Content and features of the tattoo parlor business plan

Providing services for applying tattoos and permanent make-up is an unusual field of activity that is simultaneously related to the beauty business, medical services and art. The business plan of a tattoo parlor should take into account, in addition to financing, organizing production and marketing, also the specifics of services. This concerns the strict observance of the requirements of sanitary standards and the careful selection of tattoo artists.

Project Summary

The tattoo parlor's business plan includes several sections. Each of them is dedicated to one of the key aspects of the project. The executive summary opens the business plan and briefly summarizes all the data, which is then detailed in the appropriate order. The conciseness and content of the resume will help create a positive impression of the project. It is important for future investors and business partners to get an impression of:

the demand for tattoo studio services in a particular city or area;

the number of potential customers and ideas for attracting them;

Buy a tattoo parlor business plan

unique services and competitiveness of the studio;

the amount of investment for the arrangement;

income and return on business.

For clarity, information can be presented in the form of a presentation.

Tattoos are now back in fashion. If earlier tattoos were performed in only one color, and only men made them for themselves (mainly in connection with professional activities), today many people want to get a beautiful pattern on their bodies.

Tattoos are now back in fashion. If earlier tattoos were performed in only one color, and only men made them for themselves (mainly in connection with professional activities), today many people want to get a beautiful pattern on their bodies.

Therefore, a tattoo parlor can become a very successful and profitable business, but for this, you should first develop a business plan for a tattoo parlor.

The structure of the tattoo parlor business plan

Determination of the organizational and legal form. In this case, the format of an individual entrepreneur will be optimal. Since the provision of this type of service is not provided in our country, you should arrange a treatment room. Each employee must have a health book.

Room for a tattoo parlor

Certain sanitary requirements are imposed on tattoo parlors:

It is necessary to rent a room either in a hairdressing salon (spa, beauty salon, etc.), or to equip a room in the basement (area - 20-30 m2).

The location of the salon does not really matter - if you have masters who have already proven themselves working for you. Renting and repairing premises can cost about 200 thousand rubles.

Equipment for tattoo parlor

The following equipment and consumables are required for the tattoo parlor to work:

Name. approximate cost. Client chair. t 15,000 rubles Tattoo gun * from 15,000 to 90,000 rubles Dyes (paints and pigments). t 1500 rubles Disinfectants. tons 900 rubles Sets of needles (100 pcs.) from 600 rubles

A tattoo parlor business plan is the first step that those who want to start a business take. This is a paper containing a risk analysis, calculations of estimated costs and income. A well-written plan will be the start for an effective business.

Business activity is registered with the tax office. To open a beauty parlor, an individual entrepreneur is issued. This is a simple form that assumes simplified taxation and the absence of complications in bookkeeping.

Business Registration

To register as an individual entrepreneur, contact the territorial tax office. You can also apply for an IP on the State Services portal online. To do this, you will need to go through the initial registration, get access to your personal account. When submitting, the applicant will need to scan and upload the necessary documents to the office along with the application.

The tattoo specialists do not have a separate code. Tattooing in the tax office is equivalent to treatment rooms. In this regard, the application indicates the code 96. 9 according to OKVED.

If the entrepreneur plans to sell additional accessories in the salon, you will need to register code 52 in the application form.

In addition to the licensed document, the tax service for registration of an individual entrepreneur will need to provide:

  • Permission from the administration to carry out activities in a certain room. It is registered as property or rented to the applicant.
  • Certificates from Rospotrebnadzor and Rospotrebnadzor authorizing work. In this case, fire and sanitary requirements must be observed.

Employees of the tattoo parlor must have medical records and be examined by doctors annually.

Individual entrepreneurs need to purchase an online cashier and conclude a service contract. You will also need to make a seal, open a current account in any bank.

Finding a room

An important step at the stage of starting a business is the selection of premises. An important role is played not only by the location, but also by its readiness, the ability to install the necessary equipment. The best option is considered to be non-residential premises located on the first floors of multi-storey buildings.

Before opening a tattoo parlor, it is recommended to explore the city, determine the places to visit. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the contingent from which potential customers will be formed. Choosing a place on the outskirts of the city or in basements is not worth it. Unsightly views and poor accessibility can lead to low salon traffic.

Tattoo parlors are represented by organizations that create drawings on the skin. They can be temporary or permanent. Institutions can be located in shopping centers or separate premises. To open such an establishment, a competent tattoo parlor business plan is required, containing data on the initial investment, the location of the salon, as well as the planned profit and loss.

Main activity

The work of tattoo parlors requires state licensing

Now tattoo parlors are becoming popular again. This is due to the desire of each person to stand out from other people.

The main services are represented by the following works:

  • applying drawings to the skin of different parts of the body;
  • applying permanent makeup.

Such activities are subject to licensing based on the requirements of the Ministry of Health, therefore, before launching, the requirements of laws are carefully studied and documents are prepared.

Before opening an organization, you will have to start looking for a room connected to the necessary engineering communications. The area of ​​the room is at least 40 m².

It should contain rooms for procedures, a technical area, and a room for receiving visitors. The room must meet the requirements of fire safety and SES, therefore, permits from these services are required.

Target audience

Before starting a business, marketing research is carried out. They allow you to identify all competitors in the market, assess the advantages and disadvantages of the new organization, and identify potential visitors. The salons offer services: tattooing, tattooing, braiding, body art or piercing.

How to open a tattoo parlor: business plan with calculations, examples

In the modern world, tattooing has long been transformed from a distinctive sign of belonging to a certain circle or society into a way of self-expression and standing out from the rest.

But interest in the art of body painting does not cool down, but on the contrary is fueled by a huge variety. Much also depends on the professionalism of the master, his artistic skills and desire to help a potential client make the right choice.

Naturally, in every, even seedy corner of our country, you can meet at least one tattoo artist, this type of business has long been popular and has not left any vacant niches. But this does not mean that it will not be possible to enter the tattoo services market, or it will be very difficult. Moreover, this can be done even with minimal investment, despite any competition.

And with a competent approach to organizing a business, an entrepreneur, whether he is a master himself, or only the organizer of the process, will be able to get a good profit and develop the business in the direction he needs.

What is required to open a tattoo parlor?

Oddly enough, at the legislative level, the skill of tattoos has not yet been allocated in a separate column for organizing entrepreneurial activity. But this does not mean that you can spit on everything and ignore the documentary registration of your new case.

Just a tattoo parlor will be equated to a treatment room. And you will need to go through the same registration steps:

  • First of all, register as an individual entrepreneur or limited liability company. Both options have their pros and cons. But if you are not familiar with them, then it is better, at least, to contact a person who is knowledgeable in the topic who can help you. Or, having paid a certain price, get help from a professional firm that makes money on it.
  • The second step is to open a current bank account. Again, it is better to know in advance all the processes of opening an account and the associated risks, benefits and processes, since the information is not hidden from anyone, and you can easily find it yourself.
  • Making and registering a seal is the third stage. You will be working as an entrepreneur, so you will be dealing with the signing of the documentation. You will also need it if you officially buy equipment on behalf of your company.
  • Registration of the cash register and forms in the tax office. The same point can be attributed to the conclusion of an agreement with one of the banks to provide a terminal for payment by bank cards, which in our time is the most popular method of payment for services.
  • The next item will be obtaining permission from Rostpotrebnadzor, Firenadzor, local administration and other authorities to open an institution in a specific, pre-selected premise. Indeed, for successful activities in the field of tattooing, you need a good treatment room or studio. Anyway, services such as piercing require certain conditions.
  • You will need to conclude a lease agreement for the selected premises, in rare cases of ownership.
  • The last point is obtaining a medical license from Rosdravnadzor. Such paper is issued as standard within forty-five days, so calculate your resources and time correctly so as not to lose on waiting.

Additionally, remember that all employees in your organization will need medical records and an annual medical examination. For reference, the activities of tattoo parlors are regulated by the instructions of MosMU 2.. ... 01-2021 "Organization and implementation of Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance over medical and preventive establishments of cosmetology profile and beauty parlors".

In order to obtain a medical license (in case you open a limited liability company), you will need to have a doctor specializing in dermatovenerology in your state, who also took courses in cosmetology.

If the form of your business is an individual entrepreneur, then the client will first need to be referred to a freelance doctor for a certificate of the absence of contraindications.

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