Business plan of the enterprise republic of belarus

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How to write a business plan from scratch? First, conduct a small analysis of your project, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and set specific goals. Based on this, you will draw up a development strategy.

We include such sections in the list of preliminary studies.

Research of the selected market niche, be it industry, trade, service sector.

Thoroughly study the production process, the demand for products, the specifics of pricing.

Competitor analysis. Who else works in your field, produces the same goods, is located near your establishment? Research carefully what they offer and at what price. Your task is to offer consumers better conditions and prices than your competitors.

Research of customer requests and needs. Think about what is most important for them when choosing a product or service (price, quality, service, discounts, wholesale purchase opportunities, etc.)

For yourself, you can develop a table with an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your company, or the so-called SWOT analysis. This will help build your strengths and deal with weaknesses. In the Strengths line, write down your strengths, Weakness - vulnerable, Opportunities - opportunities and prospects (for example, the ability to significantly reduce the cost of products, create an entire network of enterprises, etc.), Threats - threats (which threatens a corporation). The last point will help you find ways to solve possible problems in the future, plus these obstacles will not come as a surprise to you.

Business plan structure

Let's draw up a sample of a clear structure that will allow us to step by step describe the scheme of opening a company. The main components of a business plan:

  • Project summary;
  • Activity description;
  • Marketing plan;
  • Production;
  • Organizational;
  • Financial calculation;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Appendix.

What are the pros and cons of this type of activity. What equipment is required. Where to get the necessary raw materials. General expenses and calculation of the project's profitability.

At present, the socio-economic situation in Belarus as a result of the implementation of economic reforms is characterized by a decline in production in many industries, impoverishment of a certain part of the population. Without a radical transformation of the existing system of socio-economic structure, Belarus cannot overcome that difficult economic situation and take a worthy place in the world economic community. The decline in business activity caused by the instability of the legal framework, high tax rates and inflation has one very important consequence, which is not always taken into account - in the context of the increasing openness of the Belarusian economy, this turns into a loss of the market for the enterprise. In this case, there is no vacuum, and the vacant space will immediately be taken by a more agile and tenacious competitor. Returning to an already occupied market becomes not only difficult, sometimes impossible.

In the conditions of fierce competition that characterizes any market economy, only that business entity can survive that can quickly adapt to rapid changes in the economic situation. This requires a clear knowledge of the principles and foundations of the functioning of a market economy, complete information about the latest changes in legislation, which means that you cannot do without a clear state program to promote the development of various forms of entrepreneurship. Of course, such programs are very difficult for the state budget and it is not always possible to finance certain areas of application of the state's interests.

1. Theoretical aspects of business planning

The success of any activity of a business entity directly depends not only on the influence of market mechanisms, but also on how successfully the business entity plans its actions. The stage of preliminary analysis and planning of planned activities should always precede the stage of implementation and operation. In this case, a preliminary assessment, analysis of the profit, calculation of profitability, liquidity, etc. is important, that is, on the basis of these indicators, the company decides on further activities in this direction.

The initial analysis of the activity should identify the weakest aspects of the enterprise in order to further correct them. In order to survive in a competitive environment, an enterprise must be the first to take the initiative (primarily in relation to its employees). Any business entity, regardless of the form of ownership, has a chance of success only if it works with full dedication. Only by being the first to take the initiative can you be the first to benefit from this.

The business plan gives an idea of ​​how the enterprise in its activities will take into account the socio-economic development of the region served, the production capabilities of industrial enterprises and the state of their stocks, the volume and structure of the proposed receipt of goods from other regions of the republic , far and near abroad, labor and intellectual potential of the enterprise itself.

The process of drawing up a business plan is always preceded by a process of developing ideas, from which the most realistic is selected.

The significance and size of the profit is determined by several factors:

- on the one hand, it depends mainly on the quality of the enterprise, increases the economic interest of its employees in the most efficient use of resources, since profit is the main source of production and social development of the enterprise;

- on the other hand, it serves as the most important source for the formation of the state budget.

Thus, the enterprise is primarily interested in the growth of profits, and indirectly, by receiving funds from taxes, the state. The increase in profit from economic activity is achieved not only due to an increase in the labor contribution of the enterprise staff, but also due to other factors, as a rule, management style, effective motivation, and so on. For more efficient work in the enterprise, it is recommended to carry out a systematic analysis of the formation, distribution and use of profits. The significance of the analysis is great both for the enterprise and for external entities with which the enterprise or trading company interacts in the course of economic activity (government agencies, banks, insurance companies, financial funds, business partners, and so on).

When analyzing the formation of profit, the following tasks are solved:

Our Services

Development of business plans:

Why do you need a competent business plan?

An important step in the creation and development of any business or business idea is the development of a business plan - a competent and truly working document, on which the success of your investment project largely depends.

A business plan is developed to obtain bank loans, attract an interested investor, to receive funds within the framework of state and international programs, to participate in competitions for financing innovative projects.

Experts of Business Design LLC are always ready to act as independent third-party consultants, efficiently and promptly carry out the necessary economic calculations and justifications, research and data analysis for the successful implementation of your idea, any investment project, having developed the appropriate documents for you , for investors or interested companies.

Business Designing LLC helps its customers to consistently, reasonably, reasonably and comprehensively solve the set goals and objectives.

Developed business plans meet the requirements of the following documents:

  • Rules for the development of business plans for investment projects, approved by the decree of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus dated 31. 8. 005 No. 158
  • Requirements of the Resolutions of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus from 26. 5. 014 No. 507 and No. 506 "On business plans of investment projects"
  • Resolution of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus dated 25. 7. 014 №55
  • Recommendations for the development of forecasts for the development of commercial organizations for five years and recommendations for the development of forecasts for the development of commercial organizations for the year. Approved by the Decree of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus dated 30. 0. 006 No. 186
  • Industry recommendations (ministries, concerns, etc.)
  • Law of the Republic of Belarus dated 12.7.013 N 53- З "On Investments"
  • UNIDO and IFRS International Standards

Requirements for the development of business plans

You can entrust the development of a business plan to us, because

Our company provides mandatory support for the examination of business plans and other documents at all stages of work.

How to draw up a business plan in Belarus

The need for a business plan is due to the following reasons: - Resolving issues of planning, construction of projects, their implementation, expansion, restructuring, modernization and other reasons; - Attraction of funds in the form of loans for the implementation of projects, commercial transactions; - Attracting potential partners to the implementation of the plans of the enterprise, who can invest their own capital or the latest technologies available to them. In accordance with the recommendations for the development and assessment of the business plan of the enterprise, approved by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus on December 14, 1994. business entities of the Republic of Belarus must reflect the following elements in the business plan: Summary. The structure of the resume follows the structure of the business plan itself. The summary summarizes the essence of the proposed enterprise development plan.

Then the word of mouth system will start working. It is worth using the following types of advertising: Bright and catchy sign. handing out leaflets and flyers on the street, as well as distributing them to nearby houses. conducting advertising campaigns in shopping centers with the distribution of discount coupons. advertising in newspapers, on television. Internet advertising (including contextual advertising, creation and promotion of your own group on social networks). registration of information about the organization in all available catalogs of the city. As you go along, you might want to create your own website. Remember that it should be not only beautiful and informative, but also easy to use.

Business plan: free download example

The activity of the enterprise being created is aimed at providing catering services for people with an average income. Organization of a COLLECTOR AGENCY. Download a business plan. (73.4 Kb) Currently in our country there are unique conditions for organizing a new type of business: agencies for the collection of overdue debts from legal entities and individuals (hereinafter referred to as collection agencies). The volume of bank lending is growing rapidly every year.

The number of commodity loans issued by large wholesale organizations is also increasing (this is true for the housing and communal services industry, telecom operators, etc.). However, all holders of loan portfolios face the problem of delinquencies and non-repayment of debts.

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How to draw up a business plan for an enterprise

At first, there will be plenty of 2 masters per shift. In case of high demand and a large number of clients, an additional work unit can be hired.

The room must be equipped in such a way that there is room for one more worker. Organizational and legal aspects Official registration.

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