Ready-made business plan of an advertising agency with a financial model

Advertising is an integral part of any business, product and service that first appears on the market and needs to attract attention to itself. Therefore, you can safely bet on an advertising agency's business plan with calculations and its success. Since the demand for effective and high-quality advertising products is growing constantly. Consequently, this direction can be considered a quite promising activity. In our case, this organization will be engaged in the distribution of advertising information, as well as its printing on tickets in public transport. We plan to open our organization with the best franchise.

Project goal

The pursued goal of the advertising agency's business plan will be to maximize profit from the advertising services provided.

Printing advertising information on tickets is quite justified, this is due to the fact that:

  • The growth in advertising services is only increasing every year.
  • Advertising, which will be printed on tickets, will definitely reach the end consumer.
  • Placing this type of advertising is an extremely effective way.
  • The company on whose behalf we will work has been operating since 2021.
  • It is reliable.

In order to open your own advertising agency you will need to have an amount of 350 thousand rubles. The full payback will occur six months after the start of the activity.

Products and services provided by the organization

Any outdoor or full cycle advertising agency is a type of activity that will stay afloat in any economic situation in the country, since the growth of new organizations only increases every year. The area we have chosen is one of the most effective ways to promote goods and services.

The advertising company operates in more than 30 cities in Russia, this organization can rightfully be considered one of the largest agencies in the advertising industry.

This type of activity is suitable for a novice businessman only if the population of the city is more than 300 thousand inhabitants.

We choose a ticket as an advertising medium. Its format is 9 by 5 centimeters, advertising will be in color, printing is applied on both sides. Printing will be done in-house by the agency using the best equipment and materials.

Let's consider the main characteristics of an advertising medium:

  • The size is 9 by 5 centimeters.
  • Advertisements will be placed on each side of the ticket.
  • Pass-through numbering of tickets.
  • Tickets will be glued together from the front.
  • Offset paper weighing 80 grams is used.
  • Each bundle of tickets will consist of 200 or 250 tickets.

A ready-made business plan for an advertising agency with a financial model

Brief Investment Memorandum

Advertising is known to be the engine of commerce. Today there are many agencies involved in attracting clients. However, the demand for high-quality and effective advertising is growing steadily. Thus, the opening of an advertising agency is a promising direction. In this business plan, we will look at a bus ticket advertising company.

The goal of the project: making a profit in the provision of advertising services.

The main reasons for opening an advertising agency to advertise on tickets on buses:

  • Steadily increasing demand for advertising services.
  • Advertising on tickets 100% falls into the hands of the target audience.
  • Advertising on tickets is profitable and effective.
  • Wide distribution coverage.

The initial investment amount is 290,000 rubles.

The break-even point is for the first month.

Payback period - 4 months.

Average monthly profit - 110,338 rubles.

Description of business, product or service

An advertising agency is the type of business that remains in demand in any economic situation. The bus ticket advertising agency in question offers a unique and effective way to promote a product.

This business plan is designed for a representative office in a city with a population of 250-350 thousand people.

Purpose of the project, products and services included in the business plan of an advertising agency, the benefits of opening. Financial model for calculating expenses, income, choosing a marketing strategy, staff, possible risks for an advertising agency.

Have you heard of successful advertising campaigns? Do you want to create your own advertising agency? Not so simple. Every year the advertising market in Russia is growing by a third: many young companies offer services, but only a few are in the lead.

Successful companies include teams of professionals who provide a high-quality, unique, informational and creative product to the customer. Forget about mediation right now if the advertising business has been beckoning you for years.

Such "temporary" part-time jobs reduce the life of the agency to 1-2 years. This article contains a comprehensive answer to the question that interests many novice businessmen: "How to open an advertising agency from scratch?"

Opening an advertising agency: where to start?

The algorithm for opening an advertising agency has the following basic structure:

  • analysis of the market situation in the advertising industry;
  • creating a business plan;
  • registering business activities;
  • recruiting a team and renting an office;
  • promotions and an advertising campaign;
  • continuous self-development and building a client base.

Market analysis and selection of activities

To make your business profitable and prosperous, you need to choose the most in-demand, best-selling industry on the market. At the same time, you need to analyze the market situation within the city, region, country where your activity is planned to unfold.

In the Russian advertising business, production is considered the most relevant in terms of demand and profit:

  • banners ;
  • layouts ;
  • logos.

After a detailed study of the market characteristics and choice of direction, a business plan should be prepared.

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When composing a sonnet, you need to think about yourself: if the reader finds it boring or meaningless, so much the worse for the reader. When writing ads, you need to think about others. (Aldous Leonard Huxley)

If you want to open an advertising agency, then on our website you can find and download two free options for a business plan, and then make the necessary individual adjustments, depending on the various conditions for the development of entrepreneurship in your region and your personal preference.

The presented calculations and calculations will be a great help in studying the specific subtleties of the advertising market and will help to make the right choice of direction for further development.

So, the goal of the project is to create an agency. An advertising agency is engaged in arranging various promotions to promote the customer's products, receiving a certain percentage of the allocated budget.

Office location

In the presented plan, most of the agency's work can be done remotely, so the office can be located not only in the city center (with more expensive rentals), but also in a more remote area. Nevertheless, the reception area of ​​your office should be decorated with style and quality, presenting all the possibilities of your agency to the clients who come there.

Select a work area

Banner on the customer's website

In most cases, companies have no time, and there is no need to get involved in promoting their products themselves: it is much easier and safer to hire professionals, in our case - to seek help from an advertising agency.

In the agency, the customer's requests are analyzed and comprehensively considered, after which a plan of further actions is created. When the client approves the plan, it will be possible to create a more detailed presentation - including in media format.

Most often, advertising customers mean directly online advertising (advertising banners on websites, etc.), advertising on television and radio, organizing and conducting PR-companies, exhibitions, press conferences, and other social events that stimulate placement of information about the client's company in the mass media.

The abundance of specialists involved in such projects necessitates some explanations (for example, about the advisability of carrying out some formal processes). Also, the task of the agency, which is the link between all participants, is to approve the format in which all internal documentation will be presented, as well as the procedure for receiving and processing it.

Target audience

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