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Before starting any new project, it is necessary to draw up a so-called business plan, which will determine the viability of the project in terms of the availability of financial, human and material resources, legal support, and the possibility of making a profit.

A business plan allows you to assess the quality of elaboration of a project idea, predict expected risks, and determine the commercial and budget efficiency of the project. It is also necessary to develop measures for the financial recovery of an enterprise or business expansion. But a business plan is not only a rationale for a future project. At the same time, it is a management tool, so managers play a leading role in its preparation and implementation. The purpose of their actions:

- forming an idea and delivering it to project participants and potential investors;

- building a team of like-minded people;

- control over the implementation of the business plan and its adjustment.

Depending on the scale of the conceived project, a business plan can be small and detailed, simple and complex. This is a document developed for internal use, sometimes it can even be closed to the public if it contains classified information that competitors should not find out about.

The business plan is a constantly working document: it is systematically updated, corrected in connection with changes taking place both inside the publishing house and outside it - in the market where products are distributed and in the economy as a whole ...

A business plan is the result of research and organizational work aimed at studying a specific area of ​​activity (preparation, publication and distribution of books) in a specific market, in a given socio-economic environment.

1. Composition and structure of a business plan

A business plan is a document that describes all the main aspects of entrepreneurial activity, analyzes the main problems that an entrepreneur may face, and identifies the main ways to solve these problems.

In the section of the business plan "Characteristics of the organization's business object" ("Characteristics of services and products"), a description of the company's products from the perspective of the consumer is presented. For this purpose, the following information is provided:

1) needs satisfied by the product;

3) economic indicators;

5) comparison with other similar products;

7) export performance and opportunities;

8) main directions of product improvement;

9) possible key success factors.

The factors of product attractiveness include value, purchase opportunity, price, quality, environmental friendliness, image, brand, shape, packaging, service life, etc.

The properties of a product are associated with indicators of its quality - durability, reliability, simplicity and safety of operation and repair, etc.

The difference between a new or existing product and a competitor's product is formed. Describes enterprise patent rights, utility model patents, trademarks. The availability of licenses and know-how are indicated. The possibility of exporting products is indicated. If the products are supplied to the external market, then the main indicators characterizing exports (country, sales volume, foreign exchange earnings) are given.

In business practice and scientific literature there is no unambiguous methodological approach to the content and structure of a business plan. The structure of a business plan is determined by the specifics of the type of activity, the size of the company, the purpose of developing a business plan and other factors.

The composition and structure of a business plan also depend on the size of the intended sales market, the presence of competitors and the growth prospects of the enterprise being created.

Depending on the purpose of drawing up a business plan, sections can be developed with varying degrees of specification.

When creating a business plan, the following sections should be provided:

  • 1) General characteristics of the company (resume);
  • 2) Characteristics of goods (services);
  • 3) Markets for the sale of goods ( services);
  • 4) Competition in sales markets;
  • 5) Marketing plan;
  • 6) Production plan;
  • 7) Organizational plan;
  • 8) Risks in the company's activities;
  • 9) Legal plan;
  • 10) Financial plan;
  • 11) Applications.

General characteristics of the business (resume or business concept) - a summary of the main provisions of the proposed plan, that is, information about the intended business and the goals that the company or entrepreneur sets for itself, starting their own business or developing an existing one ...

The concept is drawn up after writing all the sections of the business plan, as it contains the most basic of all its sections.

This section of the business plan should include the following questions:

  • - the main goals of the firm to which it will strive;
  • - the main strategies of the firm designed to achieve these goals;
  • - the composition of specific measures that need to be taken within the framework of a certain strategy;
  • - what funds are needed and where it is planned to get them;
  • - why the goods (services) offered by the company are better than similar products of competitors and why consumers will want to buy them;
  • - what are the projected sales volumes of goods in the coming years;
  • - what is the expected sales revenue;
  • - what are the planned production costs goods (services);
  • - what is the expected net profit;
  • - the payback period of the funds spent;
  • - the typical operating conditions of the company, data on the creation and registration of the company , contact phones of the heads of the firm.

In the section describing goods (services) (characteristics of the organization's business object), a complete and comprehensive description of the products (goods, works, services) that the company intends to offer to customers is presented.

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