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The success of a new firm entering the market depends on a clear understanding of the owners and managers about the prospects of the business, on the development of benchmarks and on a well-written action plan.

Planning is one of the functions of management, the ability to foresee the future of the enterprise and use this foresight. Intercompany planning helps to answer questions about the economic position of the enterprise at the present time, about the results of activities, and also helps to choose the way to achieve the company's goal. The use of planning has important advantages: it makes it possible to prepare for the use of future favorable conditions, clarifies problems, improves coordination of actions in the organization, promotes more rational allocation of resources, improves control in the organization. Lack of plans at the enterprise is accompanied by hesitation, erroneous maneuvers, untimely change of orientation, which is the reason for the poor state of affairs.

Intrafirm planning differs in types, which are determined by signs: the degree of uncertainty (planning on a system of strict obligations, under personal responsibility); temporal orientation of planning ideas (reactive, inactive, preactive, interactive); planning horizon (long-term, medium-term, short-term planning). There is also a classification of planning depending on its importance in the process of planning activities: strategic and operational. The planning process in an economic organization consists of the following stages: analysis and assessment of the internal and external environment of the organization, setting goals, strategic analysis, choosing a strategy and developing it, preparing a final plan, medium-term planning, short-term planning, and implementing plans. In general, the planning process is a closed loop with direct feedback and feedback. The result of the planning process is a system of plans. The plan includes key performance indicators to be achieved by the end of the planning period. Basically, a plan is a set of instructions for managers describing what role each part of the organization should play in achieving the goals of the firm.

If the company's goal is to attract investors, then business planning is the decisive tool here. A business plan is a multifaceted management tool. It provides for the solution of both strategic and tactical tasks. Any project should be based on a business plan from an idea to calculating a specific amount of profit that will be received from its implementation. Thus, a business plan is a program that describes the economic and organizational side of the project, the implementation of which should bring profit to the investor.

The purpose of this work is to substantiate the feasibility of creating a hotel complex by developing a business plan. In the process of its development, it is necessary to solve the following tasks: assessing market opportunities, drawing up strategic, technical, organizational, financial plans, as well as developing a charter and articles of association.

According to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the constituent documents of a limited liability company are the constituent agreement signed by its founders, and the charter approved by them [2, Art. 9].

Business Planning

For a newly created firm, the basis of financial management is a business plan for future activities. The ultimate goal of drawing up a business plan is to justify the feasibility of creating a new enterprise. It is necessary to decide on the choice of the main types of statutory activities. Moreover, they should be a priority for a long period. It is also important to choose the right related activities and thus diversify activities to reduce financial risks, since the hotel business is very sensitive to political and economic factors.

Business plan for the creation of LLC "Prestige"

Interesting embodied business ideas

Doing business is impossible without constant planning, because this is the only way enterprises or organizations can set clear goals for themselves and successfully achieve them. An important planning tool is a business plan - the main long-term plan of the enterprise, on the basis of which all others are drawn up.

Goals and objectives of the business plan

In order to draw up a high-quality business plan, you need to take into account certain requirements - they can be both Russian and international.

However, the final appearance of this document will differ depending on many factors: type of activity, target audience, required investment. Entrepreneurs need to know for what purpose a business plan is being drawn up and what needs to be considered when writing it.

A business plan is a document that clearly and in detail describes the main characteristics of a project (new type of activity, product, service). The main purpose of such a plan is to arouse interest in a potential investor and make him invest his money in this project. In this case, banks, entrepreneurs or the state can act as an investor. The idea of ​​a business in a village also requires a business plan.

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In addition to the external goal, which is to attract investment, the business plan performs the following internal tasks:

  • allocation of priority areas of activity for the next period;
  • calculation of the main economic and financial indicators of a new project (payback period, possible profitability, required investment volume, opportunity to find an investor for starting a business);
  • highlighting possible risks and ways to solve them;
  • assessment of the company's capabilities (financial, production, material) and their comparison with the set goals of activity;
  • definition and analysis of sales markets, planning of marketing activities of the company.

These and many other tasks are performed by the entrepreneur directly during the preparation of the business plan, which allows better planning and evaluation of the future work of the company.


The main requirement for a document is its compliance with the generally accepted structure. You can highlight information that must be contained in a business plan - it is on them that the investor pays attention in the first place:

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