How much does it cost to open a cafe

You should start with drawing up a business plan, and be prepared for the fact that the start-up capital will be at least 2 million rubles.

Market Analysis

When choosing a suitable place, pay attention to the nearby summer cafes, bakeries, restaurants and other forms of catering. A large concentration of these organizations in a limited area will create high competition. Against the backdrop of promoted establishments with a constant clientele, it will be difficult for a new cafe to attract visitors.

Pay attention to the format of the place. The following options are possible:

  • fast food mini-cafe;
  • self-service;
  • fast food diner;
  • an institution specializing in the delivery of its own products.

Further, as an example for specific calculations, we will use a pizzeria option. It will be popular in a big city, where residents eat on the go. The main contingent will be students, office workers and noisy youth. In other words, a client with low and middle income.

Menu Basics

While the client is waiting for the pizza to be prepared, you can offer him snacks and salads that are prepared quickly. You can also diversify the menu with quick Italian desserts. Don't forget about drinks: different types of coffee, tea, juice, water and non-alcoholic beer.

Along with the well-known types of Italian pie, offer your customers unique types of pizza. Let them determine the filling from the suggested ingredients. These products can be:

  • different types of cheeses and sausages;
  • mushrooms and vegetable cuts, herbs;
  • seafood, shrimps, anchovies;
  • pickled onions, olives or olives;
  • bacon, cold cuts;
  • pickled vegetables and fruits;
  • sauces.

Business Registration

To start registration, you must clearly understand in which room the institution will be located. Not only area and lighting are important, but also location. If this is a detached building, then you will need to draw up more documents than in the case of renting premises in a shopping center, the owners of which have already taken care of obtaining documents in the SES, agreed on the retail space with the fire service, and approved the architectural project.

A convenient option is to register an LLC and pay according to the flattened taxation system only 6% of all the income of the institution. If you are confused by the high rent, do not rush to abandon the planned action plan. Renting a space in a shopping center has several more advantages:

How to draw up a business plan for opening a cafe

Organization of a restaurant business is considered one of the most attractive types of investment. A business plan of the restaurant with detailed calculations will help to effectively organize this type of activity. Almost every professional chef dreams of opening his own restaurant; such a project contains many creative moments and can bring great pleasure to its owner. In addition, in the restaurant business, profitability is quite high and with a competent organization of the investment process, the investment will quickly pay off. The Moscow restaurant market has tendencies of annual quantitative growth by 3-4%.

Consider an example of a business plan for a mid-range restaurant with European cuisine for 50 seats. When choosing a place for a restaurant, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the target audience and the presence of competitors.

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Project Summary

The finished business plan of the restaurant will include the calculation of the project of a casual dinning establishment with European cuisine, designed for middle-class visitors. The premise will be rented, the stake will be on good cuisine, quality service and reasonable prices. The payback period of the project will be 2.5-3 years.

Project Marketing

Market Overview

According to research companies, there are more than 3000 restaurants in Moscow, not counting fast foods, which are about the same. Most of the capital's restaurants are located in the central districts. The level of restaurants also depends on the location - on the outskirts, more economical establishments open, in the center - elite and middle price segment. The main criterion for assessing the quality of a restaurant is the cuisine and quality of service, as well as the interior of the restaurant. The volume of the restaurant services market in Moscow is more than 120 billion rubles per year and there are trends of annual growth by 3-4%.

Basic Concept

Data for calculating all parameters - premises, equipment, personnel, etc., determines the concept of the restaurant. According to the state standards of the Russian Federation, restaurants are divided into three classes: luxury, superior and first class. Restaurateurs use a slightly different classification: elite or premium restaurants (fine-dinning), fast food establishments (QSR), fast casual restaurants with free-flow format, democratic casual dinning establishments. There is also a thematic division of focus: home, sports, automobile, hunting, etc. Our project will consider the project of a casual dinning restaurant, designed for middle class visitors. The emphasis will be on European cuisine, the interior will be designed in a strict aristocratic style.

Target group

Understanding the general concept and determining the location of the restaurant will allow us to determine the main target audience. Our restaurant will be located in a densely populated residential area, far enough from the center. Visitor portrait: income level - average and above average, conservative, loves good cuisine and quality service, prefers classical music and restrained interior.

What kind can you open such an establishment. Description of the project and its financial part. The marketing plan and schedule for the opening of the cafe. Calculation of profit.

Opening a cafe is one of the options to start your own business. With successful work, the institution will receive regular customers and bring a good profit. To organize a business, a number of issues are solved: the format of the cafe, the choice of location, the selection of personnel, the purchase of equipment and furniture.

How much does it cost to open a cafe from scratch

Before determining how much money is needed to open a cafe, important nuances are worked out. They start by analyzing the target audience and choosing a format. It is important to identify who will attend the institution: couples with children, office workers during lunch, students after classes at the university, etc. The design of the premises, the menu, the purchase of products and equipment depends on the choice of the concept.

On average, starting a business in the catering sector requires from 1 million rubles. The amount of costs required to open a cafe is influenced by the choice and preparation of the premises. The least expensive option is to rent space. Building and acquiring a property significantly increases costs.

Beginning entrepreneurs are better off using a ready-made business plan for a cafe. It is enough to correct the main points in it. To cut costs, you can franchise a cafe. To do this, they turn to a franchisor who offers a ready-made design project and a business plan. Such companies provide support before starting a business and in the course of work.

The first stage of opening a cafe from scratch: registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC

In the business plan for opening a cafe, the form of ownership must be indicated. Business registration documents are submitted to the tax office. They register a business on their own or contact a specialized company. In the second case, the procedure will be performed by qualified lawyers.

A simpler option is to register an individual entrepreneur. In this case, the entrepreneur is responsible for his personal property. The registration process includes the preparation of a package of documents for opening a cafe: copies of passports, a completed application and a receipt for payment of state duty. The individual entrepreneur has the right to use the earned funds for any purpose and not keep strict records.

For individual entrepreneurs, there are restrictions on areas of activity. One of them is the production and sale of strong alcoholic beverages. LLC has no such restrictions.

To register an LLC, a legal address is required. The list of documents for opening a cafe includes an application, a decision on the establishment, a charter, a receipt for the transfer of state duty. Be sure to make an authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles or more. LLC maintains strict financial and tax reporting.

Licensing of activities and choosing a system for paying taxes

If you plan to sell alcohol and tobacco products, you must obtain a license. It is drawn up after the registration of the business. The license is valid in Russia. The term of issue is up to 45 days. After the license is issued, the responsible authority has the right to conduct scheduled and unscheduled inspections.

The procedure for obtaining a license for a catering business:

In practice, it has been shown that the demand for catering establishments is increasing, regardless of whether it is fast food, shawarma or an expensive restaurant. There are several reasons: the growth of the population's well-being, the desire for a better life, the development of tourism. The market for restaurant services is always free and is waiting for the attraction of private entrepreneurs.

Any idea has the right to life and will be successfully implemented in the form of this or that business, if you put your soul and money into it correctly. And one more thing: if you reflect your desire to work in a properly drawn up business plan.

Why a cafe?

Practice shows that in the domestic market the catering segment remains relatively free. And this despite the fact that cafes and restaurants are opening in dozens and hundreds. True, they are closed in about the same quantities, however, their number remains quite impressive, and the fact of the existing tough competition must be taken into account when drawing up a business plan for your cafe.

It is necessary to take into account the indisputable fact that each of the existing cafes has its own visitors, even regular visitors, even fans. But how to win the heart of a casual visitor and turn it into a permanent one - just below.

Now we suggest you consider several reasons for the strong popularity of the cafe as a type of entrepreneurial activity among newly minted businessmen:

  • the well-being of the population is increasing, and people are striving for a European way of life, an integral part of which is visiting pleasant places for catering;
  • organizing new offices, business centers and trading platforms are a great reason to open a new cafe, where their employees will be happy to have lunch or drink coffee;
  • the cafe is an ideal place for romantic dates, friendships and business meetings. People are ready to pay for the possibility of such communication;
  • among the abundance of already existing children's cafes, young tireless visitors do not get tired of looking for something else, more interesting and tastier.

Rules for keeping a timesheet in our article.

Planning is the foundation of success

Time, scope and budget. These three pillars are the backbone of your successful business. How long should your cafe last, how much money are you willing to invest in it, how profitable will it be? If you can already answer these questions, it means that your project not only has the right to be implemented, it will bring you income.

Market and Competition Analysis

Before embarking on your business idea, research all competitors in a similar business. Analyze their pros and cons in work, improve their best ideas and best practices, bring something of your own - and use in your institution. An improved idea is not considered plagiarism.

Modern infrastructure is constantly developing: business centers are being built, new trading platforms are being built. All this entails an increase in the number of workers and employees, for whom, as they say, war is war, and lunch is on schedule.

Setting up food service outlets is a pretty lucrative business, especially if done in a good location. But the very first step should be a ready-made business plan for the cafe, the correct creation of which will ensure stable and high income in the future.

Cafes, restaurants, pizzerias and coffee houses are in active demand not only among employees on weekdays. Here people spend their time productively, chatting with friends, holding business meetings and going on dates. All this once again points to an example of the fact that you can and should think about opening your own cafe.

Facility category and geographic aspect

First of all, you should understand what target audience your business will target and take this into account in the plan. As an example, your future establishment can be:

  • a café focused on the middle social segment;
  • an elite level café;
  • an evening café, etc.

In order to reach the maximum target audience, it is the average social level that should be considered. The location of such establishments often does not matter much: such cafes can be located both in the city center and in its sleeping areas.

However, it is desirable that there is at least some kind of perspective nearby in the form of office buildings, shopping centers, etc.

Great attention should be paid in terms of the plan, transport interchange and the convenience of access to your future cafe. On the other hand, if it will stand somewhere along the road, it is important to understand that many people will prefer a quieter and slightly farther place to the noise and bustle.

Competitor Research and Bug Analysis

Starting any business involves studying your market, detailed acquaintance with competitors in a specific segment. If we talk about working on mistakes, then it is better to learn from someone else's example, and not from your own failures. Analyze the activities of competitors, see their strengths and weaknesses, and start creating your plan.

The next step is to decide on the size of the establishment and the opening hours. Much of this will depend - again - on the audience you are targeting. Also, the correct ready-made business plan of the cafe provides for the presence of some peculiarity, "chips". It can be a kitchen and its specifics. Some of the most popular kitchen options include:

  • national ;
  • European ;
  • Eastern ;
  • universal - a kind of mix.

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