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The business plan is multipurpose:

- for the entrepreneur-initiator of the project gives a clearer vision of the upcoming business and determines the program of action for the implementation of the project;

- for potential investors, this is a document that assesses the return on capital invested and the degree of investment risk;

- for partners and staff - this is a source of information about the goals and objectives of the business, a tool for attracting and motivating. In business practice, there are certain requirements for business plans, the observance of which makes this document very convenient and practical. These requirements include:

- the purpose of the business plan is that this document should reflect the ultimate goal of the enterprise 'or the entrepreneur - the initiators of the project in this business and how to achieve it;

- the multifunctional purpose of a business plan is that it must be adapted for use by different categories of stakeholders who may be interested in various aspects of the project. This requirement can be implemented in the form of various variants of a business plan for one project, each of which is tailored for specific participants;

- brevity of presentation. The size of a business plan is usually 15-20 pages, and for large projects - up to 50 pages;

- reliability, consisting in the fact that all the main provisions and assumptions adopted in the development of a business plan must be reasoned and substantiated, being either the result of our own research, or borrowed from external reliable sources of information;

- a strict sequence of presentation, which is generally accepted in world practice. Each section of the business plan describes various, interrelated aspects of the project.

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Topic: "Business plan of an innovative project"

What is a business plan

A business plan is a document related to project materials, containing a description of the project, including commercial proposals to potential project participants. The business plan usually contains all the information on the basis of which it can be concluded that it is advisable to participate in the project.

Whether the business project gets approval and its viability depends on the correctness of this document.

The business plan should be presented in a form that allows the stakeholder to get a clear idea of ​​the nature of the case and the extent of their possible participation in it.

Figuratively speaking, a business plan is a look into the future of an organization. A good business plan can provide answers to the following questions: what the industry will look like in the future, what products and services the company can offer, what the long-term benefits are, how profitable the firm can become.

In the crisis economic conditions of the transition period, the business plan of the enterprise must, first of all, solve the problems of improving its financial condition. In this regard, consideration of the financial aspect of a business plan is most relevant.

Depending on the goals, the need for the development of business plans is identified when solving financial and managerial problems in various areas of economic activity. Generalization of the still small experience of drawing up a business plan by domestic enterprises and organizations allows us to highlight the following areas of their application:

· preparation of investment applications by existing and newly created enterprises for obtaining loans from commercial banks;

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In domestic and foreign economic literature, there are different interpretations of such categories as "innovation", "innovation" and "innovation". In some cases, these concepts are used interchangeably, but there are some differences between them.

"Innovation" characterizes a certain novelty, and in this sense this concept is close to the concept of "invention". "Innovation" is the development of new techniques and technologies, improved methods of organization and management. "Innovation" is an activity aimed at the development, creation and distribution of new types of products, technologies, organizational forms. There is another definition: Innovation is an innovation, a complex process of creating, disseminating and using innovations (a new practical tool) to meet human needs that change under the influence of the development of society. innovation entrepreneurship new product

E. A. Utkin in his work "Firm Management" defines innovation as an object introduced into production as a result of a scientific research or a discovery made, qualitatively different from the previous analogue.

In general terms, innovation is the renewal of fixed capital (production assets) or manufactured products based on the introduction of the achievements of science, technology, technology; it is a natural, objective process of improving social production.

Successful innovation requires careful innovation research. First of all, you need to be able to distinguish between innovation and insignificant changes in products and technological processes; minor technical or external changes in products that leave unchanged design and do not have a sufficiently noticeable effect on the parameters, properties, cost of the product, as well as the materials and components included in it.

Classifications of innovations

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on the topic "Business planning as a tool for implementing the investment and innovation policy of an enterprise"

In the modern world, the organizational and economic environment is in conditions of constant changes and lack of stability, as a result, the task of finding methods of effective management and ensuring the sustainable operation of enterprises has become noticeably more complicated.

Nowadays, planning becomes vital for the effective functioning of organizations. In a modern, rapidly changing market economy, it is impossible to obtain positive results without planning your actions and predicting the consequences.

The implementation of any entrepreneurial ideas requires the creation of a business plan, in which a program for the implementation of the ideas conceived is created and justified. The main feature of a business plan is that it is the basis of the system that will ensure the implementation of the directions chosen for the functioning of the organization. He determines the position of the enterprise, the status of its divisions, substantiates and shows the existing strategic goals and assesses the chances of success and further effective development. [7]

The relevance of the topic lies in the features of a business plan as one of the most popular and widespread management tools of an organization in a modern market economy, which is used in all areas of business. It is the basis for the marketing, material and technical, personnel, financial policy of doing business, regardless of the scale, scope of activity and types of entrepreneurship.

The purpose of the course work is to consider and study the features of the business plan as the main lever of the investment and innovation policy of the enterprise.

An innovative project allows you to present scientific developments, present a product, service, a new scheme of activities. The rationale described in the business plan should include an assessment of risks, market conditions, prospects for profit from the implementation of the invention and financing of work.

Goals and objectives of the business plan of the innovation project

The purpose of the innovative project is contained in the business plan, which is documentary evidence and justification for the customers of the consistency of the development in 3 aspects:

  • demand among the target audience of the system, products (polls, statistics, ratings);
  • financial profit from the implementation of an innovative project (calculations, graphs); <
  • confirmation of the professional competence of specialists responsible for the implementation of the idea, product.

The tasks of the business concept of the project depend on the stage of development (idea, utility model, prototype, product launch to the market), field of activity, funding sources, audience for presentation, etc.

The main objectives of the business plan for a project with an innovative focus:

  • formulate and fix the strategic concept;
  • determine the structure, activities and sequence of their implementation;
  • assess the effectiveness (public, financial) implementation of the development;
  • calculate and prepare a justification for the volume of investments included in the implementation of specialists and the cost of materials;
  • involve financial investments of other enterprises, business structures;
  • describe the advantages of participation in the project of interested individuals and legal entities;
  • perform calculations of the commercial viability of the implementation of the development in the economic sector.

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For practical purposes, there are:

  • planning the development prospects of a production structure or a company;
  • a plan to improve the commercial attractiveness of the project;
  • a project to attract additional investment, loans;
  • a plan describing the formation of a new company, product type, changes in the service sector, etc.

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