Coursework: Business plan of a commercial enterprise, firm: meaning and content

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On the topic: "Business plan of a commercial enterprise"

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2. Organization, management and personnel

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In a market economy, a business plan is a working tool used in all areas of entrepreneurship. The business plan describes the process of functioning of the company, shows how its leaders are going to achieve their goals and objectives, primarily increasing the profitability of work. A well-developed business plan helps the company to grow, gain new positions in the market where it operates, draw up long-term plans for its development, concepts for the production of new goods and services, and choose rational ways to implement them.

The business plan is a permanent document; it is systematically updated, changes are made to it related both to changes taking place within the firm and changes in the market where the firm operates and in the economy as a whole. business plan links in-house analysis and macroeconomic analysis by specialized scientific organizations. As a rule, it is drawn up by each firm, although the possibilities for preparing such documents may be different: a small firm can attract specialist consultants to develop a business plan.

Thus, a business plan is not only an internal document of a firm, but can also be used to attract investors and creditors. Before risking some capital, investors must be confident in the solvency of the project and are aware of its effectiveness.

In contrast to Western countries, business planning in Russia has a number of features. This is due to the fact that specialized literature, which deals with various methodological issues of developing business plans, business projects and business references, is mainly translated. It sets out in detail the issues of business planning in relation to firms operating under the laws of a developed market economy. Domestic enterprises still have little experience in developing business planning issues, and market relations are still very far from the desired level.

Russian legislation currently does not mandate the development of business plans. It is a new document for the majority of Russian enterprises. Even at the present time, there is a widespread position that denies the advisability of developing a detailed business plan and suggests, as an alternative, a short feasibility study. It is believed that the lack of a well-developed business plan can be compensated for by knowing the "depth" of domestic business and intuition.

1. The concept and characteristics of entrepreneurship

The construction of a shopping and entertainment center is a large-scale project that requires serious funding and a lot of preparatory work, so drawing up a business plan in this case is extremely necessary.

Shopping and entertainment centers are currently very popular with ordinary people: here you can go shopping, watch a movie and have a delicious lunch. For the population, this type of leisure is also attractive because the mall gathers companies under its roof that can satisfy diverse needs, and a person does not have to spend time and effort looking for one or another organization - everything is in one place. Therefore, the project for the construction of a shopping center is economically attractive.

Planning the construction and operation of the shopping and entertainment center

The business associated with the operation of the shopping center is quite profitable, but its organization is fraught with a lot of difficulties. Therefore, drawing up a business plan for a shopping and entertainment center must be approached with full responsibility, weighing all your capabilities, the anticipated risks and economic efficiency of the enterprise.

The main questions that experts recommend to solve at the beginning of planning their business:

  • Search and property status of land for the construction of a shopping center
  • Collecting a package of documents and building permits
  • Searching for future tenants
  • Definition of the general concept and format of this type of business

The business plan will help structure all the features and nuances of the shopping center.

An example of a business plan for the construction of a shopping and entertainment center


Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Understanding the Business Plan

Chapter 2. Sections of the business plan

2. Product selection and competitive strategy

2. Marketing Plan Elements

2. Justification of the production plan

2. Choosing an organizational form

2. Organization of labor relations in the company

2. Elements of the financial plan

2. 0 Risks in business

2. 1 The concept of bankruptcy of a company

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