Business plan presentation structure

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Business planning

The plan is a guide to action, to execution. It is used to justify the financial recovery of the enterprise and the reality of the return of received loans in order to replenish working capital. Moreover, the plan is necessary not only for large and medium, but also for small enterprises.

Thus, business planning is the process of processing information to justify future actions, determining the best ways to achieve goals. It often happens that technologically entrepreneurship is calculated flawlessly, but economic calculations are not performed, which

and leads to failure in entrepreneurship. It is necessary to draw up a plan of the economic activity of the enterprise in advance. It is important to economically competently develop a plan for the purchase of raw materials, materials, fuel, component parts

and semi-finished products. The efficiency of production, the amount of value added tax, the turnover of working capital, and the profitability of production depend on this. Poor purchasing policy leads to overpayment of VAT,

ineffective use of working capital.

Business Planning Goals

The main goal of developing a business plan is to plan the company's economic activities for the near and distant periods in accordance with the needs of the market and the possibilities of obtaining the necessary resources. Along with the main, defining goal, business planners should reflect other goals:

1. social goals - overcoming the shortage of goods and services, improving the ecological situation, improving the psychological climate in the country, creating new spiritual and cultural values, developing scientific, technical and creative potential, expanding business contacts, international relations;

2. raising the status of an entrepreneur - developing and strengthening the economic potential of an entrepreneur. This serves as a condition and guarantee of the possibility of successful

conducting subsequent transactions, increasing the prestige of an entrepreneur generated by his fame, good reputation, guarantees of high quality goods and services;

3. other, special goals and objectives - the development of contacts, foreign trips, entry into various types of associations, etc.

Educational program: Program of secondary (complete) general education in technology (basic level). Compiled on the basis of the federal component of the state standard for secondary (complete) general education.

Section of the program "Technology of design and creation of material objects or services."

Lesson topic: “Business plan. The main sections of the business plan ". Grade 10.

Textbook: Technology: Textbook for 10th grade students of secondary schools / Edited by V. imonenko. -M .: Ventana-Graff, 2021. - 288s.: Ill.

To conduct a lesson, you need equipment: a computer, a multimedia projector, a screen, a textbook.


Slide captions:

Lesson topic: Business plan. The main sections of the business plan. The purpose of the lesson: to familiarize students with the concepts of a business plan, resume, investment, investor, with the main sections of a business plan.

Investment - a loan that an entrepreneur is looking for to bring his idea to life Investor - an individual or legal entity that provides a loan

BUSINESS PLAN ANALYSIS OF THE POSSIBILITIES OF ITS PRODUCTION: Calculation of the use of borrowed money Line-by-item calculation of transformations, changes inside and outside production, i.e. and the account of what funds will be obtained; When will the profit be made What will be the profit?

BUSINESS PLAN A document containing the rationale for the main steps that are planned to be carried out for the implementation of a commercial project or the creation of a new company

PURPOSE of developing a business plan To plan the economic activities of the company for the near and distant future in accordance with the needs of the market and the possibilities of obtaining the necessary resources (investments)

A business plan is a program document that describes your product, its strengths and weaknesses, process organization, sales market and development plans.

However, in order to implement a project, one business plan on paper is not enough, it is necessary to draw attention to it - to present it competently to investors. Therefore, the future of your business will depend on how professionally you prepare for the performance.

The pitch presentation format involves presenting your business plan to investors in a short period of time. In 3-5 minutes you will need to convey the very essence of the project, convince of your competitive advantages and be remembered. Bring the investor to dialogue and gain his trust. To do this, it is necessary to prepare in advance the abstracts of the speech, think over the structure of the pitch and then proceed to the presentation design.

For the visual presentation of the pitch, specialized programs for creating and displaying presentations are usually used: Microsoft Power Point, "Google Presentations", Libre Office Impress, Mediator, etc. Typically, they work offline in Microsoft Power Point, and online in Google Slides. Their simple functionality and intuitive interface will allow you to quickly design slides in a slideshow: work with text, audio and video content and connect different semantic parts with each other.

Your goal is to prepare an informative, bright and easy-to-read presentation of your business plan. To achieve this, it is important to follow a few rules.

When it comes to slide design, first you need to choose a discreet background. He should not pull the focus of attention to himself. It is better to choose a large and uncomplicated font for text blocks. When designing your slides, you should adhere to a strict business style. However, each case is different: a pitch presentation of a beauty salon business plan will definitely differ from a demonstration of a construction company project.

You have familiarized yourself with the technical and design intricacies, now it's time to move on to building a pitch structure for a 3-5 minute speech.


There are at least three things to do to prepare your audience:

  • Introduce yourself (remember to pronounce your name and project name clearly).
  • Issue a short teaser (what the business project is about, what you are doing, but in general terms). Example of a teaser: we are making an app that analyzes wardrobe and helps to choose clothes for every day. Briefly, in one sentence, but it is clear what you are doing and why.
  • Show problematic (this is probably my favorite part - client pain). Explain why you do what you do. Draw a picture of the world and tell me what its imperfection is, what problems a person / people / companies are experiencing, what consequences this leads to. Next, show that you know the solution. This method is your product / service.
  • These three points should be in both a 3-minute presentation and a 5-minute presentation. This is the starting point for your story, an introduction to context, without which people will not understand "what, where, and why."

Main body

The context is set, it's time for the details. Here you are already talking about the essence of a business project. In the main part, it is imperative to touch on the following subtopics:

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