How to Write a Business Plan (Samples and Examples) - Instruction

Surely every businessman dreams that his products promote themselves and sell themselves. Perhaps in the future there will be products that promote themselves, for example, they tell customers about themselves and make them want to buy themselves. I put such a product on the shelf and wait. A customer comes up to him, he takes it and tells about himself, and also shows a hologram with his presentation.

This is of course ideal for business. With this option, the probability of selling each specific product increases significantly. In principle, such methods of promotion are quite real and at the current level of technology development, they can be fully implemented. They are not implemented only because they will be very expensive. Therefore, businesses have to stick to traditional technologies.

Traditional technologies for product promotion involve the use of marketing. This technology has been used for over 100 years and shows excellent results. One of the elements of this technology is a product promotion plan. The need to use this marketing element is due, among other things, to the need for marketers to visualize the promotion process.

Professional Product Promotion Plan

Visualization of the promotion process allows you to see how the promotion will be carried out. This, in turn, allows you to see weaknesses in the promotion process and fix them before actions are taken and resources are expended. Not everyone can scroll the situation forward a few moves in their head and thus understand what result will be obtained. The product promotion plan allows you to predict this result. If the result is not satisfactory, then you can always restructure the promotion plan.

In fact, a product promotion plan is a plan to promote the idea behind it

As a result of several approaches to building a promotion plan, an ideal product promotion plan will be built, which will allow you to really promote it. Accordingly, the main advantage of a product promotion plan is the ability to simulate the situation several times without spending money and understand what will turn out in the end. It should be noted that although it is said about the promotion of a product, in fact, it is not the product that is being promoted, but the idea underlying this product.

In fact, a promotion plan is a plan to promote the idea behind it. Promotion of the idea of ​​a given product creates consumers for him, because as soon as an idea embedded in a person can make him want to buy this product or cause a need in others. All this suggests that an idea, especially if it is in demand, is the main source of profit.

Structure of a product promotion plan

The first stage of a product promotion plan is to highlight the idea of ​​a given product or, in other words, the essence of this product. The second stage is to create a carrier of the idea so that it can be transmitted and thereby disseminated. It must be disseminated for the simple reason that by itself it will not reach the consciousness of potential consumers. In the process of distribution, the idea is embedded in the minds of people and turns them into buyers of the product.

Selecting a product idea is the most important step. If the idea is not highlighted correctly, then the promotion may not be engaged, because the scheme will not work

Yes, you heard right, initially people are not buyers and consumers of goods. They are made so only by the idea embedded in them, which corresponds to the given product. Many do not know that this is how the product is promoted and they are trying to promote not the idea, but the product itself. They build a product promotion plan based on the promotion of the product itself, and not the idea for the implementation of which this product is needed.

A business plan is a detailed description of your project with calculations and prospects for the next few years. It is needed by potential investors or the bank to which you will go for a loan; partners, intermediaries, your team and, ultimately, you as the creator of the project.

A business plan is usually written three to five years in advance. But you can take a year as well, as economic conditions are changing rapidly.

The main task of a business plan is to convince potential partners that this is an interesting project from an investment point of view, which will pay off the money and effort invested.

If you are going to open a typical offline business or a franchise business (for example, a coffee shop), the Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME Corporation) will help you automatically draw up a business plan in a minute.

After registration, you will be able to choose the type of business, select a suitable geolocation in your city, assess the competition and get a forecast for income. Enter the required parameters and you will immediately receive a finished document, which will only have to be printed. If you need a loan, with this document you can go straight to one of the banks that cooperate with the SME Corporation.

If you have your own unusual business idea, you will have to draw up a business plan yourself.

A business plan includes a description of a product or service, market analysis, production plan, organizational structure of your company, marketing strategy for product promotion, and a financial plan that summarizes all the basic calculations. A business plan must necessarily answer the questions: how much money is required to launch a project and how long will it pay off?

Setting the ultimate goal for ourselves

Before writing a business plan, it is very important at the beginning of project development to understand for yourself what specific goal the organization will pursue. For a successful implementation, it is necessary to take into account the importance of three significant factors:

How to write a small business business plan

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