Business plan of the enterprise: essence, characteristics of sections, method of development and design

Business plan structure - a written description of a project, the amount and timing of its implementation. Such a plan characterizes the expediency of its existence. The composition of a business plan largely depends on the area in which the project is located, as well as on what size it has. So, if it is planned to manufacture a new type of product, then you need to develop the most detailed business plan that will describe all the advantages of the new product, as well as the process of its manufacture. If we are talking about opening a trading facility, then the business plan can be simple and include only sections with a brief description and with the calculation of the payback period. The structure and content of a business plan plays an important role in the beginning of the activities of an organization.

So, you can consider such a thing as a detailed structure of sections of a business plan. It includes a number of elements, each of which has its own importance.

It reflects the name of the project, the name of the organization that will implement it, the location of the organization, phone number, date and time of the business plan. If a business plan is going to be presented to an investor or a credit institution, then it is necessary to indicate the need for the financial part and note how long the project will pay off.

This section provides copyright protection for the project developer, and if this memorandum is short enough, then it should be placed on the title page. The main purpose of the memorandum is to warn the persons who will get acquainted with it that the information is confidential and that the new person guarantees the non-dissemination of information without the consent of the author. There may also be a ban on copying all the information contained, or it may be a requirement to return the plan to the author if he is not of interest.

This section has an advertising character, and it also helps to identify the interest of the person to whom the business plan will be addressed. This section should be properly formatted, as it gives the first impression of investors about the business plan.

In this section, it is necessary to present the entire business plan in a concise form, while disclosing the essence of the project. The basis for writing is the information contained in all sections. In general, the structure of the resume can be as follows:

  • description ;
  • resource availability;
  • how it will be implemented;
  • what is the uniqueness of the project; <
  • investment amount;
  • profit forecast;
  • how loans will be returned to investors;
  • project efficiency.

This section describes the purpose of the project, as well as a description of the goods or services that will be provided to the market during the implementation of the project. The real benefit of customers from receiving this product or service is indicated. A description of the advantages of a new product, product or service, the uniqueness of the project is given. This section also describes the patents that exist, and also indicates the copyright.

This section contains the results of marketing research, as well as an analysis of the position of competitors in the industry. Such information will be really useful for investors.

It is important to correctly present the main idea of ​​the new project and emphasize its originality in the current state of affairs. It is also necessary to describe a deep understanding of the state of the organization. At this stage, you need to evaluate the latest innovations in the entire industry, as well as list the main competitors, indicating their advantages and disadvantages.

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Business plan of the enterprise: essence, characteristics of sections, method of development and design

business plan financial document

1. Essence, functions, tasks and meaning of the concept "BUSINESS - PLAN"

2. The role of planning in the financial and economic activities of enterprises

3. Principles of drawing up and basic requirements for developing a business plan for an enterprise

In a market economy, a business plan is a working tool used in all areas of entrepreneurship. The business plan describes the process of functioning of the company, shows how its leaders are going to achieve their goals and objectives, primarily increasing the profitability of work. A well-developed business plan helps the company to grow, gain new positions in the market where it operates, draw up long-term plans for its development, concepts for the production of new goods and services, and choose rational ways to implement them. The business plan is a permanent document; it is systematically updated, changes are made to it related to both changes taking place within the organization and changes in the market where the firm operates, as well as in the economy as a whole. The business plan links in-house analysis and macroeconomic analysis by specialized scientific organizations. As a rule, it is drawn up by each company, although the possibilities of preparing such documents may be different: a small firm can attract specialist consultants to develop a business plan. Thus, a business plan is not only an internal document of a firm, but can also be used to attract investors and creditors. Before risking some capital, investors must be confident in the solvency of the project and are aware of its effectiveness. To achieve the greatest success in the market of goods and services, including the international one, it is necessary to competently, rationally plan your activities through business planning, first of all taking into account the peculiarities of the Russian economy, which most clearly determines the relevance of the topic under consideration. This quiz covers the following questions:

essence, functions, tasks and meaning of the concept of "business plan"

Principles of drawing up and basic requirements for developing a business plan for an enterprise

Methods of drawing up and drawing up a document "business plan"

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