Business plan as one of the forms of internal planning

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Topic: "Business plan as a form of internal planning"

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Specialty Commerce (by industry)

Teacher: Butorina I.

Chapter 1. Objectives and methods of writing a business plan

Chapter 2. Objectives and methods of writing a business plan

Chapter 3. Business plan structure

When planning the activities of an enterprise, it is possible to create ideal conditions for its development, which is important in times of difficult market relations, so you should know the main functions of a business plan. When developing a firm's financial plan, it is important to pay attention to all the factors that affect the achievement of the main goal. And it lies in the steady growth of profits.

Important! Every entrepreneur who organizes his own business must draw up a plan for the correct organization of the business, what is its essence, as well as its main functions in the process to be performed.

Thanks to a detailed analysis of the functions of a business plan in a modern economy, every business leader will understand the importance of competent planning of the enterprise. This applies to both small firms and large corporations.

Define the main functions of the business plan

A business plan should be understood as a document that justifies the project and its implementation environment from all sides. It helps to assess how effective management methods will be in helping to achieve the set goals.

Business Planning is a step-by-step economic program that helps you launch a new project and help it build a solid foundation for further growth.

The business plan contains the most important points of the future project, in particular, the scope of the company, the list of goods (services) that are planned to be produced, the volume of sales of manufactured products, the strategy of market relations, marketing policy, and the planned profitability.

Attention! The main thing in a business plan is the correct planning of the financial and economic activities of the enterprise, in accordance with market demand, as well as the ability to attract the necessary resources, in the short or long term.

Functions performed by the business plan

With a competent plan, you can solve the main tasks before the injection of investments, which will help to implement other tasks:

Helps to raise additional funds.

It is used to assess the actual performance of the company for a specific time period, if compared with the planned ones.

Provides the opportunity to develop leading concepts for the implementation of these projects.

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Internal business plan of the company

1. Theoretical foundations of business planning

The business plan has entered the practice of Russian entrepreneurship as a strategic planning tool and a necessary document for conducting business negotiations with investors, creditors, as well as information for government governing bodies (ministries, committees, administrative governing bodies, etc.) .). The heads of organizations and enterprises of all forms of ownership, entrepreneurs, banking and insurance structures are showing increasing interest in the specifics of developing business plans.

Russian legislation currently does not mandate the development of a business plan. It is new to many Russian entrepreneurs. There is a widespread point of view that denies the advisability of developing a detailed business plan. The business plan document, which replaced the usual feasibility study, is intended to help solve all these problems.

A business plan is a special management tool used in a modern market economy, regardless of the scale, scope and form of entrepreneurship. Success in conventional market trading, the entry of a company with a new product to the market without a complete and clear understanding of the prospects of the business being undertaken is not possible without the development of reliable preliminary guidelines and a real plan of action.

1. Theoretical foundations of business planning

Our business plan appeared in the early 90s and was fundamentally different from the current documents. They reacted to him with coolness, many at first did not pay attention to him, others, having paid, did not attach due importance. We adhered to the usual feasibility studies.

Soon the need for a business plan became so obvious that already in 1994-1995. it becomes mandatory. In January 1995, the Moscow government, for example, published a decree in which for the first time it recommended a business plan "in order to improve methods for calculating the economic efficiency of design solutions and the commercial feasibility of investing in the design and construction of facilities and urban development complexes. / P>

A well-developed business plan helps an enterprise grow, gain new positions in the market where it operates, draw up long-term plans for its development, concepts for the production of new goods and services, and choose rational ways to implement them.

Starting a business is a serious and difficult step. In conditions of great market competition, crisis, it is necessary to clearly weigh all the pros and cons, analyze possible losses, problems, and develop plans for getting out of unpleasant situations in advance. Your business will be successful and prosperous if you start it wisely and draw up a business plan.

A business plan is the first and most basic step in starting a business, be it the production of goods or the provision of services. Any successful business must start with a sound business plan. It plays an important role when it is necessary to obtain loans for business development. If the financing of your enterprise will be based on third-party investments, the investor will make a decision on monetary influences on your project only after reviewing the business plan.

But most importantly, the entrepreneur himself needs a business plan. It will allow you to assess the market situation, analyze possible risks, plan different options for doing business.

Any business plan, regardless of the type, contains the goals and type of planned activity, efficiency analysis, comparison of the expected income and expenses of the enterprise, analysis of the market situation and its impact on activities. Let's find out what types of business plans are there and how to write a business plan?

Types of business plans in Russia

How to draw up a business plan based on their types? Business plans are subdivided into internal and external ones.

1) Internal business plan. It is compiled and applied only within the enterprise itself, the company. This plan is needed in order to analyze the existing difficulties and shortcomings.

The second goal is to show in fact the implementation of the previously set goals. An internal business plan will help to understand whether a reorganization of certain structural divisions in the company is necessary, whether it is necessary to reform the work. Such a business plan gives an idea of ​​the financial and labor needs of the production. Reveals the efficiency of the resources used.

When drawing up a marketing business plan, a special place is taken by market analysis, the presence of competition, the development of advertising campaigns, consumer demand is studied. Based on this plan, marketing costs are calculated.

Among the internal business plans, the corporate one is distinguished. This business plan summarizes and evaluates the performance of the enterprise over a certain period of time. Based on the research received, new prospects for the development of the enterprise and its divisions are being developed. Basically, such a business plan is needed by the company's management to analyze the effectiveness of future activities.

2) An external business plan is a kind of advertisement for a company or production. It should be believable, but in this business plan, the "rough edges" are often smoothed out. Unlike the internal business plan, the external one is dominated by positive qualities and business prospects. Disadvantages are tried to be minimized. Outside business plans are for investors who need a loan or sell a business.

For investors, in this plan, they describe the possibilities of further promising development of the company, the scale of supplies, and customer demand. For banks, a business plan must prove the entrepreneur's solvency and the profitability of production.

It often happens that an internal business plan is improved, shortcomings and shortcomings are eliminated, and converted into an external one for sharing with stakeholders.

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