Economy class hairdressing salon business plan

Are you a supporter of the idea that beauty will save the world? There is a great way to do something that will bring you income and pleasure, allowing you to make the world a better place. The opening of a beauty salon in recent years has been a fairly popular type of business. However, one should understand the responsibility of such an undertaking, because it involves solid financial investments. Therefore, at the first stage, it is necessary to draw up a competent business plan for a beauty salon.

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This material can serve you as a ready-made example of opening a salon with calculations

First Steps: Target Audience Analysis

To make an offer, it is important to understand that there is a demand for it. In Soviet times, people went to hairdressing salons, of which there were not many, and the list of services provided there, in comparison with their modern abundance, was very scarce. The time has come when the people decided to make up for lost time, willingly responding to the offers of newly opened beauty salons, which today can be seen everywhere.

Today, a person has consciously come to the desire to look better, to take care of himself regularly, and if, for example, most people looked askance at the same man's manicure twenty years ago, now a man's unkempt nails are considered a manifestation of bad taste.

What else becomes the reasons for opening such establishments:

  • the growing desire of our compatriots to comply with the fashion trends of the developed countries of the world;
  • the expansion of the list of services (along with the usual services of a hairdresser, manicure, masseur and cosmetologist, today it is actively tanning studios, body shaping services, hair extensions, etc. e);
  • an increasing number of top-class specialists who are becoming in demand among the consumer audience;
  • awareness of the difference between self-care at home and the use of professional services.

All this leads to a growing influx of male audience, which is automatically reflected in an increase in the total number of customers.

Marketing Factors

Of course, advertising should be given special attention. But before getting to this question, you need to understand some important points, such as:

  • analysis of the location of the future institution;
  • analysis of the intended audience within a specific territory;
  • study of competitors, classified by localization and by the declared level services provided;
  • detailed planning of a marketing campaign, including advertising, styling, a good salon name, etc.

The potential of such a business as opening a beauty salon is quite large and has great chances for maximum implementation, but well-structured management plays a key role in this.

Hairdressing services are constantly in demand, so this business is widespread. We bring to your attention a business plan for a hairdressing salon with calculations, which can be taken as a basis when organizing your business, taking into account the characteristics of its various varieties.

What is a business plan for

Main objectives of the business plan:

  • determine how much money you need for start-up capital;
  • what expenses await you in the process of work;
  • what income you can use calculate;
  • what profit you will have;
  • how soon your investment will pay off;
  • what organizational measures need to be taken to implement a business project.

If you are preparing a business plan for a hairdressing salon for an employment center in order to receive 58,800 rubles of state aid from it, or for a bank to get a cheap loan on favorable terms, or in order to interest an investor, the plan should contain a summary of the project (a short description of the business idea with convincing arguments about the favorable terms of investment of funds). It is located at the beginning of the document, but it is drawn up when all calculations are summed up and work on the plan is completed.

Types of hairdressing salons

It is important to determine from the very beginning what class your hairdresser will be from scratch:

    luxury class with expensive services and comfortable premises;

    The bulk of hairdressing salons (85%) are middle class salons, which we will take as a basis.

    Market research

    Hairdresser is one of the most demanded business niches in the world, since in any situation a person has to make his hairstyle attractive and beautiful. In addition, with a haircut, everyone wants to show their individuality, to stand out among the gray mass of people. In this review, we will together draw up a business plan for a hairdressing salon "from A to Z" (estimates for 2021).

    You can open your own hairdressing business in any corner of your city or even a village in the countryside. But here it is already necessary to proceed from how many such premises have already been opened in the area under consideration. Be sure to watch the video in which the real owners of hairdressing salons talk about the structure of the business from the inside:

    Project Summary

    The goal of the project is to open an economy-class hairdressing salon with two seats: one for male and female clientele. The location of the premises is a residential area of ​​the city, orientation is budget haircuts.

    Since the demand for hairdressing services mainly increases on weekends, many cannot correct their hair during working hours, the work must be organized exactly seven days a week, the working hours should be indicated in the business plan of the project.

    Working hours: 10.0 - 20.0 hours.

    As for the cost of all available services, then you need to proceed from the average standard of living in the area, earnings, and, of course, from the cost of services provided by competitors who have also opened their offices in your area. Over time, it will already be possible to think about increasing both the premises for the provision of services, as well as the enlargement of the business, in general.

    Economy class hairdressing salon income from services:

    p, blockquote 7,0,0,0,0 ->

    • Male and female hairstyles
    • Coloring, highlighting
    • Hairstyles for celebrations: weddings, corporate parties, anniversaries

    Organizational and legal form of doing business - individual entrepreneur (individual entrepreneur); form of taxation - patent. Maintaining both tax and accounting records can be carried out by the individual entrepreneur himself, as this will reduce all costs that can be spent at the initial stage of business development in the necessary areas, for example, the purchase of any additional equipment. As for the personnel, apart from the entrepreneur himself, it will be enough to have one more working person who will have at least minimal experience in haircuts and hairstyles.

    Hair Salon Financial Model

    Brief Investment Memorandum

    Hairdressing salon is a small “economy class” salon, located mainly in residential (“sleeping”) districts of the city and focused primarily on residents of nearby houses.

    The clients of the salons are people with low and middle income, who value their time and money, and who also want to receive a decent level of service.

    The assortment matrix of hairdressing salons is represented by 4 areas of services:

    • Hairdressing salon,
    • Manicure room,
    • Tanning studio,
    • Sale of cosmetics.

    The size of the target market of the hairdressing salon is 24% of the total number of potential clients (city residents).

    The basic principle of pricing for a hairdressing salon is to adjust the price to the lowest price of competitors (based on competitive analysis data).

    Promotion of a hairdressing salon is carried out through promotions - price, to increase the average check and through the "6th haircut for free" loyalty program.

    Required staff:

    • Administrator,
    • Four Universal Masters,
    • Manicurist,
    • Cleaning Lady.

    This business plan provides for calculations for the opening of a hairdressing salon in a room of 40 sq. at a rental rate of 750 rubles / sq. , with four working hairdressers and one manicurist.

    Relevance of the idea

    Regardless of social status and income, people want to look beautiful and well-groomed. Stylish hairstyle or good styling helps create a complete look. Therefore, the opening of a hairdressing salon with first-class specialists will be relevant for cities with a small population and large metropolitan areas.

    It is quite natural that women most often use hairdressing services. Their average check is much higher than that of men. This is primarily due to the large number of services provided. In addition, even modern women most often wear long hair, which takes more time and consumables to cut and dye. But even a short haircut has to be constantly looked after.

    When drawing up a business plan for a hairdressing salon, the main calculations for the level of profitability should be based on the consumption of services by women. Men's haircuts can be related services.

    An interesting idea would be to create a barbershop - a beauty salon for men, where hairdressing services will be provided exclusively for the stronger sex. The essence of such an establishment is that they cut their hair without any "glamor". Usually these are mid-priced establishments.

    When deciding to open a hairdressing salon, it is necessary to assess the prospects of a particular region / city. Most of the services market falls on Moscow (18.9% of the total). Moreover, there is an active rise in prices for services. Over the past ten years, they have grown by 110%. In addition to the capital, other Russian regions also differ in the volume of services provided:

    • Krasnodar Territory - 5.1%;
    • Moscow Region - 5.0%;
    • Republic of Tatarstan - 4.3% ;
    • Rostov Region - 4.1%.

    These regions are leading in terms of the value of services provided. But the leader in the number of hairdressing services per person is the Sakhalin Region. Followed by:

    The number of services rendered in other regions is actively growing. For example, in the Arkhangelsk region, their number increases by almost 1.5 times per year.

    Market Analysis

    In modern Russia, you can easily find a hairdressing salon. In total, there are more than 35 thousand hairdressing salons on the Russian market for every taste. The share of chain stores is no more than 3%. Hence the conclusion that the lion's share of the business is based on individual points, and this is only a small part of the market.

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