Business plan for the employment center

For a novice entrepreneur, finding money is a difficult and painstaking question. To receive a subsidy for business development from the state, you need to develop a business plan for the employment center. The document is submitted to the CPC, and the commission decides whether to issue assistance or not. Now we will consider the features of the compilation and the finished sample of the analysis.

Content of the article:

Structure of a business plan for an employment center

The document submitted to the employment center has the same structure and contains 6 main sections.

  • Title page (information about the legal entity, contact details of the individual entrepreneur, name and information about the project, privacy or openness of data, etc.).
  • A summary describing the essence of the project itself. The information is presented in a concise and accessible form, taking into account the competitive advantages and its main points.
  • Financial issues. This section for the employment center describes the sources of financing (bank loans, investments, etc.). The amount required for the development of your business and the payback period of the project are indicated.
  • Marketing research of the selected industry: target audience, profitability in a given region, level of competition.
  • Description of the offered goods or services. This section is used to describe products, brand, logo, characteristics.
  • Resources - information about the number of personnel, the cost of renting or buying premises, equipment, etc. Expenses, contingencies, sales and expected revenues are indicated.

Next, a sample of drawing up a complete analysis of the opening of an employment center will be considered. Keep in mind, this is only an example, but you can edit it for your project. We recommend that you draw up a business plan yourself so that you can answer the questions of the commission. The main thing is to know the strengths of your business and the advantages over your competitors, because your goal is to convince the commission to issue a subsidy.


Name: web-design studio located in Moscow.

Essence: creation and optimization of sites.

Organizational and legal form of business: individual entrepreneur.

Amount of investment and payback period: the project requires investments in the amount of 268,176 rubles, 237,500 rubles. - subsidies from the state. The costs of implementing this idea are described in the financial part. The project is expected to be recouped within 1 month. In the first year of work, 8 jobs will be provided.

Nowadays, a large number of Internet users appear every day, the network expands its capabilities. In this regard, there is a need to develop new sites that are a means of promoting their own products or advertising resources. The advantages of our company in comparison with competitors:

  • our own office, communication in person, not through the network, challenge the trust of customers;
  • relatively low prices for services (prices will be presented below);
  • separation of duties between employees (programmer, designer, optimizer).

Organizational section, recruitment

Are you already desperate to find a job to your liking and secretly dream of opening a small, but your own business? Do you have in-demand professional skills, but do not have the money to rent premises and purchase the necessary equipment? A business plan for an employment center will help solve these problems, because on its basis you can receive a subsidy from the state. In this article, we will tell you how to register at an employment center and write a business plan that will pass the approval of the commission.

Subsidy from the employment center - how to get help to start a business

Financial issues with an idea for a business are especially acute - for many of our citizens, even a relatively small amount of 60,000 thousand rubles may turn out to be "overwhelming". The lack of savings and the inability to take out a bank loan pose an unsolvable problem to the unemployed. On the one hand, he is ready to work and earn money in his own business, on the other hand, he has no money to open it.

Financial assistance from the employment center is provided free of charge. However, in case of misuse of funds, or the closure of the IP within a year after receiving the money, the CPC has the right to demand a return of the subsidy.

There are several types of financial support:

  • support for an existing enterprise - on average 300,000 rubles;
  • reimbursement of expenses when registering a new business - maximum 20,000 rubles;
  • for starting a business - 60,000 rubles (plus or minus).

The procedure for registering at the employment center

Since the subsidy is, in fact, an unemployment benefit paid for a year in advance, only unemployed citizens can apply for it. Moreover, they must be registered with the CPC at the time of filing an application for a subsidy.

When visiting the employment center, you will need an application, a passport, an original work book, documents on education, vocational training, a certificate from the place of work about average earnings, an extract from the personal account of a savings account for calculating benefits.

The rules for registering with an employment center assume that an unemployed person actively wishes to find a job. If he refuses the offered vacancies, then such a citizen can be removed from the register.

These courses are mandatory for all recipients of the grant. They are not only about registering and running a business, choosing a direction of work. Much attention is paid to how to draw up a business plan for an employment center. It is this document that is the basis for granting a subsidy for the CPC.

What is a business plan for a job center

  • An introductory part, which describes general information about the project and the qualifications of the applicant, the state of affairs in the chosen industry. There is also a short excerpt from the remaining sections.
  • The production plan includes data on capital costs and personnel salaries, justification of the selected capacities, buildings, equipment.
  • Marketing plan - information about the product, its price, uniqueness and characteristics, as well as the segment of buyers and the selected distribution channels.
  • Organizational plan - all questions regarding business registration, obtaining certificates and permits, registration of labor relations and contracts with contractors.
  • Risk assessment - negative factors that can lead to a decrease in efficiency, as well as measures to eliminate them.
  • The financial plan is the main part of the project. This is where the main indicators of profitability and efficiency are calculated.

Hello dear readers! Starting your own business is a responsible business. And if you are going to go "in free float" as an entrepreneur, then with all my heart I wish you good luck.

A little advice: before investing your own funds in a project or taking a loan from a bank, study all current government programs to support entrepreneurship. After all, you must agree - it's nice when part of the initial costs will be compensated. This will not only allow you to save money, but also give a serious incentive for the development of your business.

One of the types of state support is a subsidy provided by the Employment Center (labor exchange). Unfortunately, this program does not work in all regions. In order to find out if it works in your subject, I recommend that you contact directly the employment center (CPC) for first-hand information. If you search the Internet, you run the risk of running into not outdated and irrelevant information (I tried to search: search engines do not give out anything sensible).

Someone might say: it is unrealistic to get a subsidy from the CPC - supposedly, you need a "blat". My answer is: nothing of the kind! I myself was a participant in this program in 2021 and successfully received the payment, after which I began to engage in entrepreneurial activity.

For information: in the Penza region, the program worked from 2021 to 2021. As a result, about 8,500 small businesses were created. Not a bad result, isn't it?

If you currently live in a region where support from the CPC works, then consider yourself lucky. You can absolutely free of charge receive money to open your own business line.

Previously, 58800 rubles were issued for each applicant. Currently, the amount may be different - it is better to clarify this.

Procedure for obtaining subsidies:

  • You must be officially unemployed and registered at the labor exchange.
  • You need to draw up a business plan for the employment center, which will describe your project.
  • You are submitting a support application along with a completed business plan.
  • If approved, you need to register an individual entrepreneur or LLC and wait for the money to be transferred to the current account.

As you can see, all the steps are pretty simple. Difficulties arise only at the stage of developing a business plan. Next, I will tell you what to be guided by when writing it, what nuances to take into account and how, in the end, to draw up a document, according to which you will definitely be given a subsidy.

Drawing up a business plan for the CPC

Usually job centers do not require a super detailed plan, unlike investors or banks. However, it must be clear and contain a financial calculation for a period of at least 1 year. To do it correctly, you should be guided by the following:

  • If the labor exchange has requirements for the content of the business plan (titles and descriptions of all sections, the total number of pages), then you must strictly adhere to the required structure. The people making the decision to subsidize will evaluate all projects according to the criteria they have. It is much more convenient to do this if all business plans are drawn up according to a single template. There is no need to complicate the life of these people and slip them thick folders, in which everything is painted on 50 or more pages.
  • Give particular importance to the topic of the project. You need to clarify in advance which areas of activity are being subsidized. If the priority is production (furniture shop) or agricultural (beekeeping) projects, then do not expect to receive money to open, for example, a flower shop, which belongs to the usual "buy and sell".
  • The main mission of the employment center is to reduce unemployment in the region. Therefore, if you indicate that you plan to hire several employees in the future, this will be a huge plus for you. Only indicate this if you will actually be hiring people. It is not good to cheat, and they will come to you with a check within a year.
  • The project must be profitable. This is the backbone of the basics. A losing business will not bring taxes to the treasury. Yes, and you will soon close it, thereby replenishing the army of the unemployed. The CPC will not spoil statistics for itself and give subsidies for obviously unprofitable projects.

Today, it is not difficult for those who wish to join the ranks of entrepreneurs. Visiting the tax office to go through the registration procedure is the only major step to go through.

The formation of start-up capital seems to be one of the most important moments in the first steps in starting your own business. You can get the necessary amount for the development of your business by using various methods.

A large number of start-up entrepreneurs who have decided to designate their business as individual entrepreneurship (IE) use government support. In this case, we mean such a factor as the unemployment subsidy. To receive money from the state budget, that is, a subsidy, you need to contact the employment center. But, you can't just come there with the intention of taking the money and leaving. To get a positive result, it is necessary to draw up and submit a competent business plan for the employment center.

How can you achieve a competent business plan for submitting it to the employment center

It is important that the submitted business plan must be approved by the employment center.

Its content should receive a positive assessment from the commission. At the same time, it is necessary to obtain approval of the filing procedure itself, since there are requirements, the observance of which significantly increases the chances of receiving financial assistance.

The granting of subsidies under the state program reflects the actions of the state aimed at supporting small businesses, and, accordingly, primarily at combating unemployment. The amount of the subsidy for the unemployed is no more than 59,000 rubles, but a person can receive these funds only on condition that it is proved that he is unemployed and is registered with a health center located in the area of ​​his residence.

A well-designed business plan for receiving a subsidy from the employment center becomes the main document for proving the feasibility of acquiring funds, as well as a guarantee for the formation of a unanimous opinion of the commission in the employment center regarding a positive decision on providing the submitter with a financial assistance plan.

Not everyone undertakes to write such a document. For many, it seems too complicated. In fact, with the most responsible approach, it is possible to achieve the set goals and clearly reflect in the business plan future actions aimed at developing the entrepreneur's labor activity.

What are the main directions taken into account by the commission at the employment center when approving the subsidy

By 2021, subsidy programs covered almost all regions of the Russian Federation. An important point is the fact of providing unemployed citizens with an initial capital of 59,000 in order to start their own business. The received budgetary funds are classified as start-up. Potential entrepreneurs receive them free of charge, subject to the provision of their own business plan to the employment center.

Every year more and more Russians dream of embarking on the path of individual entrepreneurship, which is not surprising given such a variety of ideas and opportunities to succeed. But the main stumbling block is always the start-up capital, which most often beginners try to borrow from friends or relatives, take on credit or, in the end, save up. But few people know that today it can be obtained as financial support from the state, for which it is only necessary to provide a business plan for the employment center, a sample of which we will also consider.

How much can the state allocate

Considering that for 2021 this value is 4,900 rubles, simple calculations show that a one-time applicant for a subsidy can receive 58,800 rubles.

As a bonus, you can count on reimbursement of expenses for company registration and tax registration.

But even before writing a business plan for a job center, you need to make sure that the candidate meets the following requirements:

  • he permanently resides in the Russian Federation, having legal grounds for that;
  • he is already 18 years old;
  • he is in the status of unemployed for at least three months;
  • he has never asked for help of this order before;
  • plans that the future enterprise will work for at least 1.5 years.

If all the criteria are met, you can start preparing the project.

What must be foreseen

It should be noted right away that the business plan for the employment center does not have any template. But there is a certain amount of information that must certainly be spelled out in the document. Let's point out the main points:

  • personal information about the entrepreneur, his skills and experience in various fields;
  • a brief description of the project and justification why this particular direction was chosen;
  • detailing the project, describing ways to make a profit, steps to optimize the process on the path to success;
  • market analysis in this area of ​​entrepreneurship;
  • production process, its description;
  • personnel and costs of their maintenance;
  • economic calculation of the cost of the production process, payback periods;
  • possible risks and ways to overcome them.

Avoid lyrical digressions in section descriptions. Use dry facts, numbers, arguments.

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