Ready-made online store business plan: sample

Development of a business plan is the first and main stage in the implementation of an entrepreneurial idea. At the planning stage, it is important to translate your thoughts into clear instructions with displayed specific actions. This approach will help avoid mistakes at the organizational stage.

Business plan: the essence of the concept, is it necessary

A ready-made business plan for an online store contains a description of the strategy for promoting the project and methods of attracting new customers.

Since in the field of Internet commerce entrepreneurs rarely resort to attracting third-party investments, the document is most often developed for themselves in order to understand what and at what point to do and how much money can be spent on it in order to make a profit in a certain size. You can get the expected result from your activities only by studying the structure of the chosen area, analyzing its prospects and planning it.

If a potential businessman at the stage of project development does not have enough funds, then in order to resolve the financial issue, he will have to contact the bank to apply for a loan. Without a properly executed business plan, he will not be given a loan. Entrepreneurs, striving to quickly launch their business, turn to third-party organizations for help in developing the document. Its representatives draw up the project in accordance with all the rules and the financial organization allocates credit funds, however, lack of knowledge of the concepts and features of the chosen format of doing business, misunderstanding of the essence of the calculations made, can cause an increase in costs for the implementation of the planned. Experts recommend independently studying the nuances of the activity.

Features of opening an online store

Online stores operate in the worldwide network, so there is no need to provide a sales area and its equipment with showcases to demonstrate goods to potential buyers.

They have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with its appearance, parameters and characteristics on the official website of the store. Its functionality provides options for adding to the cart, cashless payment and delivery to the specified address.

Owners of an online store do not need to rent or buy space to accommodate a retail outlet. They also don't need to budget for labor costs. The entrepreneur should include in the cost item the rental of warehouse premises for storing goods. You can save money when organizing a dropshipping business, which involves the provision of intermediary services for the information of the seller and the buyer. Working in this way, an entrepreneur promotes the goods of another businessman, who supplies him with products at wholesale prices. The distinctive characteristics of an Internet business are:

  • small taxes;
  • low costs of starting a business and ensuring its operation;
  • reaching a large number of users belonging to the target category audience;
  • accessibility for entrepreneurs;
  • user friendliness;
  • 24/7 offline operation that does not require much effort on the part of the business organizer.

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One of the types of entrepreneurial activity that has been gaining momentum lately is the organization of an online store. Today, there is and can be created a fairly large number of different online stores, the design of which should be carried out taking into account the specifics of the goods sold. However, in this case, the goal is to highlight the common features inherent in the vast majority of projects to create an online store.

Development of a business plan for an online store includes various components that allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of investing money in the creation of this enterprise. When preparing a business plan, it is necessary first of all to analyze the supply and demand for the services of online stores. The information obtained in the process of analyzing the activities of existing online stores will be used in the future to determine the product group expected to be sold in the projected online store.

When preparing a business plan for an online store, it is necessary to take into account that the product intended for sale must be standardized. This circumstance is due to the peculiarity of online stores, the business format of which does not provide for the opportunity to see the purchased goods until they are delivered to the buyer. In this case, the organization of an online store that will sell rare and unique goods does not seem appropriate, which must be taken into account when developing a business plan for an online store.

Investments in the development of the trading site itself is just the "tip of the iceberg", the main investments will go to offline expenses.

What do entrepreneurs who open an online store want "at the end"? Some regard it as a venture business, thus wanting to "probe the market" and "try". Others “build” an online store as an addition to their traditional business (for example, a real retail or wholesales network). Still others are considering the possibility of creating an online store "from scratch" in order to turn it into the main independent trading platform. In the latter case, the business can be called a “clean” or classic online store.

There is an opinion that opening a "clean" online store is the cheapest and least dependent on external unfavorable factors way of doing business. He is not afraid of the risks of an increase in rent, termination of a lease agreement, a decrease in prices for goods stored in a warehouse. In fact, an online store is a fairly costly business that requires constant attention.

Contrary to popular belief, an online store isn't nearly all that virtual. Upon closer examination, the online marketplace is not much different from the usual, i.e. a physically existing store (for example, an auto parts store or a bookstore). For the normal full-fledged functioning of an electronic store, accounting, a cash register (for working with cash payments), competent sales consultants, competent marketers, a delivery service (external, working under a contract, or own) are also needed. Of course, an office is also needed to accommodate employees. True, such an office does not perform representative functions, clients usually do not come there. The main thing is that it has all the necessary communications (several telephone lines and a dedicated Internet access channel).

Among the disadvantages of an online store, the main ones are the inability to "touch" the goods, difficulties with the delivery of goods and the limited influence of the seller on the buyer. However, in my opinion, there are still more advantages. The main one is that online stores provide an opportunity to flexibly respond to market demands and offer attractive prices, while minimizing their costs. After all, the owner of an online store does not need to rent expensive retail space, maintain a large staff of service personnel (security, cleaning, a large staff of sellers, etc.), rent warehouses and store significant inventory. Its retail space is website pages, and its warehouse is a package of contracts with reliable suppliers. These and other pros and cons must be calculated and identified in the business plan.

Let's see what are the costs of an investor opening a legal online store that sells standardized goods?

Let's say we are talking about opening a relatively small store with an assortment of about 300 commodity items without our own courier service. Then, in the cost structure, several main blocks can be distinguished, most of which are typical for any trading business and are by no means specific for an online store.

The Internet has become an integral part of the life of almost every person. It is used for communication, finding various information and even shopping. Therefore, more and more online stores appear that receive high profits from their activities.

Almost every entrepreneur thinks about starting such a business. For the profitability of work, you should study the basics of opening such a store on the Internet.

Features of opening an online store

The main features of online stores include:

  • the costs of renting a trading floor and paying salaries to sellers are reduced;
  • goods are delivered to buyers in different ways to the specified addresses;
  • when competent promotion guarantees a high profit, and this is due to the wide coverage of the target audience;
  • it is necessary to rent a warehouse where goods will be stored before sending them to customers;
  • for effective work, an entrepreneur must have knowledge of areas of creation and maintenance of sites.

Important! At the first stages of work, you do not need to spend money on renting a warehouse, since there will be few orders, so you can send them to buyers after direct purchase from suppliers.

Main reasons for starting a business

There are many advantages to running this business:

  • low costs of running a business and starting it;
  • low taxes;
  • good and constant profit due to a wide coverage of the target audience;
  • the ability to set low prices;
  • availability for every entrepreneur;
  • convenience for buyers;
  • the ability to operate around the clock;
  • autonomy of work, so it does not require significant investment on the part of entrepreneurs.

Step-by-step instructions for creating an online store

One of the interesting and competitive spheres of sales is printed matter. In the article we will tell you how to sell books over the Internet, as well as using a stationary point, we will offer a ready-made business plan for a bookstore.

Textbooks, children's literature and trainings, for example, a description of a yoga course, are especially popular. Classical foreign and Russian works always remain relevant for the target audience - this is useful for schoolchildren, interesting for ordinary people of other ages. Therefore, this idea is relevant, it can bring good profit with a business approach. For this, it is imperative to develop a preliminary business plan.

Project Summary

The goal is to prepare and open a retail point of sale of books with high efficiency. The assortment will include literature:

  • Artistic.
  • Nursery.
  • Training.
  • Professional.
  • Applied.

Stationery will also be sold.

According to the presented business plan of the bookstore with calculations, opening a business will require costs in the amount of two million three hundred thousand rubles, excluding possible force majeure. In this case, a three-month preparation will be needed, it will consist in the registration of an individual entrepreneur (or LLC), in the purchase of goods, in the search for premises, in advertising. Here is a table that confirms the financial return:

Discounting (result, yield from invested investments) 17% Income71-443 thousand rubles When the payback period is 21 months Payback to the discounting level23 months Profit indexation 1.63%

Industry specifics

The trend is twofold. On the one hand, the level of the reading population is noticeably decreasing and, as a result, there are fewer purchases. But the second side of the question differs in increased receipts per visitor due to:

  • Lower competitiveness - many outlets just closed, so there is an opportunity to raise the price.
  • Increased printing price.

This has led to an increase in the number of businessmen who are transferring their business to online trading. But within the framework of the current business project, we note the peculiarities of a stationary outlet.

Product Description

Today, saving time is a priority for many people, which is why the popularity of online stores is constantly growing.

To calculate the potential profit, risks associated with work, and other subtleties of doing business, it is worth preparing a business plan for the development of an online store, having previously familiarized yourself with the nuances of its work. Opening an online store is a less expensive business than in reality, but it still has its own subtleties, which you should definitely consider before starting a project. Onward and upward!

Types of shops on the Internet

There are three types of online sales, each with its own advantages and disadvantages:

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  • Large stores with offline representations everywhere. The profits of such stores are quite large, but the costs of doing business cannot be called small either.
  • Trade enterprises that represent the existing real (not on the Internet) business. Simply put, these are large multi-purpose stores that increase the flow of customers and sales through the Internet audience. These firms have their own warehouses and staff. The costs of starting and running such a business are quite impressive.
  • Small online stores that do not sell retail, but send goods to customers through various companies that provide such services. This type of activity is most popular among Internet entrepreneurs due to its low cost.

Since it is not affordable for everyone to create a large store in the vastness of the network, it is worth starting with the small stores that were discussed in the third paragraph.

Video - How to open an online store Online store from scratch Basic knowledge

Niche selection

When drawing up a business plan, it is very important to think over and calculate all aspects, otherwise you risk getting net losses instead of profit. Shop on the Internet is not the easiest thing, however, very profitable, if you approach the matter competently.

The most important thing to think about is the assortment. As statistics show, there are several most popular product sectors, and the competition between the stores selling them is simply off scale. This:

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