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Business planning, Strekalova N., 2021.

The book examines the theoretical and applied aspects of planning, necessary for students of the direction of training "Management" to study the discipline "Business Planning". The methodological and information support of the planning process, the structure and content of the business plan are covered, technologies and tools for business planning are given. Particular attention is paid to the development and presentation of business ideas, the formation and assessment of business models. The issues of market analysis, marketing strategy, operational and financial planning, assessment and analysis of the economic efficiency of business projects, as well as the use of modern information technologies in business planning are disclosed in detail. Designed for teachers and students of economic universities. Recommended for heads and managers of enterprises, specialists, entrepreneurs, project managers and everyone who studies business planning and modern management.

The essence of planning and planning. planning is essential to being successful in any endeavor. It includes setting goals and objectives, determining and choosing the most effective ways and means to achieve them. Planning involves determining what and how needs to be done to achieve goals. Therefore, if you understand what you need to do and how, then success will certainly accompany you.

Each person in his life one way or another uses planning, setting goals, defining ways and means of achieving them. The subject of planning can be different, for example: getting an education, developing a professional career, building a house, organizing a vacation or travel, etc. However, some people prefer not to bother planning their future, at least deliberately, allowing events to happen on their own. yourself. But even those who do not consciously plan their future cannot escape the influence that other people's planning has on them. They often become victims of it much more often than they benefit from it. And this is reflected in the wisdom of the well-known saying: "plan or be planned."

CONTENTS Introduction Section I Introduction to business planning Topic 1. Planning as a business management tool1. ... Essence of planning and plan 1.. Problems of Russian planning practice Topic 2. Methodology and organization of planning2. ... Planning as a field of knowledge 2.. Planning types and plan types 2.. Approaches to organizing planning 2.. Planning principles Topic 3. Strategic planning and business plan3. ... Changes and uncertainty in modern business 3.. The essence of strategic planning 3.. The essence of the business plan, its goals and objectives 3.. Characteristics of the business planning process 3.. The role and importance of business planning for small and medium-sized businesses Topic 4. Methodological and informational support for planning4. ... Planning and forecasting methods 4.. Information support for planning 4.. Targets, norms and standards Section II Fundamentals of business planning Topic 5. Business idea as an innovative concept 5. ... Business idea concept 5.. Sources and methods for generating business ideas 5.. Content of a business idea and ways to present it 5.. Business idea presentation Topic 6. Business model as a conceptual basis for a business plan. General requirements for the development of a business plan 6. ... The essence and significance of the business model 6.. Business model structure and criteria for its assessment 6.. The main stages of developing a business plan 6.. General requirements for the structure and content of the business plan Section III Technology of business planning Topic 7. General structure and summary of the business plan 7. ... Title page 7.. Table of contents 7.. Summary 7.. Abstract Topic 8. Description of business 8. ... General description of the company 8.. Industry analysis 8.. Company goals 8.. Products and services Topic 9. Market analysis 9. ... General description of the market and its target segments 9.. Determination of demand for products (services) 9.. Competitor analysis Topic 10. Marketing plan10. ... Sales plan 10.. Marketing strategy Topic 11. Production plan11. ... Location Description 11.. The production process and its support 11.. Investment costs 11.. Production costs 11.. Operational competitive advantages Topic 12. Organizational plan12. ... Organizational structure of management 12.. Information about key managers and owners of the company 12.. Personnel policy and personnel development 12.. Schedule of work on the implementation of the project Topic 13. Financial plan13. ... Basic assumptions 13.. Profit and loss plan 13.. Cash flow plan 13.. Forecasted balance 13.. Investment plan and project financing Topic 14. Analysis and assessment of risks14. ... Types of risks 14.. Risk analysis 14.. Appendix 14.. Specific situation "Creation of the enterprise" Moidodyr-service "" (Part A) Section IV Business planning tools Topic 15. Used indicators and calculation procedures15. ... Indicators for financial analysis 15.. Key economic indicators of the business environment 15.. Economic indicators of the internal environment of the project Topic 16. Methods of analysis and evaluation of projects16. ... Break-even analysis 16.. Assessment and analysis of economic efficiency of projects 16.. Sensitivity analysis Topic 17. Modern information technology in business planning17. ... Overview of the main software products 17.. Characteristics of the analytical system Project Expert 17.. Specific situation "Expansion of production" Glossary List of used literature List of recommended literature.

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