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For the most part, the structure of a business plan will depend on the characteristics of the business, first of all, of course, you need to figure out for what purpose the plan is being written (for investors or for yourself). As you already understood, there are several options for drawing up business plans. The structure of our plan is somewhere between the plan for the investor and for ourselves. You can easily provide such a plan to the investor and use it for your own purposes.

Overview section (Summary)

Writing a resume is especially important if you want to present your business plan to investors. A resume is essentially a mini version of a business plan. Therefore, if you want to receive money from an investor, submitting a resume in all its glory will be the main task.

A resume should be viewed as a business card or as an advertising document for banks and investors. That is, you must immediately give weighty arguments why it is worth investing in this business and, most importantly, how much investors will be able to earn on it and after how long. Usually a resume is made in several pages (up to 3)

Even if you do not plan to attract investors and did not think to show this "business plan" to anyone, it is still worth compiling a resume. This will give you a clear understanding of what the business is and what prospects it has. For convenience, we have drawn up the structure of the business plan point by point - this makes it possible to quickly orient on all points of the plan and answer any question of the investor in a matter of seconds (if, of course, such a question arises).

What an investor resume should include:

project description (this is an existing project or a project from scratch);

stages of development (specific features);

information about employees (qualifications, etc.);

the main advantages (of products or services) provided by the company;

Biz kompass

Recommendations for drawing up a business plan from FFFMP

The proposed structure and recommendations for the business plan have been prepared

The Federal Fund for Small Business Support (FFFMP) to help

small businesses when applying for financing.


The executive summary is a quick overview of the business plan and should include

• characteristics of the organization applying for funds:

o organizational and legal form;

o average headcount;

o turnover for the last year;

o exact postal address, telephone;

A business plan is a document containing information about many aspects of the functioning of a business: information about a product, a company, a marketing company, and many others. Competent drawing up of a business plan will be a good start to any business, and will also help in strategic planning and management at all stages of the company's development.

The main purpose of developing a business plan is to create a document that will allow its authors to clearly and clearly state the essence of their project to potential partners and investors. Therefore, a business plan should not only have a competent analytical study, but also a marketing rationale that will convince you of the thoughtfulness and attractiveness of this project.

For the entrepreneur himself, a business plan is also necessary for:

  • Defining specific areas of activity
  • Identifying the target market segment
  • Formulating the strategic and tactical goals of the organization
  • Selecting the composition offered products and services
  • Identification of the necessary personnel and their working conditions
  • Development of marketing activities for market research, sales promotion, pricing
  • Assessment of the company's financial position and analysis of available resources

We draw up a business plan ourselves: design

  • Keep your project concise and compact. It is better to move all detailed and optional information outside the main text, namely in the appendices.
  • Display information visually. The project description must be presented not only in the form of paragraphs of text, but also using tables to reflect detailed numbers, diagrams for structure and graphs to identify trends.
  • Structure the project description. Highlight sections, and in them semantic subsections, if necessary. Bring the main ideas of each part of the business plan to the beginning (in the form of key points) or to the end (in the form of conclusions).
  • Use formatting. Highlight headings and important points in bold, set the same value for paragraph indents and line spacing. The most universal values: Times New Roman font, font size 12, justified alignment, line spacing 1.5, indent 1.5.

Section structure and examples

Each business plan is individual, so it can have a different structure and order of sections. It depends on the essence of the project itself and the issues that are key in it.

The following is the complete and most generic structure.


The executive summary of the business plan presents the key findings that were made after the development of the project and its main characteristics. Typically, a resume fits on 1-2 pages so that it can be read in one minute.

The success of a business largely depends on proper planning. An effective project summary and business plan for the project will help analyze project prospects and interest investors. We will tell you about the basic rules for creating a business plan summary using specific examples.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that creating a summary of a business plan and the business plan itself is a waste of paperwork. In fact, these documents help not only to calculate the investment and profitability of the future enterprise, but also to create a financial development plan. Clear planning and accurate calculations are the foundation of any business.

What is a business plan summary and why you need it

Business plan summary - a document that includes basic information about the project. This part of the business plan is intended for quick acquaintance with the main business idea, required investments and resources, competitive advantages and ways of project implementation. The business plan summary acts in part as a presentation of the project. It is usually located on the second page of the business plan.

There is no defined template for a business plan summary. The main thing is that the document reflects all the important details of the project. In addition to the informational function, there is also an exclusively practical purpose of a business plan summary. It is necessary to resolve such issues:

consideration and approval of a loan for the implementation of the project;

presentation of the project to investors in order to attract third-party capital investments;

applying for subsidies from government agencies or funds for business development;

business representation to attract partners and contractors;

fund replenishment through leasing and factoring.

In general, the business plan as the main document is a detailed view and calculations required for the implementation of the project. The executive summary of the business plan, an example of which can be viewed and downloaded here, is concise and concise.

Read here how to draw up a business plan

* Average data for Russia are used in calculations

Preparing the Overview section of the business plan

Most business planners and representatives of financial institutions, whose decisions determine whether your project will receive investments, agree on one thing: the resume is the most important part of the project.

Often, whether your project will be invested depends on how interested potential investors or lenders are with the concept outlined in the resume.

That is why many experts advise to write the introductory part at the very end, when you have all the calculations and have a clear idea of ​​how exactly you plan to achieve your goals.

Therefore, we advise you to use the recommendations and return to this stage a little later (however, you can mark some ideas, thoughts, arguments right now).

So, let's develop a business plan according to the recommendations drawn up by the Federal Fund for Small Business Support.

The overview section begins with the name of the project.

  • Business plan for a car shop:
  • Business plan for the production of felt boots;
  • Business plan for an online store of goods for children.

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