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Among all sections of the business plan:

  • Cover Page
  • Confidentiality Memorandum
  • Executive Summary
  • Investment Plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Production plan
  • Organizational plan
  • Financial plan
  • Risk analysis

it is the organizational plan that describes the project staff, initiators, their shares in project management, qualifications and remuneration of project managers, as well as staff motivation.

If you are writing a business plan to receive investments for the development of an already operating enterprise, you will need to prove to potential partners that its organizational structure is as effective as possible. If you are just planning to open a company, production or retail outlet, you will need to describe in detail how you are going to ensure the operation of the new business.

All information related to the management of the enterprise should be presented in a section called "Organizational plan". Moreover, it is this point of the business plan that will prepare the ground for writing the financial section of the project.

Business Plan Organizational Plan Structure

Legal form

First of all, in this section it is necessary to justify the choice of the form of activity. Indicate whether you are an individual - individual entrepreneur, or the founder of an organization - LLC or JSC. In the latter case, it is imperative to list the governing bodies and their powers, the composition of the founders and their rights and obligations. After that, it is necessary to describe the organizational structure of the enterprise.

Organizational structure

Organizational structure is the composition, system of relationships and functions between the various departments of the enterprise, each of which is responsible for its own area of ​​activity and is part of the hierarchical system of the organization.

There are several types of organizational structures, namely linear, functional, linear-functional, etc. However, whatever the type of structure, your task is to emphasize that it is as efficient as possible, namely:

  • Allows to establish interaction between all departments and employees;
  • Creates favorable conditions for the manufacture of high-quality products or services;
  • Promotes the development of the enterprise , its goods and services.

Achieving high performance results is what all companies strive for, without exception. However, without a well-established organizational structure, the enterprise risks failing.

In this article we will analyze what the organizational structure of enterprise management is and how to choose it correctly.

Features of choosing the organizational structure of the enterprise

Organizational structure is the basis for performing enterprise management functions. So, it is understood as the composition, subordination, interaction and distribution of work between individual employees and entire departments.

In simple terms, the organizational structure of an enterprise is a set of departments, as well as managers, headed by the CEO. Her choice depends on many factors:

  • age of the organization (the younger the company, the simpler its organizational structure);
  • organizational and legal form (JSC, LLC, individual entrepreneur, ...);
  • field of activity;
  • scale of the company (number of employees, departments, etc.);
  • technologies used in the work of the company;
  • communications within and outside the firm.
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Of course, when considering the organizational structure of management, it is necessary to take into account such characteristics of the company as the levels of interaction. For example, how the departments of the company interact with each other, employees with employees, and even the organization itself with the external environment.

Types of organizational structures of enterprise management

Let's take a closer look at the types of organizational structures. There are several classifications, and we will consider the most popular and at the same time the most complete of them.


The linear structure is the simplest of all existing types of enterprise management structures. At the head is the director, then the heads of departments, then ordinary workers. T. everyone in the organization is vertically connected. Typically, such organizational structures can be found in small organizations in which so-called functional units are not distinguished.

The very concept of organization is the foundation of the company's development. It has a powerful impact on the entire system of coordinated activities that are formed by a group of people. So what is the organization's business structure? Her pattern is actually more complicated than it might seem.

Business Principles

Experts identify 4 principles of business organization:

The modern organizational structure of the business emphasizes clear coordination as one of the essential criteria. To run your own business, you will need not only to find people - it is important to set the right vector for their physical efforts and mental activity. Only then can we talk about getting a high-quality and unique product.

Common goals deserve special attention. This is the key principle. When setting a common goal, a simple business turns into a real business. It should also be noted the need for separation of duties. This is the basis of specialization, which allows you not only to intelligently allocate resources. This approach makes it possible to talk about rationality and practicality in the use of resources.

Do I need a hierarchy

When it comes to hierarchy, a business cannot do without a well-defined structure. The fact is that someone must certainly engage in leadership activities. Without strict coordination of the company's work, it is impossible:

  • make the right decisions;
  • get staff to work;
  • get a quality product.

The modern organizational structure of Russian business is quite complex and, in some respects, controversial. Especially a lot of debate has arisen around the need for hierarchy. It is extremely difficult to accept it at an early stage of a project's development. Some experts insist that it can suppress initiative initiatives. However, it cannot be denied that it is precisely a hierarchically structured organization that turns out to be not only the most natural, but also effective.

A clear, correct structure plus competent specialists and a well-built hierarchy allow you to get:

  • effective business;
  • unique perspectives;
  • normalization of the working atmosphere;
  • movement towards creativity.
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The essence of the structure and its variants

We will develop the organizational structure of your business in a day

We will help the owner get out of the operating system

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An organizational structure or, in short, an org chart is a diagram that will set the correct structure of your company, the main business processes, channels of interaction between structural divisions and employees.

We can help you organize the job listings in each department, their key roles, responsibilities and “products”.


Incorrect distribution of staff - someone is constantly "in the soap" and does not have time to do anything, and someone sits in social networks. because he has a lot of free time

Some of the functions are not being performed, so the company is not developing at the pace that it could with the available resources

Employees shift responsibility to each other, and as a result, the company and customers suffer

It is not clear who is responsible for what, as a result, even small issues will be resolved by the management

Top managers and the owner are overwhelmed and do not have time to deal with strategic issues

It is not clear how to implement a control system in order to have time to control everything and not bury yourself in stacks of reports

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