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The article discusses the basics of drawing up a business plan for an advertising agency. Advertising and marketing are integral parts of the functioning of any organization. To attract the maximum incoming flow of customers, study the preferences and main groups of consumers, business leaders turn to a marketing agency.

The creation of a successful company is impossible without the formation of a concept and competent planning. For this, a business plan is created. Having drawn up a business plan for an advertising agency, you can determine the effectiveness and feasibility of investing in the project, as well as attract additional funding from banks and investors.

Stages of drawing up a business plan for opening an advertising agency

As part of creating a business plan for a full cycle advertising agency, you will need to go through the following main stages:

  • Conduct a market analysis - consumers, competitors, pricing procedure;
  • Describe in detail the selected model, make a list of services provided;
  • Create a price list -list;
  • Determine the need for resources - personnel, premises, equipment;
  • Calculate the forecast of key performance indicators, draw up a financial model;
  • Determine the effectiveness of the project and payback period;
  • Identify the main risks and ways to overcome them.

An example of an advertising agency business plan with calculations


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The advertising agency, according to the business plan, provides services for the placement of advertising on the following media

  • On transport;
  • On receipts;
  • On houses;
  • On billboards and billboards;
  • In the media - on radio, television, newspapers and magazines.

In addition to organizing placement in accordance with the business plan, the advertising agency is engaged in the production of advertising, in particular

  • Design development;
  • Shooting video;
  • Printing products;
  • Making souvenirs;
  • Creation of signs and signs;
  • Installation of structures.

A business plan for the tourism business is absolutely necessary, since this type of activity is quite multifaceted and has a number of specific features.

Travel agent services are in demand and popular among vacationers, since not everyone wants to plan all the details of the vacation themselves, and in some cases this is not possible. Therefore, the state of the market at the moment, when the demand for travel agency services is many times higher than the supply, is very favorable for the creation of a business plan and its implementation.

Business plan: analysis of the idea of ​​opening a travel agency

Due to the growing mobility of the population, their income, the desire to see the world and have a good rest, the relevance of the services of travel companies does not raise doubts, but on the contrary pushes them to develop their business plan as soon as possible.

Indeed, the tourism business is quite promising, however, among the obvious advantages in the business plan, attention should be paid to the accompanying difficulties. For example, financial risks may arise in the event of unfavorable changes in the socio-economic sphere of society, due to incorrect analysis of competitors, own planning, etc. Therefore, a travel agency should be extremely responsible and serious about drawing up its business plan.

Sample Travel Agency Business Plan


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Features of the travel agency

The article is devoted to the study of the features of drawing up a business plan for a modeling agency. Despite the fact that the modeling business arose a long time ago, it is quite possible to occupy a certain niche and make good profits.

The main difficulty lies not in launching the project, but in maintaining and developing it. You will have to involve two groups at once - models and customers. To do this, it is necessary to analyze the market in detail and think over the concept of the future company. This is best done in the format of a modeling agency business plan. This document will be required to develop a development strategy.

Planning the launch of a modeling agency

Before starting the project, you will need to conduct a market analysis. To do this, you need to study the main competitors and the principles of their work. Also, special attention within the framework of this section of the business plan should be paid to studying the demand from the customers of the modeling agency, which types they are interested in, people with which appearance are most difficult to find.

Another important stage before launching is drawing up a financial model, forecasting future profits and calculating the effectiveness and expediency of investments.

An example of a business plan for a modeling agency


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The main task of a modeling agency is to connect customers and models. Thus, we are talking about the provision of intermediary services. The company receives an order for the selection of people with certain external data from the database of models with whom a contract has been signed, for which it receives a certain percentage.

Brief Investment Memorandum

Investments in real estate are one of the most reliable types of investments. In addition, it does not depreciate over time. The demand in this area is always high. For people, the housing issue is of paramount importance. To solve this problem, they most often turn to real estate agencies. Even in times of crisis, this market does not experience serious losses.

The agency is often opened by people familiar with the real estate business - former realtors or real estate appraisal experts who have experience and have developed their own client base. The seeming ease of opening this business has let down many start-up entrepreneurs, as a result of whose inept actions most of the agencies are being closed. A reasonable option is to work for at least 6 months in this area, perhaps even in several companies, gain some experience in finding clientele and communicating with people, make important contacts, your own customer base. And only after that you can invest in the project.

To create a promising organization, you need to have a clear plan for the implementation of tasks. This business plan addresses important aspects of this case.

Key factors for the success of the project:

  • A huge number of consumers.
  • High amount of resources on offer.
  • Free entry to the market.
  • Low upfront costs.
  • High profitability of trades.

The initial investment is 428,000 rubles.

The break-even point is reached in the first month of operation.

The payback period is from 6 months.

Internal rate of return - 88%.

Average monthly net income — 77 275.

Description of business, product or service

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