If you want to organize an entrepreneurial business, implement a plan that involves receiving income, then you cannot do without preliminary calculation. You will need to figure out how to draw up a business plan in Kazakhstan, since without it you cannot find a source of funding and do not calculate expenses.

How to write a small business business plan yourself

What is a business plan? This is a document that explores the strengths and weaknesses of a business idea.

It describes the competitive advantages and risks involved. The most important thing in it is the map of the proposed business activity, that is, the goals and ways of their implementation.

To cope with this task yourself, learn how to draw up a business plan in Kazakhstan.

Divide this document into blocks:

  • Describe a business idea, define goals and objectives.
  • Describe yourself as a business entity.
  • Expand the benefits of the products that you plan to produce, or the services that you will provide.
  • Indicate what tools, raw materials and equipment will be required to achieve the results of the activity, what is available and what materials will need to be purchased. Provide a list of possible suppliers.
  • Pay attention to marketing - open the market for products / services. Estimate supply and demand, reveal your target audience, calculate the market share that you can take.
  • Analyze all possible risks (technical, financial, production, trade and others).
  • Calculate all the costs that will arise during the implementation of the project.
  • Specify the pricing model.
  • Describe the staff (number, payroll).
  • Make a production program for 3–5 (7, 10) years, indicating the dynamics.
  • Create a forward-looking sales program.
  • Make a financial plan: analyze cash flows, write a capital investment program, list all sources of financing, calculate the tax burden, indicate the maturity of borrowed funds. Make a forecast balance sheet and financial results report.
  • Calculate the economic efficiency of the project in the business plan. An example of such a calculation - determine the indicator of the break-even point, profitability, give an assessment of sustainability.
  • Final conclusions on the project.

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How to write a business plan for a grant

Before drawing up a business plan, find out what sources of funding you have and what you can attract. So, you can use your own funds or borrowed funds to implement your business idea.

Sources involved include loans and grants provided on a non-repayable basis with strict agreed conditions for the implementation of the plan.

Current situation in the markets of Kazakhstan. In numbers.

As they say, plans are the dreams of knowledgeable people, and dreams that come true are not dreams, but plans.

What is a business plan?

A business plan is a document that is usually prepared after a business modeling and demonstrates a plan to bring an idea to life.

In the process of modeling a business, the success of a business idea is proved and all key nodes and aggregates of the future business are checked. In a business plan, the way to achieve the ultimate business goal of an idea or project is proved and justified. As you know, any ultimate goal of a business is profit. Therefore, a business plan shows how much you can earn, for how long and with what resources.

Any business is a risk. And risk is potential losses. Business planning will help you choose the best path, taking into account the likelihood of possible risks. For example, commercial. Thus, anticipating the future with the help of planning, you can reduce the likelihood of risks, prevent the emergence of unplanned costs and expenses - the main threats to a business, especially a beginner.

A business plan is a “living” document that constantly changes depending on the current situation and reflects the state of the business at a particular point in time. The business plan accepts the printed version only when it is necessary to share information with someone.

What is a business plan for?

In general, a business plan is needed for three things.

  • Make sure for yourself that the plan for implementing the idea is correct and you are on the right track.
  • To attract funding (internal or external) for the implementation of the project. For example, get a loan from a bank. Or find investors: funds, individuals. Nobody gives money just like that. Lenders need guarantees of return on investment and profit: quantitative and qualitative evidence of the profitability of an idea, which is precisely the business plan.
  • Provides an action guide for project implementation. The plan needs to be implemented as it is designed. If you started implementation and the indicators do not correspond to the planned, there is every chance that difficulties will arise in the near future and the business will be under threat. It is urgent to make adjustments based on the current situation and development forecast.

Thus, a business plan is necessary in order to make sure that the idea is workable, find the funds and successfully implement it.

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