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Project for senior classes on the technology "Business plan for opening an enterprise" The purpose of the project is to analyze the possibility of opening an enterprise, to study the components of a business plan, its correct design, to learn how to defend your project.


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Business plan for opening the "Pharmacy +" enterprise Authors: Pudlo Polina Bondar Khristina

Project goal. Analysis of the feasibility of creating a network of pharmacies "Pharmacy +" Project objectives: Development of ways to create a network of pharmacies; Determining the location of a network of pharmacies; Description of the offered product; Development of specific activities related to the implementation of the project.

Rationale for the chosen type of activity: In some areas of the city we have chosen, there is a predominance of pharmacies with high prices and a small selection of goods, the creation in these areas of our pharmacies with reasonable prices and a wide choice will allow us to provide buyers with the necessary medicines, and ourselves profit.

Information about the company: Organizational and legal form: Limited Liability Company Name: LLC "Apteka +" Head office address: st. Muravyova-Amursky 57 Pharmacy addresses: Lenina 67 Panfilovtsev 47 Founders: Pudlo Polina Vitalievna Bondar Khristina Viktorovna

Rationale for choosing the location of the enterprise: In these places it is possible to rent premises at a low price; There is a predominance of competitors with high prices for goods. Polyclinic No. 7 is located next to one of the pharmacies located at 67 Lenin Street

Description of services. Pharmacy + offers the following services. Sale of medicines. Pharmacy "Apteka +" will sell various medicines, herbs and dietary supplements, medical cosmetics, as well as all kinds of medical devices. Reference system. This type of service is traditional for classic pharmacies. Future telephone number of the information system: 650-650. Acceptance of orders. Some drugs are in the category of scarce drugs. To meet the demand of its customers, Pharmacy + plans to organize pre-acceptance of orders and ensure their timely execution.

Marketing Research In order to determine consumer preferences, a study of potential consumers was carried out. Research method - questioning. Research stages: drawing up a questionnaire; customer survey; database creation; analysis of survey results; findings. Sample type - available. The number of respondents is 100 people.

The demand for pharmaceuticals in Russia has stabilized. According to analysts, in the first quarter of 2021, the revenue growth of the largest pharmacy chains did not exceed 4% (compared to the previous year), the number of packs sold decreased by about 6%.

Target audience

The main groups of drug consumers are pensioners, women aged 30-50 years old, children (the actual buyers are, most often, mothers aged 25-45 years old). The greatest concentration of the target audience is the areas of grocery stores, shopping centers, public transport stops.


The pharmacy market in Russia is one of the most highly competitive. There is a large share of state pharmacies (about 20%), which sometimes receive subsidies and are able to set non-market prices. It is possible to resist competition on their part through the advance placement of pharmacies in the buildings of new buildings (or next to them), the provision of additional services (advice, assistance in choosing the best product for a specific disease, etc.).

A relatively vacant niche in rural areas, in remote regions. But the profitability of pharmacy sales there is extremely low due to the high cost of drug delivery. The final prices, which ensure the minimum profit, are unattractive for residents - it becomes more profitable for them to buy medicines in the city. In many villages and towns the population is distrustful of pharmacies, preferring to be treated with herbs, fruits, tinctures.

According to the current owners of pharmacies, the most promising direction for finding a competitive advantage is the level of service.

Space requirements

The optimal business format for start-up entrepreneurs is to open a small pharmacy (kiosk) selling ready-made (factory) medicines without a prescription. Basic requirements for the premises where it is supposed to be located:

  • isolation (only one entrance for visitors);
  • access to loading and unloading areas of the building;
  • availability of fire extinguishing systems;
  • minimum area - 38 sq. ... (if the room is part of a medical institution - a polyclinic, a sanatorium, etc., then 20 sq. .);
  • the premises should include a trading floor, a place for storing medicines and a point for receiving goods from unloading, isolated from each other;
  • compliance with SanPin standards, fire safety standards;
  • 24-hour power supply;
  • hot and cold water supply, drainage;
  • heating;

Pharmacy profitability is always high. This is a profitable business in any season. The main thing is to understand its specifics at least at the middle level. It is believed that over the past 7 years, the growth of the pharmaceutical market has decreased by 1.8%. However, despite this, the business still remains one of the most profitable.

Business plan assignment

A pharmacy business plan is required to be drawn up before opening a personal file. This makes it possible to assess the likely risks and significant benefits. In the business plan, the target audience, main competitors and methods of bypassing them must be identified. Planning helps assess profitability even before starting a business.

Project Summary

The main goal of the project is to open a pharmacy in the selected settlement. It is advisable to choose cities with a population of more than 300 thousand people. Based on a ready-made example of a pharmacy business plan with calculations, a legal form of incorporation in the form of an individual entrepreneur is used. The form of ownership is private.

Starting capital for opening - * 1.8 million rubles. The approximate payback is 1 year. Already in the first year, according to preliminary estimates, you can earn * 2.2 million rubles. Pharmacy profitability is 22%. Indicators are approximate and are calculated for each specific business individually.

Market Analysis

For a business to be profitable, you need to analyze the demand for specific types of goods before opening. It is required to estimate the price for them in other pharmacy points. All data received must be recorded. Trying to remember them or get approximate prices is not a good idea. Any inaccuracies in the miscalculations can affect the results of the analysis. As a result, erroneous conclusions will be drawn.

In order for the profitability of the pharmacy business to be high, it is necessary to make discounts on some of the hot items. This will provide an opportunity to attract the target audience. You also need to find out what products competitors do not have, but they are often asked by customers.

The basic needs of the target audience should also include analogs of expensive drugs. Such medicines are in great demand.

Potential risks

At the stage of organizing your business, you need to highlight all the possible risks. You need to be ready for them. Any business opening has its own risks. This is normal. With the right approach, you can easily get around them.

Pharmaceuticals is one of the most ancient types of business. A business based on the primary needs of a person rarely burns out, and medicines are something that no one can do without today. Looking at the business plan of the pharmacy, you will understand how profitable and quickly pay off this type of business, and that even someone who does not understand medicine can run it. In this article, we will look at what it takes to build a pharmacy business.

Relevance of the idea

The pharmacy business is still gaining momentum despite the seemingly full niche. People are not getting healthier, and new viruses, bacteria and other causes of disease force to create more and more new drugs. In addition, health care has become fashionable, which involves the use of vitamins, dietary supplements and other additives that can be found in any pharmacy. You can also focus not only on drugs, but also cosmetics, weight loss products, and newborn care products.

If you look at the average pharmacy bill, you are likely to be horrified by its amount. Moreover, the shelf life of most medicines is limited to only 2-3 years, which means that a person will have to return again and again for the medicine. All these factors make the pharmacy business very profitable.

The issue of competition stands apart, because today there are pharmacies at every step. However, to create a pharmacy that would attract the attention of buyers, all you need to do is find a passageway (best of all, next to a shopping center or metro station), create a unique design, attract professional workers, create a discount program, conduct an advertising campaign, and also make prices in pharmacy at the level that would allow you to make a profit and attract people of all social categories to purchases.

Forms of organization

The stages of organizing a pharmacy kiosk are mostly determined by its form. So, if the settlement in which you live is small, then think about opening not a full-fledged pharmacy, but a pharmacy kiosk. A pharmacy kiosk is an attractive form of organizing this business for villages and villages. If the settlement is large, the place is passable, and the competition is low, then you can organize a full-fledged pharmacy. Let's consider each of the types of this type of business in more detail.


The most common form of pharmaceutical business. This form offers the highest profit due to the fact that the range of your pharmacy will not be limited only to medicines, but will also include cosmetics, vitamins, care products for newborns and children under 3 years old. Moreover, in a large pharmacy you can make your own prescription drugs.

Of course, a pharmacy also requires higher costs and if your start-up capital is not large, then you should look at other forms of pharmaceutical business.

Pharmacy or kiosk

The kiosk assumes that you only sell prescription drugs. Cosmetic products, self-production of medicines and other secondary functions that a full-fledged pharmacy could perform are not available for a pharmacy kiosk.

Online Pharmacy

Pharmacy as one of the most ancient types of business (business plan studies)

Pharmaceutical services is one of the oldest types of business. Times have changed, morals have changed, but there have always been pharmaceutical establishments. Unfortunately, mankind is most likely still far from eradicating all ailments, which means that pharmacies, as an attribute of society, will continue to accompany civilization.

Before starting to develop a business plan for a pharmacy, here is a generalized view of this business. This will give an understanding of what the entrepreneur will face in the formation of his pharmacy business. We will give general recommendations for writing a business plan, an example of calculations. In the conclusion, several important caveats will be voiced, perhaps predominantly of an ethical nature.

The pharmacy business is a field of activity that is closely monitored by the state.

Errors, negligence, misunderstanding, deliberate deception in the work of the enterprise can lead to serious, negative consequences for all parties. Therefore, before starting planning, in addition to studying the legislation, consultations with pharmacists are desirable, or an independent in-depth study of the topic.

With proper planning, building a profitable business is possible.

Requirements for a pharmacy, types of pharmacies

Pharmacy activity requires compulsory licensing. This is the most difficult and time consuming part. At the same time, it doesn't really matter whether it will be a small kiosk or a whole extensive network.

Obtaining a license requires:

  • requirements for reconstruction, equipment and fittings (water supply, drainage, ventilation, access areas, refrigerators, cabinets, etc.) .);
  • appropriate documentation, including requirements for lease (sublease) agreements;
  • requirements for specialists: pharmacists and pharmacists (their work experience cannot be less than 3 years);
  • if the form of ownership is an individual entrepreneur, then an individual entrepreneur must be a certified pharmacist, otherwise register an enterprise as a joint stock company.

And a number of other requirements (SES, firefighters, etc.). It takes from 2 months to half a year to obtain a license.

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