Opening a service station: a business plan with promotion ideas, market and risk analysis, highlighting competitive advantages, detailed calculations

The number of people traveling by public transport, both in the city and on intercity routes, is getting smaller and smaller. The preference of the average Russian resident is irreversibly given to personal transport. For this reason, there has been an annual increase in the number of motorists and vehicles on the road.

To open a car service company or a service station, first of all, a skillfully and competently drawn up business plan for the organization and development of a car service is required. This is a difficult stage in the formation of entrepreneurship in any field of activity. With skillful planning, further activities should take place according to the planned beacons of achievements, do not fail and cannot lead the entrepreneur into despondency.

A good option for getting started is to carefully study a suitable sample of a car service business plan with calculations, which are abundant on Internet sites. Of course, you can start doing everything at your own discretion, without looking back at what has already been done many times by specialists, both in the technical sphere and in the economic field. Only it will hardly be possible to plan work without errors and shortcomings, it will not work according to such an original plan as according to a well-debugged algorithm of activity.

Development of a business plan for a car service is simply unthinkable without using the experience of other entrepreneurs who have already gone through the path of starting a business of this type and are successfully developing, work with a high profitability indicator. Therefore, you first need to understand from ready-made examples how to draw up a business plan for a car service. Planning in the future will make it possible to develop the optimal variant of organizational activities for opening a car service, start servicing personal cars and earn money in the shortest possible time.

Key project indicators:

Project cost - 2,050,000 rubles.

Average monthly revenue - 500,000 rubles.

Car service market overview

The car service market as a whole is in a state of continuous growth, as the number of cars in our country is steadily growing. Over the past decade alone, their number has tripled, which is not the limit. This figure is only increasing every year.

If we look at the structural links of the car service business in Russia, we can distinguish four separate groups from it:

A Service Station or a car service center is an enterprise that provides services to the public, organizations for scheduled maintenance, repairs, elimination of breakdowns, tuning and body repair of cars.

As a business, car service is always in demand, because, despite the abundance of workshops in cities, it is quite difficult for a client to find a good one out of all this number, even in large settlements. If you have the knowledge, experience and the necessary tools, this business can be started without investment, or with minimal costs right in your garage at home.

Step-by-step instructions for opening a car service

The steps should look like this:

  • Choose a concept, services. Decide which car service you want to open, what services you will provide. They are different. There are places where the client is provided with a wide range of services, including a tow truck for the delivery of vehicles for repairs, and he only needs to come at the end to pay money for work and spare parts. And there are car services that specialize in only one problem.
  • Analyze your competitors. Find out their advantages and disadvantages, ways to attract customers, convenience of location, look for reviews on the Internet.
  • Come up with a name. It should be simple and memorable.
  • Create a business plan. It needs to indicate future services, prices for them, calculate future costs, analyze competitors. You can find a detailed sample at the bottom of this article.

Car service equipment

This point is very important in this matter, because. equipment depends not only on the list of services, but also on their quality. The car service requires the following equipment:

  • structures, mechanisms (lifts, leveling stands, tire changer, balancing, camber-convergence stand, installation for oil change, flushing the fuel system, leveling and painting and drying equipment, stands and checkers for diagnostics of car electrical circuits)
  • manual and pneumatic tools collected in one place for complex repair and maintenance of cars.

Let's consider their examples in the photo and approximate prices.

There is equipment that should be in any normal car service. This is a lift and a compressor. In many small and even large cities, many services cost mainly only to them, in addition to diagnostic equipment and, of course, it is already difficult to call this institution a service station. Rather, it is a small auto repair shop, or a station with a small range of services. For example, in big cities there are car services that specialize in the maintenance of a particular car brand, but, you know, on many issues they have to cooperate with other "garages" that are already dealing with other car problems. This is due to the fact that they cannot do much, but they do not need any more to replace consumables, except for auxiliary means such as jacks, oil change units, antifreeze, etc.

A car service business plan with calculations consists of 40-50 pages and is created to summarize the information necessary for organizing and running a business.

When opening a medium and large enterprise, a ready-made business plan with calculations or the services of qualified specialists is used.

Contents of this article:

Like any type of business, a car service starts with an idea. But for its implementation, a business plan for a car service with calculations is required.

This is a document describing the idea and business processes that are required to implement it.

In Russia, when creating business projects, one should take into account the requirements of the "Methodological Recommendations for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Investment Projects" and Government Decree No. 367 of June 25, 2021

Business Plan Development Goals

A business project must assess market conditions, define a consumer, establish the amount of costs and the planned profitability of the enterprise.

This is a tool that allows you to develop a concept for doing business, evaluate performance results, and attract investments.

The business plan of the car service with calculations is developed in order to provide the owners of the enterprise with information for the implementation of the project and to make it clear to potential investors that it is profitable to invest in a specific idea.

Due to the demands of modern life, many people decide to buy their own transport. This means that car services and garages are becoming more and more in demand. And since most of the townspeople buy used cars, car service services become even more relevant. Indeed, as practice shows, it is these machines that most often require repair.

When opening a car service, you will have to rely mainly on the repair of used cars. But in general, the target audience is very wide - all car owners will be potential customers. And in order not to be mistaken in the financial and marketing issues of starting an enterprise and to choose the right format and scale, you should draw up a business plan and adhere to it at all stages.

Project properties and characteristics

The business plan is designed for 2 years - the start of the project and bringing it to the level of stable profit. It can be used to present to potential lenders or investors. Therefore, when developing a business plan, it is necessary to take into account the current market price trends, crisis phenomena, risks and possible force majeure.

- meeting the market needs in the provision of car maintenance and repair services;

- creating an enterprise with a high level of profitability;

- getting high profits;

Basic financial data of the project includes the following calculations:

- estimated turnover of funds - 2 years;

- the project is financed by obtaining a commercial loan in the amount of 6.9 million rubles. This amount can be considered the total cost of the project;

Every year the number of cars increases in geometric proportion. Most car owners are busy people who value their time and do not want to spend it on self-repairs. They want and have the opportunity to pay for the maintenance of their car.

The article presents a business plan, which may be the basis in the future for opening a car service. It is easy to adapt it to any locality, just insert your data and calculate by analogy.

The sample was compiled by experienced professionals who have an economic education and extensive experience in the provision of car services. The idea of ​​SRT has prospects and is relevant with the correct prioritization. To do this, use a business plan.


The goal of the project is to organize a car service center with the main specialization in the repair of cars made in Japan.

Other spheres of service are also profitable - private repairs, single car services, specialized car repair shops. Each of them has its own characteristics, but show high profitability. For example, if freight transportation is widespread in the city, then it is advantageous to organize a freight car service. Small service stations are profitable in terms of initial investment, but in the future, many do not compete with large market players.


The car service will be located in the industrial zone of the city of Kazan. This location will provide good visibility, which will further increase the flow of customers. The rent in such places is low, which will help to save a significant part of the money.

The main requirement for the location of the service station is the distance from residential buildings by 50 meters.


The amount of investment in the project is 1.5 million rubles. 70% of this volume will be a bank loan at 20% per annum and a differentiated payment schedule for 3 years.

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