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Organization of service stations - components of income

Having made the decision to start a business by opening his own service station, an entrepreneur takes on the burden of difficult problems. The organization of work at the service station is built in such a way that at a certain stage a businessman has to solve a difficult problem: how to plan the work so that the profit is regular and stable?

Most of the service stations concentrate on one kind of activity, which is quite justified if the businessman does not plan to hire a large staff and lease huge areas. Of course, a wide range of services may be of interest to a greater number of clients, but on the other hand, this will entail a significant increase in additional costs.

Thinking about how to open a service station and what types of services to provide, more and more businessmen make their choice in favor of auto diagnostics, for novice entrepreneurs this is an opportunity to use their capital most profitably, and soon start receiving real financial return. The auto diagnostics business is designed mainly for owners of foreign cars who are used to taking care of their iron horses anxiously.

If we talk about the maintenance of foreign cars, then in the first place in demand is such a service as autodiagnostics. How to open an autodiagnostics site, where to start work on its organization - asking this question, a novice entrepreneur hopes that he has made the right choice. And indeed it is. A business like car diagnostics can electronically improve the safety of the driver and his passengers. Modern equipment, which, however, costs serious money, helps to timely detect malfunctions in the vital systems of the car. Thanks to this, many car owners strive to regularly diagnose their cars.

The popularity of such a service as auto diagnostics is often talked about in business forums, thanks to which many service stations have already adopted this idea, despite the substantial additional costs. It should be borne in mind that, in addition to expensive equipment, the fact who performs this work is of no small importance. Only an experienced qualified specialist will be able to carry out high-quality auto diagnostics of any car.

Having decided to open a diagnostic site in your auto center, be sure to use the professional example of a business plan for opening a service station with ready-made calculations, since it contains all the information a businessman needs. Taking a ready-made autodiagnostics project as a basis, you can easily create a competitive enterprise that will not be afraid of financial shocks.

Organization of service station: making a list of services

A businessman planning to open his own business - a service station - has to solve many important questions: how to find a suitable premises, where to find experienced workers, and, most importantly, what services to provide at a service station? The last problem is one of the most intractable. Much depends on this choice and, first of all, the amount of initial investment.

Some services do not require significant costs, but their implementation will not bring much profit either. Expensive types of work, such as computer diagnostics, involve more serious expenses, since the special equipment that is used in the maintenance process costs a lot of money.

In addition, what makes of cars you plan to deal with is also very important. Each model requires an individual approach, especially for foreign cars. With the domestic auto industry, everything is a little easier, and, by the way, our cars break down much more often. So, in this case, you will definitely not be left without clients. The main thing, when opening a service station, is to ensure high quality services so that customers have a desire to contact your service station again, if necessary.

Cars break down, pass those. service, change tires every season, which leads to an inexhaustible flow of customers every day

Motorization of the population significantly exceeds the growth in the number of corresponding service stations. Business advantages: consistently high demand and quick payback in several years. The rate of return is 30-40%. This STO business plan will reveal the secrets of how to open a successful business in this field and achieve a stable income.

Select location

First, it must meet the requirements of the sanitary and epidemiological station. According to the rules, there must be at least 50 meters to residential buildings. Similar objects should not be located near water bodies.

Secondly, the building should be located so as to attract the maximum number of customers.

A place in a densely populated sleeping area, as well as not far from major highways and gas stations, is considered optimal. It is these areas that can guarantee a constant influx of customers.

It is important to analyze the area and for the presence of competitors. If there are large car service stations nearby, it will be difficult to compete with them. We'll have to wage a constant struggle for clients - both one-time and permanent.

Also study this business plan for opening a car service.

Space requirements

The minimum admissible area of ​​the premises for servicing passenger cars is 300 m², and the optimal one is about 500-900 m².

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"Developing a business plan for STO"


Service description

Marketing plan and scope of the service

Plan of technical development and improvement of production organization

Organizational plan

Financial plan


The category of operating conditions is determined by the nature of the working conditions of vehicles on the roads - the type of road surface (D), the terrain (P), along which the road passes, and the conditions of movement on the road

Opening a car service is considered one of the most stable and profitable types of business in the Russian Federation.

If all the business ideas that come to your mind have not yet brought a decent result, go the simple way - buy an existing car service.

The owners who have lost their former enthusiasm in the competition are ready to part with their business for at least 7 million rubles.

If your starting capital is below the stated amount, you will have to start from scratch.

The success of opening a car service depends on the location by%

An ideal place for a car service is considered to be a plot with a total area of ​​at least three acres, located near the main highways.

The centralized sewerage system should run at a distance of 50 meters (not less, according to the requirements of the SES) from nearby houses.

If there is a possibility, it is better to redeem the site as property, since the monthly rent today reaches 18 thousand rubles. for boxing.

Ready car service business plan

At the first stage, documents are prepared for opening a car service and all formalities are coordinated with the regulatory authorities.

For high-quality provision of diagnostic, tire fitting, balancing, metal welding, electrical, assembly and dismantling, lubrication and filling works, etc., you will need qualified working personnel.

Opening a car service in a garage involves hiring specialists, it is necessary to pay special attention to their practical skills.

With the active development of entrepreneurship, many business owners "change" from public transport to personal, which makes it possible to better control the work of the company and save time. Consequently, to service the ever-increasing flow of personal vehicles, the need for service stations is also increasing. This means that opening your own service station will be very profitable. The first thing to do is to start developing a business plan for your own enterprise. In it, it is necessary to develop a development strategy for the company and perform financial calculations of all investments and expected profits.

Project Features

The upcoming business plan is a 2 year project. It involves the opening and development of a medium-sized service station. The plan was created in order to assess the economic efficiency of an investment project and can be presented to a potential investor or lender as confirmation of the viability of this entrepreneurial idea.

The nature of the business is designated as a vehicle maintenance and repair service business. The main goals of its creation can be indicated as:

  • - meeting the needs of the modern market in the provision of maintenance and repair services for road transport;
  • - creating an enterprise with a high level of profitability;
  • - getting a stable and high profit.

The project will be financed almost entirely by a commercial loan, for which one will have to apply to one of the banking structures. The main financial aspects of the project are as follows:

  • - total amount of project financing - 10 million 686 thousand rubles. Approximately this will be the loan amount;
  • - the interest rate on the loan is 14%. The term during which the loan will be paid is 2 years. During this period, the total amount of interest paid, or the investor's income, will amount to 688 thousand rubles;
  • - the payback period, taking into account the discount period, is 2 years. The project will start generating net profit 12 months after its opening.

More detailed financial calculations for investments in starting a business and its development, as well as approximate profit forecasts are set out in the financial part of the plan.

Features of starting a car repair business - in the video:

STO as a type of business

A service station is a place that every car owner or driver must visit from time to time. With constant use, cars wear out, many of their parts fail. The situation is aggravated by poor-quality roads in most cities of the country. Thus, all cars need to be diagnosed and repaired with a certain regularity. This means that this type of activity will not lose its relevance even in a crisis.

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