Development of a program for the financial recovery of the enterprise

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Chapter 1. Program of measures for financial recovery

1. Financial recovery - concept, strategy and tactics, sources of financial resources

1. Key features of the financial recovery program

Relevance of the research topic. Almost all business processes at an enterprise are related to finance and, as a rule, the peak of a crisis in any area is manifested in financial destabilization. Crisis management, on the other hand, presupposes an enterprise management system, which has a complex systemic character and is aimed at preventing or eliminating phenomena unfavorable for business.

An enterprise that is unable to make current payments on time is considered insolvent. Financial recovery is one of the anti-crisis management tools restoring solvency. The effectiveness of anti-crisis measures depends on the stage of development of the crisis. Preferred is the preventive anti-crisis management, which makes it possible to prevent the crisis or reduce its consequences. In a broad sense, "financial recovery" means a system of measures aimed at eliminating insolvency, stabilizing the financial condition of an enterprise. Also, "financial recovery" is understood as a document - a program of events.

· theoretical study of the foundations of financial recovery of enterprises;

· research of methodological tools for financial recovery of insolvent organizations;

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The formation of market forms takes an entire era, but they form the real wealth of the country. The most important thing is that the study of modern economics presupposes the independence and striving of people for economic independence, ready to build their own material well-being on their own. The desire to become such people begins the transition to a civilized, efficient market economy. Such an economic revolution in the public consciousness is what we most need today.

Economic relations are a prerequisite for the activities of an enterprise, as they ensure uninterrupted supply, continuity of the production process and timely shipment and sale of products.

Economic relations are formalized and fixed by agreements, according to which one enterprise is a supplier of goods and materials, works or services, and the other is their indicator, a consumer, and therefore a payer.

A qualified economist, financier, accountant, auditor must have a good command of modern methods of comprehensive economic analysis of economic indicators.

The study of natural phenomena and social life is impossible without analysis. The term "analysis" itself, translated from the Greek language, means "to divide", "to dismember". Therefore, analysis in the narrow sense is the dismemberment of a phenomenon or subject into its constituent parts in order to study them as part of a whole. For example, in order to understand the essence of the value of a product, it is necessary to know not only what elements it consists of, but also what its value depends on each unit of value.

Economic analysis, unlike physical, chemical and others, refers to an abstract-logical method of studying economic phenomena, where it is impossible to use either microscopes or chemical reagents, where both must replace the power of abstraction.

With the growth of the population, the improvement of the means of production, the growth of material and spiritual needs of man, the analysis has become the first vital necessity of a civilized society. Without analysis, people’s conscious activity is generally impossible today.

The development of productive forces, production relations, an increase in production volumes, an expansion of exchange contributed to the separation of economic analysis as an independent branch of science. Today it is necessary to distinguish between general theoretical economic analysis, which studies economic phenomena and processes at the macro level (at the level of socio-economic formation, at the state level of the national economy), and specific economic analysis at the micro level - the analysis of the economic activities of enterprises. It is impossible to manage complex economic processes and make optimal decisions without a comprehensive complex analysis.

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1. The concept and types of financial crisis

1. Factors affecting the financial condition of the organization

1. Theoretical justification for drawing up a plan for the organization's recovery

2. Assessment of the financial condition of the organization LLC shop "Maria Ra"

2. General characteristics of LLC shop "Maria Ra"

2. Analysis of the economic indicators of the organization

2. Analysis of the financial condition of the organization

3. Development of a financial recovery plan for LLC shop "Maria Ra"

3. The main directions of financial recovery of the organization

3. Organization financial recovery plan

List of used literature

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Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution

Irkutsk State Transport University

Faculty of Logistics and Customs Management

Department of Finance and Accounting

Development of a plan for the financial recovery of the enterprise

1. Methods for assessing and analyzing the economic condition of an enterprise

liquidity balance profit profitability


In a modern economy, the functioning of enterprises, organizations, firms occurs under unstable and uncertain conditions. This forces us to provide a quick response to frequently changing market conditions. The processes taking place in the commodity markets are cyclically regular and are associated with the development of the economy.

What is a crisis? This is a certain set of phenomena in the social and economic sphere, capable of leading economic systems to a violation of stability and sustainability.

Financial audits at enterprises are carried out regularly. Prepare for them in advance. Based on the results of the audit, with a negative conclusion, an appeal to arbitration is made He creates a surveillance order. The meeting of owners, by its decision, chooses the option that suits the given situation:

  • implementation of the plan of measures for financial recovery (hereinafter - PMFO);
  • creation of a managerial staff from outside;
  • or production is carried out on a competitive basis ...

Financial recovery of an enterprise, organization, company implies a number of complex measures with the aim of:

  • assessing (diagnosing) the depth and scale of the crisis;
  • developing measures to successfully overcome it.

As a result of research and organizational work to study the activities of a particular enterprise and analyze the relevant market, a business plan for the financial recovery of the enterprise appears. It is a complex of tasks to be solved.

  • Thorough, multifaceted analysis of the activities of an enterprise, organization, firm. Its meaning is to identify the positive and negative aspects of the activity, to determine the specifics, to find the differences of this enterprise from the rest.
  • Search and study of mechanisms in organizational, technical, economic, financial, economic activities.
  • Direct creation of a plan from specific points (measures) for the successful withdrawal of the enterprise from the crisis.
  • When "making a diagnosis" a crisis enterprise should take into account the difference in the conditions of economic, financial and economic activity. When developing a business plan for the financial recovery of an enterprise in the Russian Federation, specialists take into account both standard methods and non-standard ones, taking into account the uniqueness of each enterprise.

Process essence

Financial recovery (hereinafter - FD) is performed in a typical way. The scheme was approved by the document of the Ministry of Trade and Economy of Russia. FI provides an opportunity to correct and stabilize the financial and economic sphere.

In cases where the amount of debt on payments is less than the value of the assets, a bank guarantee may not be needed. If the amount of liabilities is higher than the market value of the property of the enterprise, a banker's guarantee for the difference in funds will be required. An installment plan for five years is possible with the agreement of creditors. The adopted decision on FD requires the creation of the following documents:

  • FI procedural plan;
  • a graphic plan containing the exact timing of debt repayment;
  • meeting minutes;
  • list of persons who filed a decision on the FO of an enterprise, organization, firm, bank;
  • other data.

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