Business plan for Sberbank

A business plan is a mandatory document and a requirement of Sberbank for a loan application for financing. In addition to him, mandatory documents are also: complete information on the company, financial statements, copies of the passports of the founders and the management of the enterprise.

Procedure for making a decision on a loan in Sberbank

Due to the difficult situation in the financial market of Russia, the cost of money is constantly growing, so it must be borne in mind that the project must bring at least 35-40% in order to successfully service loan obligations.

In accordance with the requirements, the structure for making a decision on granting a loan at Sberbank looks as shown in the figure below.

Consideration of the business plan by Sberbank

At the stage of considering a business plan, Sberbank's credit analysts will, first of all, assess the current financial condition of the company (balance sheet, cash flow statement and other financial documents) and operating activities, which will allow drawing conclusions about the company's creditworthiness in future. If the situation allows you to provide a loan, then a positive decision is made.

Requirements for marketing research

Each branch of Sberbank has its own requirements for marketing research of a business plan, which may differ from the general rules. The latest trend is the requirement to provide market research on the industry in which the client would like to invest the bank's funds.

Sberbank's requirement for collateral

The requirement for collateral is one of the key issues when contacting the bank. The probability of obtaining a loan for a legal entity that does not have fixed assets on its balance sheet (land, premises, equipment, inventories) is zero, even if your turnover covers the amount. Unsecured loan options are small and are indirectly tied to the business owner for real estate and road transport. Thus, if there are no fixed assets, then most likely they will not give a loan, even under a “no collateral” scheme. This is more of an advertisement for a bank than a real mechanism.

Making photo blinds as a business

Project Summary

It is recommended to expand this section in a concise form:

a. the essence of the project and the feasibility of its implementation;

b. key information about the Beneficiary and the Principal Participants of the Project;

g. project implementation strategy (general implementation schedule);

d. key forecast financial indicators (ratios);

e. total project cost, total funding requirement and estimated funding sources;

g. key success factors and main risks of the project (it is recommended to present it in the form of a SWOT analysis);

h. other key information on the project.

Project Description

This section requires:

a. state the essence of the project, including indicate the type of investment project (creation of a new production / facility from scratch; reconstruction of an existing production / facility; modernization of an existing production / facility; release of new products at an existing production; expansion of an existing production; other change for the purpose of maintaining commercial activity);

b. indicate the stage of the project and the phase (a specific stage within a stage), which the project is currently at;

Walking along city streets or while driving, you repeatedly turned your attention to the billboards that filled the entire roadside space.

One of the goals of the Strategy 2021 adopted by Sberbank is the implementation of initiatives that will allow it to compete with global technology companies. This competition is about building better customer experiences, not necessarily financial ones. To this end, the bank launches various digital initiatives, enters into strategic alliances, looks for startups and tests new market niches for itself. TAdviser analyzed Sberbank's approaches to transformation and assessed what income the bank can count on from new businesses in the coming years.

Introducing the strategy in London at the end of 2021, German Gref outlined three key priorities - both for the bank and his personal, as CEO: personnel, clients and technology. In a non-tech company, technology can be transformed only under the watchful eye of the CEO, he explained.

The vigilant supervision of the first person directs the largest bank in the country towards full digitalization. Technological leadership must be provided by the platform to which the entire business is planned to be transferred by 2021. The bank has been developing it since 2021 and plans to migrate data in 2021.

More than 500 projects are being implemented as part of building a new platform, including testing artificial intelligence technologies, the possibility of dynamic pricing and the "Sber-ID" function, which allows the client to access all the bank's services. These digital profiles will accumulate maximum information about users. By 2021, 95% of Sberbank's proposals are planned to be made based on reliable information about the client.

In the course of the transformation of the core banking platform, GridGain technologies are used to ensure high performance of transaction processing and scalability. Sberbank acts not only as the first Russian client, but also as the developer's investor.

Mega Ecosystem

The new technological platform should increase the efficiency of processes and the efficiency of introducing new products to the market - including external and partner ones. After all, "platform" is one of the two most trendy words of recent years, together with "ecosystem". Driving this trend, in its report, Sberbank announces plans to build an ecosystem outside of its traditional sphere. In order to maintain long-term competitiveness, it is planned to expand the offer of additional services, synergistic with financial products, in such areas of life as shopping, home, recreation, and health.

Sberbank has been developing its all-encompassing ecosystem since 2021, gradually entering new markets for itself. Both subsidiaries and independent partner companies are involved. A number of such significant external partnerships were concluded in 2021, and this list continues to grow in 2021.

Ecosystem participants get access to the customer identification system, common software interfaces, can quickly exchange data, etc. Partners are selected based on the principle of leading positions in the most dynamically growing segments.

Partnership Initiatives of Sberbank

Existing areas of partnership Partnership initiatives under development Ideas for the future

In addition to regular loans and mortgages, banks in Russia have the opportunity to obtain a loan for opening a small business.

Business loan is one of the most difficult forms of credit. The difficulty in obtaining it is due to the great mistrust on the part of the banks. The higher the solvency of the lender, the greater the chance of loan approval.

In the case of ordinary consumer loans, it is much easier to prove solvency. It is quite simple to confirm it by the presence of a real place of work. If it is a business loan, the main guarantees for the bank are potential profitability, market stability, and profitability. A greater chance of approval from the bank arises with an additional pledge of any valuable property. Today, loans for a business from scratch are popular at Sberbank, which offers several lending programs.

In developed countries such as England, USA, Japan, experts estimate the probability of a successful business project being 20%. In Russia, this figure is much lower. This situation makes it difficult to approve a small business loan, but acting correctly, a budding businessman who starts a business has a chance to receive finance from the bank.

Requirements for business borrowers from Sberbank

Sberbank has requirements for customers that are common among banks. There are required and recommended conditions:

    • Business plan. The project must be worked out in detail and have a clear structure. To be complete - to contain the full amount of required information.
    • Certificate of income received in the form of a tax report.
    • Availability of collateral.
    • Stocks, securities, additional sources of income, bank accounts and others. This is a guarantee for the bank equivalent to a collateral.
    • Positive credit history of the borrower. Timely closed loans also demonstrate your reliability to the bank.

Sberbank makes high demands on its borrowers. Not everyone succeeds in meeting each described item, but the more matches, the higher the chance of approving a business loan.

Stages of obtaining a business loan by a borrower

Sberbank provides loans for starting a business from scratch for CJSC, LLC, individual entrepreneur. Before visiting a bank branch, you should prepare in advance.

Create a business plan

Creating a business plan is a prerequisite for obtaining a business loan. The decision to issue it primarily depends on the quality of the plan drawn up. You need to create a business plan regardless of the size of the business. A business plan is needed for small, medium and large businesses.

In the project plan it is necessary to define the short-term and long-term directions of the enterprise. Also, business participants must disclose in terms of qualitative and quantitative (technological and production) analysis of the firm. The business plan also discloses information on production volumes, all costs and profits, and analyzes the market. The plan should disclose in detail the financial information about the enterprise itself, the processes of its functioning, about its employees.

When creating a business from scratch, it is always difficult to find moral and, what is more important, financial support. Beginning entrepreneurs who do not have the skills to run their own business cannot do without a reliable advisor and partner who will warn about possible mistakes and pitfalls and provide financial assistance in time.

Especially for novice businessmen, Sberbank has developed a Business Start credit program, which allows you to open a standard business on a franchise or implement any ideas using a standard business plan.

Franchise business - minimum risk

Sberbank offers more than 70 ready-made business options that can be purchased under a franchise. For example, if you have always dreamed of becoming the owner of a fashion salon, open a BAON or Tom TAILOR store. Thinking about your own cafe or restaurant? Try to fulfill your wish under the Subway or Sbarro brand.

The list of franchisors approved by Sberbank includes Le Murr pet supplies store, Treasure Island and Begemotik toy stores, Expedition sports and leisure stores, Ralf Ringer shoe stores "And" Paolo Conte ". The full list is presented on the bank's website.

The advantages of a package offer are obvious: you immediately use a recognizable brand, you can rely on the company's reputation, and do not invest a lot in advertising. A well-established supply system, developed standard training programs for personnel will also help to reduce costs, and constant support of the franchisor will give confidence in its own abilities.

Certainly, there are some restrictions here. So, you are not entitled to act under your own trademark, conduct non-standard promotions or come up with customer loyalty programs, freely choose suppliers. But minimal risks and the ability to apply successful business technologies and gained experience more than pay off, and the business plan provided by the company will bring the planned profit.

A typical business plan plus creative freedom

If you need more flexibility in actions, use another solution - take out a loan to develop your own business according to a standard business plan developed by a bank partner. Audit and consulting group "Gorislavtsev and K. udit" with twenty years of experience in this area offers a number of standard business plans, adapted for each specific borrower.

Qualified specialists of the company will provide consulting and, if necessary, anti-crisis support throughout the entire loan period. As your guarantor, the company is directly interested in the successful development of your business and the loan funds are returned to the bank on time. The structure, content and financial model of any typical business plan developed by Gorislavtsev and K. udit ", meets the requirements of Sberbank for obtaining a loan, takes into account the specifics of business activities in your chosen industry.

Strictly observing the recommendations, requirements and limitations of the standard business plan, you are guaranteed to recoup capital costs, reach profitability and return the loan to the bank on the terms established by the loan agreement. At the same time, you will be more free in the place of doing business, its main concept, pricing policy, choice of suppliers and contractors, you will be able to attract customers within the framework of promotions of your development. You will also be able to promote your own brand through the channels that you consider necessary, and train your staff on your own.

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