How to write a small business business plan: steps and guidelines

At the first stage, the entrepreneur has an idea, enthusiasm, a certain level of experience and financial resources.

The owners of several companies have a sufficient reserve of money to invest and develop a new direction. Startups are forced to attract investors to implement the project. This is how the division into small and medium businesses takes place. Usually the size of the second or third type is limited. Therefore, there is no need to talk about a global corporation. Development begins with the status of a small business.

What is Small Business

The criteria for small businesses (SMEs) are determined at the level of legislative acts of the Russian Federation. Thus, SMEs include LLCs and individual entrepreneurs whose income did not exceed 800 million for the previous calendar year (120 million for micro-enterprises). The second indicator is its average number - less than 100 people for small enterprises and 15 people for micro enterprises.

Within the framework of the program to support and develop entrepreneurship, representatives of this category can count on receiving benefits, using the benefits of their status. In the field of accounting and relationships with regulatory authorities, this is the ability to maintain simplified accounting with the provision of less reporting. City authorities of all regions annually distribute subsidies and grants for the development of the NSR. At the all-Russian level, SMEs can participate in public procurement on preferential terms as a supplier or contractor.

There is no need to refuse to draw up a business plan. Developing it will help a young entrepreneur avoid many obvious mistakes. To obtain credit funds, attract investors or receive gratuitous subsidies from the state, it is also necessary to draw up a business plan.

Defining the Purpose of Writing a Small Business Business Plan

A business plan for a small business idea should be written with the definition of the purpose of its development. There are 3 options: for the owner, for investors or for participation in subsidy programs. In each case, it is necessary to proceed from the interests of the second party and the assessment of "how the project looks in their eyes."

A small business plan will allow an owner to:

structure thoughts and ideas;

analyze the advantages and disadvantages of your own product or service;

define the target audience and how to sell the product;

A business plan is an integral part of any commercial activity.

Without it, it is impossible to rationally think over the scheme of steps and features of raising finance.

What is a business plan? Concept, purpose

This is a paper that contains a detailed project justification, as well as an assessment of the effectiveness of decisions made. The main purpose is in the following aspects:

  • demonstration of the fact that the product will definitely become in demand in real market conditions;
  • assessment of costly directions for the manufacture and sale of goods, its advertising (see Free marketing - How to organize marketing without a budget?);
  • determining the profitability of the future enterprise and analyzing the benefits for the investor.

The functions of a document, as well as its tasks, are extensive and numerous. They are in the following areas of use:

As you can see, this is the most important aspect of planning the work of the company as a whole.

Why write a business plan and what it is for

Studying the broad concept of the term, it can be noted that this is a plan, a program for the implementation of various operations and actions, which contains data on such aspects as the company itself, its product, sales markets, marketing. This is a software product, the development of which occurs during the planning of business processes. It allows you to define goals and means to achieve them through the development of specific programs and actions. Of course, in the course of work, they are subject to adjustment in accordance with the current circumstances. There are two options for how to write a small business business plan - for yourself and for outsiders.

Drawing up a document for yourself

The purpose of the paper is to be a guideline for the accomplishment of assigned tasks. According to the data from this document, actions are being taken for the successful implementation of the project. Such an estimate should contain more detail, as well as a pessimistic, realistic and optimistic forecast. As for the cost part provided in the calculations to investors, it will be more restrained and specific. The emphasis in this type of planning is made on own needs and schemes for the implementation of projects.

Drafting for Investors

The objective function is to attract borrowed funds to finance the project. This type of paper is created for third parties, in the role of which are creditors, commercial banks, government agencies. The key goal is the ability to prove that the project is sound and profitable. When drawing up this plan, it is necessary to pay special attention to the consistency of operations, as well as the calculation part, the comparison of facts with plans.

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