Business plan cover page: 10 rules for drawing up

The first impression about a person is formed in 7 seconds ...

The title page is the face of your document. If you have completed each point of the plan correctly, make sure that the "front" page is correct.

The investor looks through dozens of sheets of documentation every day. If you have not managed to get his attention in a few seconds with a proper plan, forget about the fact that he will bother to open and evaluate the content of the work itself.

The cover page of the business plan is the face of your project. Don't know how to properly present an idea and draw attention to the project?

Let's find the answer to this question.

What's more important: design or content?

Let's deal with the first question: what is a business plan?

A business plan is a structured description of how a business idea is brought to life.

This document contains several sections:

Idea - a detailed description of the product concept.

Marketing - target audience definition, potential to increase sales.

Business organization in practice.

Production - the methods by which the production of the planned volume of goods will be achieved.

Requirements for the design of the cover page of a business plan

The most important part of the business plan is the executive summary - a summary of the content of the entire document. It contains goals and objectives, planned indicators, the amount of start-up costs and the expected payback of the project. Potential investors often only read this part of the plan. If it doesn't make a positive impression, they lose interest in the project and don't invest in it. We will tell you about the rules for compiling a summary of a business plan and what information needs to be reflected in it.

What is a business plan summary and what is it for

The business plan is drawn up according to a certain structure. The details may vary, but the content of the plans is almost always the same. For example, let's take the requirements of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development:

  • Title page.
  • Summary.
  • History of the company and description of current activities.
  • Financial condition and loans.
  • Investment plan of the project.
  • Description of the manufacturing process.
  • Financial valuation.
  • Environmental Assessment.
  • Schedules for obtaining loans and their repayment.
  • Equipment and work for which credit is required.
  • SWOT analysis.
  • The main risks and methods of overcoming them.

In this article, we will dwell on the summary in detail. This section is fundamentally important because it summarizes the entire content of the business plan. It is with him that investors and creditors first get acquainted. If the resume interests them, they will read the entire plan and, possibly, participate in the project. If the resume is weak and does not seem promising, investors will refuse further acquaintance with the project.

What is a business plan summary? This is a quick summary of the basic data of the business plan - goals, initial investment amount, expected ROI and results.

Large lenders regularly have to process a large flow of proposals to invest in a "promising" project. A business plan can take several tens of pages and it is physically impossible for investors to familiarize themselves with each of them. Often they are limited to reading the first page with general summaries of goals and numbers. Therefore, writing a resume is such a crucial stage - the success of the project with investors depends on its content.

The resume is also important for the author of the project: it is a short list of tasks that he must solve for the business to flourish, and the indicators that must be achieved for success.

Writing a resume is one of the most crucial stages in developing a business plan

Summary content

A business plan opens the way to the future for people who dream of starting their own business. This document contains full information that a potential investor should know (for example, for what purposes and how the money will go).

The first thing a sponsor looks at is the title page. Long work, hard work is hidden under one single page.

It's only in your hands to make it so attractive that the person on the other side of the table would have a desire to bring your idea to life.

Cover page as a business card of a successful business plan

So, you already understand why and how important it is to make the first page of your document interesting. It will take a lot of work, but many underestimate its importance.

Writing a business plan is a colossal work built on persistent reflection and calculation. The structure of the business plan of the enterprise involves consideration of the case from various aspects of the activity.

When creating it, you should provide for a huge number of situations that may arise, and an algorithm for their solution. This is the "stuffing" of your folder.

Besides the title page, an important piece of background information is the project summary.

This table shows how complex a business plan is. The title page is just one page from many sections of the document. And the only one that will fall on the eye during the external evaluation of the investment project

The potential investor is interested in the issue of benefits, therefore, the calculation of profitability, as well as the factors of possible risk should be located in a prominent place.

Business plan cover page

The main purpose of the business plan cover page is to get the first idea about the project for which you are going to receive funding.

If the title page is not properly executed, then a potential investor may never open a business plan, deciding that it is not worth attention.

Let us also remind you that more often than not, a large number of such offers pass before their eyes every day.

So, the title page should be concise and attractive.

There are generally accepted standards for the design of the cover page of the Business Plan:

Address ______________________________________ Telex ______________, fax ____________, phone _____________

ConfidentialPlease return if you are not interested in the project

Short name of the project (up to 20-30 characters)

Full name of the project __________________________________________________________________

Head of the company ________________________________________ tel. _______________________

The project was prepared by ______________________________________ tel. _______________________

The cover page of a business plan is its front page, the content and appearance of which gives an impression of the project. Since the document is necessary to be provided to partners and investors in order to familiarize and evaluate the activities, you should responsibly treat its main page. It should interest the person looking at it. If you failed to attract the attention of a partner in a few seconds, then he is unlikely to want to open the document to evaluate its content and most likely will not think about a partnership. How to properly reflect the idea of ​​the entire project on its front page and style it in such a style to attract attention?

How to draw the partner's attention to the project business plan

General information

The business plan displays a description of the entrepreneurial idea and the procedure for its implementation.

In separate sections of the document, a direct description of the project is contained, its target audience and sales market are determined, as well as the principle of generating profit and increasing profitability. The document deals with practical aspects of business such as production methods and financial issues. It takes into account potential risks and draws up a plan for the recovery of activities in case of difficulties in the implementation of the planned. In document applications, diagrams, diagrams and tables displaying information about the production process, data calculations, and their comparison.

However, the incorrect design of the cover page of the business plan can cause an unsuccessful presentation of the business. Due to its lack of information content and ineffective design, the issue may not reach the consideration of the contents of the document.

How to arrange

The first sheet of the document with the displayed presentation of an entrepreneurial idea and with plans for their implementation should be competently designed, which will form a positive impression of its developer, as well as the thoughtfulness of its goals and the seriousness of intentions in achieving them.

Having picked up a business presentation, the partner immediately conducts a visual assessment. Statistical analysis shows that more than half of projects are put aside by investors because the developers did not pass the first test - visual analysis. When considering a project, all visual factors are taken into account, such as the font, its size, the position of the text on the page, the completeness of the display of information, or an incomprehensible name of the project.

When drawing up a document, it is recommended to be guided by an example of a cover page of a business plan, which has been approved by partners more than once. Successful examples can be found on the worldwide web. When designing the main sheet, even the density of the paper and its color must be taken into account. If there is a logo, it is recommended to put it on the first page, since any little thing can be attributed to the developer.

Title page registration procedure

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