Coffee to go business plan

You don't need to have equity to start a business. You can start from scratch by taking the necessary funds on credit. Moreover, you can do without collateral. It is not uncommon for lenders to agree to provide a loan simply against a good business plan.

This is how you can open a coffee shop. A ready-made business plan for a coffee shop can be found on the Internet and adapted to suit your conditions. Or you can make it yourself. It is not at all difficult to make the necessary calculations, i.e. everything is done according to long-established schemes. How much it costs (building materials, equipment, raw materials) - all this can also be found out very quickly, i.e. such products are sold in online stores.


This type of business is considered very promising and profitable, despite the fact that the competition is very high. The coffee market in Russia is not saturated, and the total number of establishments is still far from fully satisfying all demand.

The main thing to take into account for an entrepreneur who wants to open a coffee shop: this is a very delicate business, almost an art. It is hardly possible to achieve success here if you try to apply standard generic marketing methods. It takes a lot of imagination, creative thinking, ingenuity, and a lot of meticulous work.

Concept, target audience

Who is the cafe for, who should become your regular customer - this is the very first question, on the answer to which everything else depends. Anyone can be a potential visitor. Only those who do not like coffee or cannot drink it for medical reasons will not come to your establishment. But for this category of people, the menu should include tea and other drinks, as well as sweets and so on. A coffee shop - not necessarily just coffee. Although coffee is the main and main commodity here.

One of the main conditions for success is indoor comfort. By itself, drinking this drink is traditionally understood as a kind of short and very pleasant rest, which business successful modern people allow themselves during a busy working day. Therefore, the general atmosphere in the cafe, the availability of some additional services (first of all, Wi-Fi) are all necessary elements of the overall strategy.

Coffee shop business plan

Step-by-step instructions


The choice of location logically follows from the factor of the target audience. The coffee shop will function successfully in any crowded busy place. But you need to remember that a coffee shop is not a canteen or a fast food cafe, where people go precisely to have a snack or a hearty lunch. Therefore, you should not rely on the workers of some enterprise (and, accordingly, you should not place a coffee shop next to such an object if there are no other more suitable institutions nearby).

It would also hardly be appropriate to open a coffee shop next to a regular market, in a residential area, etc. People go to a coffee shop with the aim of drinking coffee, as well as conducting short business negotiations.

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A project is a temporary venture aimed at creating a unique product, service or result.

The temporary nature of projects indicates a definite start and end. The end comes when the goals of the project are achieved. I plan to complete my project in three months.

My project is being undertaken to achieve a sustainable, long-term result. It will be attended by a team of eight people (leader, sponsor, designer and the team for the renovation of the premises).

I have chosen a project to open a coffee shop for hanging out in one of the sleeping areas of the city of Yekaterinburg.

First of all, when creating a project, you need to decide on the resources. The first resource is labor. The work of the entire project implementation team, both intellectual (leader, sponsor, designer) and physical (a team of five people to renovate the premises). The second resource is time. Since the project is temporary in nature, it is necessary to determine the timing. The term is three months. This is the time from creating a business plan to opening a coffee shop. The third resource is money. It is planned to take money for the project from two sources - attracting a sponsor and a consumer loan in a bank.

Since the project is quite costly, it is planned to attract an investor by familiarizing him with the business plan. The share of his financial investments must be at least 50%.

It is planned to invest in the following:

- Purchase of equipment, furniture;

- Cash register software;

Coffee houses are considered one of the most profitable businesses in Russia, especially in large cities. After all, they cover a wide target audience. Students and young office workers buy a cup in the morning to cheer up, while upper-middle-income people come to the coffee shop for a pleasant atmosphere. In this article, you will find a coffee shop business plan for internal use. It will help you properly prepare for the organization of your business, take into account the main cost items and business risks.

From this article you will learn:

How to start a small coffee shop from scratch - key steps and the importance of writing a business plan

Before starting a small coffee shop from scratch, you need to draw up a detailed business plan. This market niche is very competitive, so the slightest mistakes of an entrepreneur can lead to losses. Below we will consider the main steps on how to open your own coffee shop from scratch.

Market Niche Analysis Stage

The coffee house is a catering establishment where the emphasis on the menu is placed on a variety of coffee varieties. This is a great business option for men or women. First of all, customers appreciate the taste of drinks and good service.

The main target audience of the business is people aged 25-40 years old with an income of 30 thousand rubles. per month. Therefore, it is better to open a coffee shop in large cities.

IMPORTANT. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, there is now a huge competition among coffee houses. But there are other large cities where business potential has not yet been fully revealed: Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar and others.

As competition in the coffee business rises, Unique Selling Proposition is essential to generating revenue. If you are planning to open a coffee shop from scratch, think about additional "chips" in advance. For example, invest in the development of an unusual room design, offer signature cocktails to visitors, or introduce a bonus system for regular customers.

Stage Choosing the format of the coffee shop

The format of your establishment will primarily affect the business plan for 2021. Currently, there are the following options for opening a coffee shop in the city:

❶. Takeaway coffee The target audience of the business is busy young people 20-30 years old, mainly students and office workers. For them, the optimal ratio of the price and quality of the drink comes to the fore, and the interior and the variety of the menu are not so important.

Opening coffee with you can be a great project for a beginner or already an experienced entrepreneur.

In the fast pace of modern life, people often do not waste time on long gatherings with a cup of espresso, but only manage to run in for the right drink and go about their business. Coffee is recognized as one of the most popular drinks in all parts of the world.

The presented article will consider a business plan for a coffee to go with a financial plan and tips for opening an establishment. We will analyze the details in the development of the project, touch on the details and discuss in detail the project structure.

  • 1 Business idea at a glance
  • 2 Market and competitor analysis
  • 3 Choosing a location for a coffee shop
  • 4 Paperwork
  • 5 Selecting equipment for coffee to go
  • 6 Making and design of coffee to go
  • 7 Finding suppliers and buying consumables
  • 8 Recruiting for a take-away coffee shop
  • 9 Advertising and marketing of coffee to go
  • 10 How much does it cost to open a coffee to go
  • 11 How much you can earn takeaway coffee at your outlet
  • 12 Pros and cons of business
    • 12. Possible risks

Business Idea Brief

Takeout coffee is a point of sale whose product is freshly brewed coffee in a disposable glass. The buyer purchases the product and leaves the establishment. He has the ability to enjoy a drink on the go.

There are currently two ways to develop take-out coffee. An option with the creation of a small kiosk near a bus stop or the location of a coffee counter in a shopping and entertainment complex or business center.

Market and Competitor Analysis

Considering a take-away business plan requires a study of the sales market and the competitive factor in the chosen area.

The takeaway coffee service customer audience consists of students and workers. In general, the age of clients ranges from 16 to 35 years old. At the same time, it is students aged 17 to 25 that bring the main income. It should be understood that in most cases the client's visit depends on an impulsive fleeting desire, i.e. the audience does not go to the same point all the time. Much depends on the location and conditions.

Competitive coffee shops compete on the following parameters:

⚖️ Value for money


Slide captions:

BUSINESS PLAN coffee shop "B onjour" Completed by: student of 10 "A" class Polzikova Olga

Business plan structure Summary; Setting goals; Business characteristics; Competitor Assessment Marketing Organizational Plan Legal Plan Financial Plan Risk and Insurance Assessment Financing Strategy

Summary There are no establishments in Akbulak adapted for cultural recreation with your family or friends. I am planning to open a coffee shop with a pleasant atmosphere and good service, so that everyone can pass the time with a cup of selected coffee. In addition to coffee, the assortment will include desserts. The alleged source of financing is family income and a bank loan for 150,000 rubles. Coffee will be purchased from the trade manufacturer Totti Caffe, and you will also need saeco coffee machines, a water softener, a coffee grinder, refrigerators, dishes, and equipment for making desserts.

Production technology: grinding coffee, brewing with a coffee machine. Specialists from 18 to 35 years old will be hired. Bartender-barista, waiters, cook, tech. Staff, security, cashier. The main stratum of visitors are residents of the village aged 15 to 35 years. The coffee shop is an enterprise that will help organize cultural leisure for the residents of Akbulak, as well as provide jobs for young people.

Setting objectives Project goal: to open a profitable enterprise. Tasks: - to study the basics of business design; - to organize cultural leisure for the residents of Akbulak; - to receive constant profit from the enterprise

Description of the business Equipment for the enterprise will be purchased from the manufacturers of the firms "saeco" and "philips", as it is of high quality, and the design will suit well the interior of the coffee shop. The assortment will offer only an exclusive series of coffee from the sales representative "Totti Caffe". The client will be able to take away coffee and desserts in special packaging bags. The coffee house will work around the clock, so the residents of the village will be able to drink a cup of coffee in a cozy atmosphere at any time.

Evaluating Competitors Potential competitors may be bars and outdoor cafes, but none of them has selected, exclusive coffee and desserts prepared by qualified chefs.

marketing My products will target people of all ages, but the age of the main audience will range from 15 to 35 years old. The cost of a cup of coffee will depend on the size of the portion, from 50 to 200 rubles. The price of desserts is from 200 rubles. I can advertise my business with the help of local television, newspaper advertisements, or independently distribute flyers with advertisements. Also in my institution will be regularly held promotions, discounts and gifts to visitors in honor of the holidays. The drawing of lotteries is possible.

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