Business plan structure economic analysis

Business plan analysis is carried out in order to evaluate the effectiveness of investments based on the information provided in the document. The interested parties in this case are investors and partners (current or potential). If the project is drawn up by third parties, an assessment of the business plan is also necessary for the leaders of the enterprise.

Necessary components of business plan analysis

An analysis of the organization's business plan allows investors to determine whether the project meets the main indicator - the possibility of obtaining maximum return on investment with minimal risk. Then the economic efficiency of the proposed activity is assessed. Analyzes the capabilities of the firm, necessary to achieve the goals of the organization. For this, the company is assessed according to the following indicators:

  • results of work for 3 years;
  • state of production;
  • range and volume of products;
  • systems supply of raw materials and sale of finished products;
  • management system;
  • assessment of labor resources;
  • the economic situation of the enterprise.

Particular attention is paid to assessing the volume of attracted capital, production capacity, which will be required for the project.

Business plan analysis procedure

Analysis of the investment business plan is carried out in a specific order:

  • Initial data, quality of delivery are checked.
  • The organizational chart of the project implementation and financing scheme are assessed.
  • Marketing analysis, analysis of economic indicators are carried out.
  • In conclusion, the possibility of achieving the goals presented in the organization's business plan is assessed.

When checking the initial data, special attention is paid to items of expenditure, price level. An important part of project evaluation is marketing analysis. The following parameters are assessed: the conjuncture of the market segment, the participation of the state, the scheme for the promotion of finished products, the pricing scheme.

The analysis of the organizational chart means that the form of participation of investors in the implementation of the project is determined. In particular, they can be included in top management, own a block of shares or participate in a project by providing investments.

Features of the economic analysis of a business plan

The main part of the economic analysis of the organization's business plan is the assessment of financing in terms of attractiveness for investors. It is carried out by creating a model of the movement of financial flows. When designing, the following parameters are taken into account: used accounting and taxation methods, options for depreciation accounting, loan repayment schedule. Then the effectiveness of the model is checked for various inputs.

The following types of prices are used for economic analysis: current (or constant), including VAT, current (constant), excluding VAT, etc. To compare investment projects, the indicators of the economic efficiency of the organization are calculated:

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Chapter 1. Theoretical foundations of economic analysis of a business plan

1. Classification of methods and techniques of analysis

1. Information basis for economic analysis

1. The system of indicators for assessing the competitiveness of an enterprise

1. Methodology for assessing the competitiveness of an enterprise

Economic analysis is carried out by each enterprise. This is a necessary procedure that allows you to determine the effectiveness of the organization of the main activity. Based on the research carried out, it turns out to identify weaknesses, to determine the most profitable ways of development of the organization. To understand the principle of such work, you need to consider an example of the economic analysis of the enterprise. The main techniques will be presented below.

Features of the analysis

The economic security of an enterprise largely depends on the speed of reaction of managers to the constantly changing conditions of the external and internal environment. For this, a large number of different assessments are carried out, which allows you to look at the situation in the enterprise from the outside.

To select a set of methods for analysis, define the goals and objectives of its implementation. This allows you to optimize research costs. The goals are chosen in accordance with the current situation at the enterprise. When they are achieved, the company must maximize the efficiency of its activities.

Based on the analysis, the company plans its activities, creates a strategy for the long term. To track changes that have occurred in the past, compare the data for at least three recent periods. This allows you to track economic indicators in dynamics.

Specifics of submitting information

The users of the information obtained during the analysis of the economic efficiency of the enterprise are both managers, managers of the organization, and third-party investors, creditors, shareholders. Potential investors must ask independent auditors to study the economic and financial performance of the company. No lender will lend their temporarily free funds to a company that does not have high performance.

Information should be presented in a form accessible to the user. Based on the data obtained, a decision is made on the feasibility of expanding production activities. Investors choose the most attractive projects.

Calculation methods

There are different methods of economic analysis of an enterprise. They are divided into general and specific. The first category includes the following approaches:

  • comparison ;
  • observation ;
  • abstraction ;
  • detailing ;
  • modeling ;
  • experiment.

Specific methods are formed in the context of specific sciences. They allow you to detail general techniques.

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