Construction firm from scratch: detailed business plan

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on the topic: "Business planning in construction"

Head: Viktor Zakharovich Chernyak

Completed by: 1st year student

Datsko Anna Igorevna, room 714

1. General principles of planning in construction, types of planning

2. Goals and objectives of construction design

3. Design stages and content of design documentation

Business planning in construction

The high average check and the demand in the construction sector attract more and more businessmen every year. But besides all the advantages of such a business, there are a number of difficulties: a high level of competition, low margins and large initial investments. Is it worth opening a construction company, what income to expect and how to avoid fatal mistakes - read our article.

Starting a business - prioritization

The most rated type of business is construction. This is really a promising and profitable direction, however, for success you need a high-quality business plan with accurate calculations. In addition, you should decide on a category, choose one of three:

  • Civil engineering.
  • Road.
  • Industrial.

In order for the undertaken business to bring success, you need to be consistent in your actions, they must comply with the accepted algorithm:

  • Drawing up a business plan.
  • Collecting permits.
  • Purchase of technical equipment.
  • Recruitment.
  • Studying the customer base and work on attracting customers.

Business plan

The construction business requires substantial financial costs, especially if it is industrial or road construction. The most affordable in terms of the amount of capital investment can be considered a business in the field of external and internal work. To create your own company, you need a business plan, which may contain the following sections:

  • Legal basis.
  • Production issues.
  • Material and technical base.
  • Work with customers, company promotion (advertising).
  • Financial calculations.
  • Problematic issues and ways to solve them.

Legal basis

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Planning objectives and topology of budget plans

Financial planning always pursues several goals and not only financial, however, the primary main goal of financial planning is to build three reports: a profit and loss statement, a cash flow statement and a balance sheet. It is on the basis of these three tables that financial and investment analysis will be built in the future. In the classic typology of budgets, there are three types of budgets:

  • operational budgets;
  • financial budgets;
  • special budgets.

Operating budgets represent the lowest level budgets from which financial and other budgets are generated. For the typology of budget plans, see the section "Plan structure in" Budget-Plan Express "".

General algorithm for calculating a business plan

At the first stage, operational plans are made. Operating plans - sales, costs, accounts payable, etc. - are the basis for the structure of the future business plan. Therefore, until the operational plans are completed, it makes no sense to select schemes and financing options (financial and investment plans).

There are some things to consider when preparing operational plans that you should be aware of if you are going to prepare your own business plans. For example, when planning in cyclical projects, sales (receipts of money, receivables) are first planned and only then the cost part of the business plan. But in discrete (non-cyclical) projects, this is construction, for example, consulting, the production of complex single products - in this case, the opposite is true. Costs are described first (usually in a Gantt Chart), such as construction stages in a Gantt Chart, and then sales options are planned.

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