, but they should be the very first paragraph of your business plan. Conclusions should be short - no more than 1-2 pages. A resume is an independent advertising document, i.e. it contains the main provisions of the entire business plan. The resume contains the following information: the purpose of the business plan, the need for financial resources and their purpose, a brief description of the business and its target client, the benefits of the business, excerpts from the main financial proposals

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2. Marketing Market Research Market and marketing are decisive factors for all companies. The most ingenious technologies are useless if they do not have their own buyers. Market research is one of the main challenges for new businesses. Marketing research is the collection, processing and analysis of information for the purpose of making competent management decisions. This section of the business plan describes your research of consumers, their habits and preferences, as well as research on the market for similar products: the main competitors, the advantages and disadvantages of their products (services), how they can react to the appearance of your product (service). you should focus on those qualities of your product that you will draw the attention of the consumer to in order to win the competition.

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