How to independently draw up a business plan for a beauty salon: simple examples with the necessary calculations

A beauty salon business plan is essential for starting a successful business. A beauty salon is a promising and profitable business if you approach the opening with full responsibility. It is necessary to analyze the market in advance, draw up a detailed business plan, assess the risks and opportunities, calculate the approximate income and expenses, officially register the activity, purchase high-quality equipment and hire highly qualified specialists.


Market Analysis

Let's analyze the beauty industry market. Now there are many beauty salons, hairdressers and barbershops, so the competition is high, you should take this into account.

However, the demand for such services is also high, so opening a beauty salon is still a profitable decision.

  • Investments: from 500,000 rubles;
  • Payback period: from 6 months;
  • Profit: from 50,000 rubles;

If we talk about the economic crisis, this does not really apply to such a business, because people will always have their hair cut, look after themselves and try to look their best. This may affect the premium segment, but this does not affect the salons of the middle and economy class.

There are more than 35 thousand beauty salons in Russia. You might think the market is overcrowded, but it is not. Most of this business is represented by individual hairdressing salons that provide services in a specific area. And the competition is not between thousands of salons, but between several per district.

There will be few direct competitors, since there are several salons of different types in one district. Choose a niche and there will be little or no competition.

Entering the market is easy, there are no barriers. Rent a space, buy equipment, and hire employees. The beauty industry market is developing, and the demand is only growing. New services and specialists are emerging, a wide range of services can be provided, and cosmetic products can be sold.

Beauty salon business plan; payback periods, business valuation, documents

How to open a beauty salon from scratch - a business in which hobby is combined with a way of making money - is a question that many women, one way or another, connected with entrepreneurial activity, have probably asked themselves. Today we will share with you a detailed business plan for a beauty salon.

A lot of questions that arise in this case: how much does it cost to open a beauty salon from scratch, what is needed to open a beauty salon, what documents are required to open a beauty salon, where to start at all - all this cannot be solved without carefully elaborated ready-made business plan of a beauty salon.

The proposed project is a typical business plan for a beauty salon, which, after a little adaptation to individual preferences and specific conditions, can be used as an example for organizing your own business.

However, remember that it is not enough to ask the question of how to open a beauty salon from scratch, it is not enough to even start a project - you need constant business development so that the profit they bring is stable. The business plan of a beauty salon should instill in you confidence in your abilities, give you that necessary "push", after which high results appear. back to contents ↑


This business plan for a beauty salon is a description of a project to create a salon that provides cosmetic and other services to women (hereinafter referred to as the Salon) with a full return on investment in 2 years.

The goals of creating the Salon:

  • organization of a highly profitable enterprise;
  • obtaining a stable income;
  • saturation of the consumer market with cosmetic services.

Form of doing business: individual entrepreneur

Taxation regime: STS

Financing of this project: own funds, or bank loan at 18% per annum

Project implementation costs: 3,500,000 rubles

Payback period: 2 years

It is imperative to draw up a business plan for a beauty salon. If you decide to open a demanded and profitable business, then this type perfectly suits these criteria.

The beauty industry is developing at lightning speed, and it is not surprising that the demand for beauty procedures is growing every day: curling, styling, makeup, sugaring, nail and eyelash extension. And this is only a small part of the services. Therefore, a beauty salon will always be in demand, which, with the right approach, can grow into a worthy source of income ... Consider how to open your own business and what is required for this.

This overview presents a business plan for a beauty salon "from A to Z" (calculated for 2021).

Before embarking on a business plan, be sure to watch the video in which the real owners of beauty salons talk about the organization of the business from the inside:

The goal of the project is to open a beauty salon in a city with a population of 1 million to 1.6 million people with the provision of hair, nail and face care services.

The beauty salon is aimed at women and men between the ages of 30 and 55.

Services provided:

  • hairdressing salon ;
  • manicure;
  • cosmetologist
  • massage;
  • solarium.

The business plan presented in the article will pay off in 24.11 months! Read all the information and detailed calculations in the article.

Beauty Salon Formats

There are several types of such services, which differ in the quantity and quality of the services provided. Also, these types differ among themselves in pricing policy and in the range of services provided.

Organization of beauty salons is one of the most promising types of business that attracts many aspiring entrepreneurs. The relevance of this case is explained by the desire of modern people to look good, regardless of gender. Many people can live without spectacular false nails, but no one can do without a neat hairstyle. That is why a hairdressing salon or a small salon will always be in demand and will not be affected by economic changes.

A detailed business plan for opening a small beauty salon will help beginners in this area start very successfully. To start a new business, an entrepreneur must know which services to provide and which not, must clearly consider the profitability and payback of this new business for him.

Relevance of the beauty salon business

The salon business is firmly entrenched in the service sector. Beauty salons have spread everywhere, sometimes located close to a friend. There is one important aspect that is worth seriously considering - the quality of the services provided. It is thanks to the high service that the beauty salon accumulates a good client base. With competent advertising, qualified craftsmen, a full range of services provided, there is a chance that the salon will always bring stable profits.

All salons are different from each other. You should not deceive the people by proudly calling an ordinary hairdressing salon "beauty salon". When opening this business, you should think about the audience: for which category of the population is the salon opening? If you live in a large metropolis, plan to open a salon with a wide range of luxury services, then you should think about the image of the future salon. But if the salon is intended for elderly people and pensioners, the opening of the salon here will be out of place.

In the case of this target audience, it is better to call your business “hairdresser”, so as not to scare away the category of clients that you intend to serve on an ongoing basis.

You can also create specialized salons, for example, dog grooming salons, men's salons, children's beauty studios, special image studios. The main thing is to specify the categories of your salon exactly.

New Salon Registration Process

After choosing the direction of the salon, we start registering a new company, but first you need to draw up a business plan, which must be provided with all other documents. The list of required documentation is as follows:

  • Scheduled business plan;
  • Lease agreement;
  • Official opinion of the fire and sanitary services;
  • Received permission to conduct the selected economic activity;
  • Received a certificate of conformity;
  • Availability of medical records for all active employees.

Certain specialty beauty services are subject to compulsory licensing. This list includes all services where a violation of the skin is expected. These are important points to consider when opening a beauty salon.

Definition of the list of services

When deciding to open a beauty salon, familiarize yourself with the main advantages and difficulties of doing business. The article outlines the main points that are important for starting a new business. It will be of interest to those who want to really do business, develop it, make a profit and satisfy the needs of customers in receiving first-class services.

The business plan for opening a beauty salon, presented below, is designed for starting your own business in Moscow, using a room with a total area of ​​120 m 2. Having studied the financial model and recommendations in detail, you can synchronize the calculations based on your financial capabilities.

Beauty salon: Relevance of business idea

Despite the current competition between companies specializing in the provision of salon services, this business niche is by no means fully occupied. In order to take its place in this market, before starting business planning, it is important to correctly prioritize the activities of the enterprise, based on the amount of investment, the location of the future salon.

Understanding the goals of the project is an important condition for the success of the business:

  • Creation of a highly profitable enterprise.
  • Making a profit.
  • Meeting the needs of the population in receiving high-quality cosmetic, health and hairdressing services.

In order to achieve the goals in the shortest possible time, it is necessary to draw up an action plan and follow it.

Initially, you need to define the concept of your salon. To do this, you need to understand for consumers with what level of income it will be calculated.

Distinctive features of a beauty salon

The first beauty salons were opened on the basis of hairdressing salons.

Their difference was as follows:

  • A wider range of services offered;
  • Hairdressers-stylists have diplomas and awards;
  • High level of service, work with the client by appointment ;
  • Pricing policy.

Main services of beauty salons

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