Business plan for a bakery for the production of bread with calculations: a ready-made example

A mini-bakery is a small private enterprise specializing in baking baked goods for retail or small-scale wholesale. The concept of such an establishment is the production of fresh bread according to traditional and unique recipes and the creation of a special warm-home atmosphere to attract customers.

This business is attractive because it can be opened anywhere - in a crowded or residential area, near a traffic intersection, in the same building with a supermarket, or even 10 steps from a competitor. We draw up a business plan with calculations for a mini-bakery for its cost-effective operation and the fastest possible payback.

Bakery Business Plan

Assessment of the prospects for opening a mini-bakery

To understand the prospects and profitability of the establishment, one should assess the benefits of this business and its risks. Benefits include:

  • Small staff and no need to hire highly qualified employees (however, a good technologist will increase the chances of success).
  • Possibility of daily adjustment of the volume of production depending on the projected demand or stocks of unsold goods.
  • Possibility of recycling unsold goods (breading, potato cakes, crackers).
  • Good advertising potential due to inexpensive branded packaging - you can use paper, plastic bags.
  • The prospect of introducing franchising at any stage of work.
  • The variability of the product range, its slight change as the market research and customer preferences. Small-scale production of baked goods can easily follow demand trends.
  • Ability to add a confectionery line.
  • Low dependence on the location of the enterprise with the right choice of concept.

Risk factors and disadvantages of this market segment:

  • Rising prices for purchased raw materials strongly affect the final cost of goods, in contrast to the service business.
  • High competition from fast food outlets.
  • Dependence on the quality of service, which complicates the recruitment of personnel who are in direct contact with customers.
  • Short shelf life of finished products, a sharp drop in demand for yesterday's product and the consequent need for daily control and planning of baked goods.
  • High power consumption.

Assessment of the competitiveness of the bakery business

Calculations and experience in promoting bakeries show that a location that allows covering 2-3 residential quarters is considered beneficial. The general distribution of enterprises in this direction looks like this: 60% of the total sales market is occupied by large enterprises of urban significance (combines, bakeries); special departments in hypermarkets baking bread on their own - 13%; private production with a small volume of production - 20%; other catering establishments baking their own bread - about 7%.

A bakery is a business with a magical aroma of fresh bread, a business that has ... a soul or something. But first of all, in our case, this is a good way to make money. Bread has been baked since the Neolithic era, according to Wikipedia. And in modern realities, mini-bakeries, cafes-bakeries, bakeries-pastry shops appear and disappear, and God knows what else ... So how to enter this market so as not to disappear? - Let's go!

  • 1 Mini-bakery format
  • 2 Advantages of mini-bakery as a business:
  • 3 Main disadvantages:
  • 4 Mini bakery staff:
  • 5 What equipment is needed for a mini bakery
    • 5. Bakery production equipment
    • 5. Shop equipment of a bakery
  • 6 Documents for opening a bakery
  • 7 Name for a mini-bakery
  • 8 How much can you earn on a mini-bakery bakery?
  • 9 Mini bakery by franchise
  • 10 Opening your own bakery is it profitable or not

Mini-bakery format

First of all, you need to define the format, you can focus on bread, you can focus on confectionery, puff products, pizza. Will you have a place for the client to eat on the spot, or will you only trade to take away. The most popular mini bakery formats are:

  • ???? Bakery Cafe
  • ???? Bakery - pastry shop
  • ???? Bakery bakery

A bakery-pizzeria format is also gaining popularity. Having thought of opening a bakery, you immediately need to decide what format it will have. Moreover, an adequate choice of the format and bias of your bakery depends primarily on the location, and as a consequence of the “qualities” of the audience.

T. conditionally, if you want to focus on elite bread, made from expensive wheat varieties, with the addition of nuts, and at the same time rent a room adjacent to Pyaterochka somewhere in the ghetto not far from the chemical plant, there are not many chances of success.

And again, if you rent a room in an elite residential area, focus on simple cheap products, sometimes even to the detriment of quality, the chances of success are just as low.

Pros of a mini-bakery as a business:

Main Cons:

In the conditions of the Russian economy, the choice of direction for small business is approached with special care. To ensure uninterrupted profit, it is worth considering those products and services that are constantly in demand on the market. Due to the decline in real consumer income, Russians are more likely to refuse a number of purchases. The exception, however, is bread and baked goods. The demand for this product category does not change. In this regard, the opening of a bakery is seen in the future as a highly liquid enterprise.

Main lines of business

At the stage of business formation, it is worth stopping at a mini version of the bakery, which can be expanded if necessary in the future. The enterprise will have a mission - to provide buyers with bread and other flour products prepared according to a special home recipe.

There are two possible options:

  • Counter-top bakery for retail sales only.
  • A kitchen, complemented by a small café, where visitors taste purchased products.

For the operation of the enterprise, it will be necessary to provide it with a competitive advantage in the form of a favorable territorial location.

A smart decision is to choose a sleeping area with a large number of residential buildings. To achieve the optimal level of profitability, the average traffic in the bakery area should be at least 1000 people.

The proposed assortment range of the bakery includes 4 directions:

  • homemade sweet baked goods;
  • freshly made wheat and rye bread;
  • dietary products;
  • premium bread ...

A minimum of baking equipment is required to bake products. Since the average check of a mini-format bakery is 100 rubles and there is a constant demand for products, the initial investment will pay off already 3-5 months after the start of sales. Before starting the venture, you need to draw up a bakery business plan.

Project Description

A person goes to a catering establishment: a cafe, a canteen, a bakery - sometimes not for a tasty meal, but for warmth, aromas and atmosphere.

A bakery can create such a warm, homely atmosphere, with its own menu, unique design and warm tasty fresh bread, as well as other mouth-watering pastries.

Any project that can attract many visitors allows its owners to make good money. Let's figure out how to start this business.

The opening of the bakery is planned in a small town with a low level of competition. It will be located on the 1st floor of a residential building in a residential area. The rented space of 50 m2 will allow you to place a room for visitors, utility rooms and a kitchen.

The target audience is residents of the area of ​​all ages who prefer fresh baked goods without additives. The range of the bakery will include yeast-free bread with cereals and vegetables, baked goods made from oatmeal, rye, flax and rice flour with sweet and savory fillings.

The bakery's competitive advantage lies in the fact that its location is convenient for most residents of the sleeping area and even older people can reach it.

The average bill will be 100 rubles. The estimated daily attendance is 3 thousand people. The working day lasts 12 hours, work in 2 shifts. Fresh bread is delivered to the shelves every morning.

Mini-bakery business plan with calculations

Bakery products will always be in demand, despite the fact that young people massively began to follow a healthy lifestyle and exclude bread from the diet.

If a product is made according to a specific recipe and from environmentally friendly, natural products, without additives and sugar, then it can also be considered dietary.

The described mini-bakery will focus on healthy baking. Let's figure out how to draw up a bakery business plan.

Bakery project description and sales market analysis

For the opening of the bakery, a room in a residential building with an area of ​​50 m2 was chosen. The interior decoration and design will be done in creamy white colors. Tables and chairs will be made in country style, napkins, towels, curtains are designed in the same spirit.

Do you like to cook and think that bread is the head of everything? Then baking baked goods is yours. But here it is necessary to come to a decision, which type of business is suitable specifically in your case. In this article, we will analyze the business plan of a mini bakery, as well as the opening of a large production workshop, having considered all the advantages and disadvantages of such projects, as well as calculating the approximate payback period.

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Mini-bakery opening

Food will always be in demand, and if there is an understanding of this, as well as a desire to make money on its production, you can prepare a business plan for a mini-bakery and organize your own mini-bakery, for which you will need a room with an area of ​​25–55 m . in. Here you can create all the conditions for your small production.

Undoubtedly, this option has some production limits concerning not only volumes, but also varieties of manufactured products, which can be produced here in quantities up to 50 kg / hour. Practice suggests a simple miscalculation, according to which the work of a workshop in 1 shift will assume a level of productivity reaching 8 tons. In the case of two shifts, this figure will conditionally double. The range of produced bakery products will depend on the specifics of the purchased equipment. So, you can set up production of two main items, or you can create more than ten of them.

The creation of a mini-bakery is justified in terms of several of the following advantages:

  • Minor financial investments at the start.
  • Lack of requirements for large production areas.
  • Ease in setting up sales of products (for example, private canteens and small cafes can become customers).
  • Fast return on investment.

However, you should list the weaknesses of such a “bakery venture”:

  • a small range of products;
  • a narrow market scope;
  • a low level of productivity.

Minuses here are absolutely in harmony with pluses, their presence is justified and directly proportional to the number of pluses.

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