Analysis of the marketing plan in the business plan of the enterprise

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- to reveal marketing planning as the basis of the company's activities;

- study the structure of the marketing plan;

- investigate the sequence of developing a marketing plan;

The marketing plan is the basis for the functioning of the business and the main guide for the work of employees.

The article discusses what this document is, why it is needed and how to draw it up.

What is a company's marketing plan

Every company is faced with one or another production problem that requires prompt and consistent intervention.

That is why it is important for the management of the enterprise to work out an algorithm for solving difficult situations in advance.

This is the answer to the question of what a marketing plan is.

A well thought-out strategy helps in the following cases:

  • question further development of the company;
  • development of mechanisms to reduce costs;
  • search and attraction of potential customers / consumers;
  • using technology for profit, etc.

Along with financial and production, the marketing plan is the basis for the functioning of an enterprise.

An illiterately developed marketing plan or its complete absence leads to a loss in the competition.

From this material you will learn:

  • What is the place of the marketing plan in marketing
  • The main objectives of the organization's marketing plan
  • What goals are reflected in the company's marketing plan
  • Pros and cons of drawing up a marketing plan for development
  • Types of marketing plan for an enterprise
  • Structure of a marketing plan
  • 15 components of a marketing plan: sections and their descriptions
  • How the marketing plan is developed
  • Stages of developing a marketing plan according to the SOSTAC model
  • Marketing plan: a case study
  • 3 main mistakes in developing a marketing plan <

A company's marketing plan is a step-by-step way of developing a business, carefully thought out and documented. It takes into account all aspects of the organization's activities: from the costs of creating a product, to methods of promoting it, taking into account the preferences of the target audience.

Developing a marketing plan is not an easy task, but it is absolutely necessary in the face of constant fierce competition and changing market conditions. Basically, the plan is your cheat sheet on a challenging business survival and development exam.

Where does the marketing plan fit into marketing?

A marketing plan is nothing more than a detailed step-by-step instruction, a guide to action intended for the owner and head of the company, based on data from a serious analysis of the current state of the company, analysis of promising steps and interactions. Also, in addition to all the prescribed points of the plan, budgets for their implementation should be attached to them as an integral part. You can plan anything, but do not forget that the main task of any business is to make money, and not spend it thoughtlessly.

In any case, everything that is recorded in the marketing plan will only be approximate. Until you start putting this into practice, you are unlikely to be able to assess the effectiveness of everything proposed. No wonder they say: "The one who does not drink champagne does not take risks!"

Often times, many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that planning is a waste of their precious time. But if you have been in business for a long time, then you know that everything is completely different. The market is such an unstable substance that today you are on horseback with an army of customers and huge profits, and tomorrow it may turn out to be the other way around: a major competitor can easily take all the most loyal fans of your product.

The conclusion is obvious - a marketing plan is needed just in order to timely identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business, in order to continue moving in the future without losing your way.

How do you know if you need a marketing plan? Easily! If the current state of affairs suits you completely: there is regular income, there are clients, periodic failures are not scary, you are not ready to change anything - continue to sit quietly in one place, but know that your business will not be long.

If a plan has long been ripening in your head to capture, if not the whole world, then at least further development and growth of the company, then start right now, without postponing the implementation indefinitely. Believe me, the result will not be long in coming!

It would be foolish to believe that there are extremely positive aspects when drawing up a marketing plan. This is not true. As in any other business, this tool has both pros and cons. Now let's talk about them in detail.

A marketing plan is a roadmap. When you have a specific goal, he shows you how to reach it. Improvisation in marketing can get expensive. Therefore, drawing up a marketing plan is one of the key tasks of the owner.

Chapter 1 Marketing plan: why you need it, what to build on

Chapter 2 Marketing Plan: Decomposition, Key Metrics

Chapter 3 Marketing Plan: Goals, Key Metrics

Chapter 4 Marketing Plan: Target Audience, Segmentation

Chapter 5 Marketing Plan: Customer Avatar

Chapter 6 Marketing Plan: Keywords

Chapter 7 Marketing Plan: Triggers

Chapter 8 Marketing Plan: Content Strategy

Chapter 9 Marketing Plan: Social Media, Email, Chatbots

Chapter 10 Marketing Plan: Budget, Responsibles

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From this article you will learn:

  • What is a company's marketing plan
  • Why it is needed
  • How long should it be drawn up
  • How develop a marketing plan for the company
  • How to do it quickly in half an hour
  • What mistakes should be avoided

Modern enterprises are constantly in a state of competition with each other. The one who is weaker because of an illiterately developed marketing plan loses. A company's marketing plan is important as it helps take sales to the next level. Let's figure out together how to draw it up and what strategy is better to apply.

What is a company's marketing plan

The leaders of modern enterprises in a competitive environment face questions that often affect the future of the company. How to develop further, what mechanisms to use to reduce costs, where to look for and attract potential customers, what marketing techniques to use to increase profits?

With the correct, competent and effective construction of the plan, you can easily find answers to these and other questions.

A company marketing plan is a short description of an algorithm that allows you to quickly find solutions to important production problems. Moreover, this document clearly indicates the timing and strategies. It could be one year, two or three.

The marketing plan of the company is drawn up as a separate document. Together with financial as well as production plans, it forms part of the company's strategic business plan. With their help, it is easy to build a general line of enterprise development.

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For the development of the document, the results of previous studies, data on the study of economic niches in which the enterprise operates are used. Additionally, resources and consumers are analyzed to determine the main goals and objectives. The period during which the desired results indicated earlier are achieved must be indicated.

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