Flower shop business plan from scratch with calculations

Not a single festive event (wedding, corporate party, anniversary) is complete without flowers. The heroes of the occasion do not spare money for the festive event, therefore the flower business is considered not only one of the most "beautiful" businesses, but also profitable. This article presents a detailed business plan for a flower shop with calculations.

Before starting such a business, it is very important to analyze all the pros and cons, as well as evaluate such an object in terms of profitability.

When starting to create a business plan, you need to answer a number of questions to yourself:

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  • how relevant this service will be in the planned territory;
  • what is your primary goal ;
  • what start-up capital you need to open a store and how much money you have.

When you have decided on the answers to these questions, you can continue to work and move on to the practical side of the question.

Preparing a business plan for a florist shop

Purpose: opening a flower shop in a city with a population of over 1 million people. Target audience - buyers aged 20-55. The main source of income for the establishment is more than XXX rubles due to the sale of flowers, accompanying assortment, as well as the provision of additional services in floristry.

Benefits of opening a flower shop:

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  • varied assortment for sale;
  • high profits;
  • fast return on investment.

Rent of premises for a flower shop

Location has a special role in business. The number of buyers of flower shops is higher on busy streets, near shopping centers, restaurants, registry offices. A cheap option for rent is a premise on the 1st floor of a shopping center.

The room must meet the following requirements:

Where to start

The flower business can be called one of the most profitable in the middle segment if it is properly organized and understood in its nuances. Small business will not bring big income, but it will be a good launching pad for further expansion. On the other hand, it can cause losses. To start making good money and not lose your investment, let's figure out how to open a flower shop from scratch and run a business successfully. First, let's define the scale of the future trading enterprise. It could be:

a salon or shop with an average area of ​​60-80 sq. meters;

a small dot on the street under a canopy or a kiosk of 8-20 sq. m;

department in a shopping or entertainment center 10-25 sq. m.

If you have freedom of funds, it is better to invest them directly in a store, because if it is located correctly, it will bring more than 100,000 rubles a month, while a small outlet will give no more than 50,000 rubles. The point here is not the quantity of the fragrant goods sold, but the status of the salon, the assortment and prices.

A kiosk or street point is guided by cut flowers collected in bouquets. A flower shop can provide the buyer, in addition to freshly cut flowers, floristic compositions, picking up bouquets to order, decorating premises, conducting master classes, exhibitions, contests, along the way, offering designer decorations for interiors, selling indoor plants. In addition, wealthy customers interested in expensive products will never go to a kiosk or a tent, but go straight to the salon. Thus, the most profitable business would be to open a flower shop rather than a kiosk.

Investment volume

Having decided to open a flower salon, you need to weigh your financial capabilities. It is not worth saving on equipment, you can reduce the cost of purchasing goods by preferring popular, non-exotic options. Direct contracts with companies that grow flowers in nurseries and greenhouses will help reduce costs. It is better not to buy imported flowers at first if you are not sure about the high traffic of the chosen place. Later it will be possible to arrange supplies from Holland - the main flower empire. The initial investment will be as follows:

Rent of premises - 80,000 rubles.

Repair and arrangement - 200,000 rubles.

Equipment - 150,000 rubles.

Analysts believe that the flower business is an indicator of the well-being of society. After the previous crisis, the market began to develop steadily. Since the mark-up on bouquets ranges from 100% to 300% percent, a flower shop can pay off in a maximum of two years. But before starting such a business, it is required to draw up a business plan for a flower shop. He will help you figure out how to open a flower shop, how much you need to invest and what calculations to make.

Where to start a flower business?

Premises rental

The profitability of the flower business depends not only on the economic situation, but also on the location. You can choose a location in a shopping center or on the street. If you are renting a separate building, then it should be located on a crowded street and preferably in the center. This rule should be observed in both small and large cities. Parking is also needed nearby, as most customers are passing people. The area is no more than fifty square meters.

The target audience also influences the choice of the type of premises. There are usually four types in this business:

  • Low price category. If you are guided by it, then it is enough to open a stall near the transition or near the metro.
  • Medium price category. Your flower shop should be located in a mall. Or rent a stall on a large street in a high traffic center.
  • High price category. Everything should be worked out here: the interior, the collection of bouquets, and qualified personnel. Location - near offices, in the central part of the city, in expensive shopping centers.
  • Online flower shop. Those who trade on the network still have their own stall for the production of products.

The flower business in a residential area is also successful. This promotes spontaneous shopping. The sleeping area should also be chosen according to the price segment.

An online store will also need a website. It is expensive and time-consuming to open it in order to gain a significant position in the market. Therefore, if you do not want to spend a lot and do not claim a significant market share, create your site on a ready-made platform. Do not forget that the interface should be user-friendly and the design modern. So you will avoid the conclusion of new contracts, development and promotion of an online flower shop from scratch.


It doesn't matter what interior and type of room you choose. Usually the flower business of any segment implies the following equipment:

  • cash desk - 10,000-15,000 rubles;
  • racks, flowerpots, shelves - at least 20,000 rubles;
  • light boxes (you can take LEDs for a slightly lower amount) - from 30,000 rubles;
  • a desktop for a florist - 9,000 rubles;
  • a refrigerator (it is needed in order to keep the flowers fresh) - from 120,000 to 200,000 rubles along with installation work.


The business plan of a flower shop must also contain how many employees are needed. Analyze and make a list of who you will need, step by step. This usually depends on the scale of the trade. For a small stall, only two people are needed: one will be engaged in the preparation of bouquets, and the second will conduct calculations and management. Sometimes the florist himself can play the role of an accountant.

Hundreds of flower shops open every year despite intense competition. This market segment attracts not only by its profitability, but also by its simplicity compared to, for example, the tobacco and alcoholic segment. However, for a flower shop to become popular and differentiate from the competition, a business plan must be drawn up.

Infographic: Flower Shop Business Plan

General description of the flower shop management business

It is impossible to imagine any important event or celebration without flowers. Holidays are celebrated every day. Therefore, a flower shop is a promising business. However, it's important to think carefully about your business plan before embarking on your vision. It is necessary to think over the assortment of goods, which includes not only flowers, but also to analyze competitors, to choose a room. This article describes where to start and what steps to follow.

Key Success Factors

One of the most important criteria for success is a business plan. Thanks to the business plan, the owner will be able to predict various scenarios and identify possible difficulties. As a result, it will be possible to prepare for them and quickly solve the problems that have arisen. There are also a number of success factors, including:

  • customer satisfaction;
  • quality;
  • store development;
  • employee development;
  • profitability, etc.

Risk factors and how to prevent them

Despite all the advantages and advantages of this business, it has its disadvantages and risk factors. It is important to pay attention to a number of points:

  • Flowers are a product that spoils quickly. This must be taken into account. There are ways to keep them fresh for longer (or sell them at a discount). It is also important to forecast demand and monitor the market.
  • Seasonality of demand. On major holidays, the store may have more customers. However, the rest of the time there will be fewer visits to the outlet. It is important to pay attention to advertising promotion and product range.
  • Unreliable providers. As a result of cooperation with unreliable flower suppliers, low-quality goods may appear on the shelves. It is important to find honest partners and correctly draw up an agreement with them describing all measures of responsibility for violations of agreements.

Description of service and product

The main activity of the flower shop is the sale of flower cuts. There are also other services that a point of sale can provide. It is important that some of them are unique. This will differentiate the store from competitors' outlets. Everything will depend on the goals of the project. In the modern world, the trade in cut flowers alone is not profitable. It is important to create something new, to hook customers, to develop fresh ideas.

Assortment of flowers (familiar, exotic)

  • 1 Trends and peculiarities of the flower business
  • 2 Market and competitor analysis
  • 3 How to choose a place to sell flowers?
  • 4 What documents are needed to open a flower shop?
  • 5 Equipment of a flower point
  • 6 How to arrange a point of sale?
  • 7 Assortment of a flower shop
  • 8 How to choose suppliers
  • 9 How to choose staff?
  • 10 Advertising of a flower shop
  • 11 Financial business plan of a flower shop
  • 12 How much can you earn from a flower shop
    • 12. Average financial monthly plan:
  • 13 What are the risks of the flower business?
  • 14 Drawing the line

Flower Business Trends and Features

A flower shop is a beautiful and sought-after business in today's reality. The competition among entrepreneurs is high and the needs of people are constantly growing every year. Customers become sophisticated in decor and gifts, and existing businesses often fail to meet the increased demand.

From the outside, everything seems very nice and easy. Flowers. Petals ... From the outside it should be so ... But in truth, the "flower business" is the beauty behind which there is labor, exhausting and everyday, the most important thing, oddly enough, is DIRTY! ... Buyers and outsiders see only a shop window, bouquets and a cheerful seller ...

Yes, and more ... Forget about free time, vacations and "personal life" for the first two years ... Fact.

Seasonality in this business is certainly present, but not as pronounced as it seems. Of course, demand rises during the holidays, during which time you can earn much more if you prepare in advance.

But people buy not only bouquets, but also potted plants, as well as congratulate employees, decorate the premises without reference to calendar holidays. Nobody forbids to please loved ones and without a reason.

Market and Competitor Analysis

The target audience of the flower shop is the widest layers of citizens. Most of them are working people from 18 to 35 years old. In general, our fellow citizens are active consumers of flowers. We buy plants to congratulate you on the holiday, to show your attention or to decorate a room for a festive date. Society's desire to buy flowers persists even during the crisis.

Before you buy something or try something new from yourself - bypass everyone in the district of competitors, peep, eavesdrop, sketch, take a picture of everything they have and do not do it like "they have" ... Do - it's better.

It is very important to study the activities and offers of competitors, the market situation in your city / district as a whole. Here it is necessary to take into account several important factors: population size, income level, average consumption of goods (flowers) per year. A thorough analysis of indicators will help you build the most correct business plan and quickly reach the required income.

How to choose a place to sell flowers?

The future profit of a retail outlet depends on both high-quality products and a wide range of products, as well as on the correctly chosen location of the outlet.

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