Your own business: how to open a barbecue

Shish kebab is a delicious dish that never loses its relevance among visitors to fast food establishments. Therefore, the kebab business is the best solution if you want to start your own business.

Description and analysis of the sales market

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Business Description

The barbecue is a specialized establishment, the menu of which is dominated by variations of marinated meat cooked on a fire or grill. Unlike relatively new types of public catering (fast food and sushi bars), traditional kebabs continue to be popular with Russian visitors.

The barbecue serves meat dishes that are more familiar to domestic consumers. Many associate such food with a pleasant pastime with friends and family. Most people prefer to eat in a public place in a pleasant atmosphere, rather than spend time and energy on cooking. Moreover, this requires special equipment. Therefore, the idea of ​​opening a cafe, where the sale of barbecue will be carried out mainly, is the best option for starting a business.

Services provided

The main thing in a barbecue cafe is high-quality and tasty cooked meat. The traditional kebab is made from lamb, but lately, dishes from chicken, pork and other types of meat are gaining popularity. Also, a significant addition to the menu will be: grilled meat, various vegetable side dishes, salads and desserts. It is advisable to include alcoholic beverages in the list of services, and special attention should be paid to the wine list.


A barbecue business is a good solution for those who want to have constant profit. Previously, kebabs were considered a summer business, but over time, more and more establishments appear that operate all year round. The principle of operation of a seasonal cafe is not very different from a restaurant that operates constantly. Therefore, the time frame can be determined independently. It is also important to map out the location of the cafe.

Barbecue options

Opening a barbecue is of interest to many entrepreneurs. The establishments specializing in the preparation of barbecue are very popular in Russia, respectively, the business is considered relevant and profitable. In the summer, the barbecue is able to bring a solid income to its owner.



Surely, many are delighted with the aroma of juicy meat roasted on charcoal, and cannot imagine their vacation or leisure in a cheerful company without a portion of delicious barbecue!

Barbecue - like a magnet attracts the eyes of visitors, and a cozy establishment with high-quality products can flourish and increase capital. The key to success lies in having a detailed and thoughtful business plan.

A preliminary estimate of the project helps to avoid serious mistakes on the way of building a business, and also allows you to calculate the approximate amount of funds required to implement a barbecue as a business. The estimate allows you to optimize actions, find the most profitable options for solving current issues.

What is a classic barbecue? This is a small cafe with specialized equipment for cooking various types of meat. Often, in the menu of such establishments, you can see grilled meat and vegetables, as well as soft drinks.

Opening a barbecue before the summer season is a great idea for those who wish to profitably invest their own funds and get income soon. Before working on creating a business plan, you need to analyze some of the features of the institution:

  • Seasonality. Be prepared for the fact that the business will bring the main income in the warm season, while the winter months can be a real challenge for the establishment;
  • The barbecue attracts a certain type of visitors: here you will not meet avid vegetarians and families with kids. Get ready to meet noisy companies wishing to relax with a delicious delicious barbecue;
  • The barbecue menu cannot offer a rich selection of different dishes, since its main purpose is to cook high-quality meat in a wide variety of variations.

It is important not only to take into account all the nuances of doing business, but also to be eager to open the best barbecue in your city.

Self-confidence and creativity are able to attract the attention of the audience, you will certainly succeed, the main thing is to go step by step towards the intended goal.

Minimum start-up capital

Kebabs are gaining great popularity - catering establishments, in the menu of which grilled meat (shashlik) takes the leading place. Such specialized cafes are most relevant in big cities, where multi-storey buildings prevail and where many people do not have the opportunity to cook barbecue on their own. This business is highly profitable and does not require large organizational costs.

How to register a barbecue and issue permits

As in the case with any other catering establishment, a number of documents must be drawn up to open a barbecue. To begin with, you need to choose the appropriate organizational and legal form for running such a business. In this case, there are only two options - register as an individual entrepreneur or open a limited liability company. The IP form is considered the most preferable form, even if you think big and plan over time to create a whole network of kebabs in your city (or even outside of it).

In the future, you can always open an LLC if necessary, and starting your business as an individual entrepreneur will save time and money. The costs of registering an individual entrepreneur are several times lower than the costs of organizing an LLC. When registering with the tax office, indicate code 55. 0 "Activities of restaurants and cafes" in the list of OKVED codes. Decide in advance on the form of taxation and notify the tax office about it. A simplified form with a 15% rate is considered optimal.

Among other necessary documents for conducting such activities, you will need a sanitary-epidemiological conclusion (or a hygienic certificate) and a permit for placement, which are issued by Rospotrebnadzor after checking your institution. The validity period of the sanitary and epidemiological conclusion can be from 1 to 5 years, depending on the place of opening of the barbecue and the result of inspections.

In principle, you can independently engage in obtaining a certificate and permission (collecting and preparing all the necessary documents). All this will take about two months. If you have no experience in processing documents and working with the relevant authorities, then it is better to seek help from intermediaries. The costs in this case will be higher, but you will save a lot of your own efforts and time. In addition, each of your employees who is related to the supply of raw materials, disposal of production waste or directly to the production process must have a medical record.

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

The procedure for issuing a personal medical record, passing hygienic training, certification and medical examinations are regulated by the following documents: Federal Law No. 52 "On the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population", Federal Law No. 29 "On the quality and safety of food products", Order of the Ministry of Health of Russia No. 229 of 29. 6. 0 "On professional hygienic training and certification of officials and employees of organizations", Order of the Ministry of Health of Russia No. 122 of 14. 4. 0 "On personal medical records and sanitary passports for vehicles for transportation food products ”, as well as regional regulations.

How to choose a format for a barbecue

Before you start writing a business plan and, moreover, organizing a cafe, you should decide on the format of your barbecue. Until recently, such establishments operated mainly in the format of a seasonal cafe. Like other similar catering establishments, kebabs were open only in summer. Moreover, a stationary room was not needed to open them. The principle of organizing such a barbecue is similar to the principle of opening an ordinary cafe. It is usually located in a tent, next to which a brazier is installed. However, now the most popular are "stationary" kebabs, which work throughout the year. Previously, such establishments were located mainly on highways, along the roadway. Now they began to open in cities, mainly in residential areas.

Project Summary

The goal of the project is to open a barbecue in Rostov-on-Don, operating in the format of a mini-cafe and “take-away”. The barbecue is a small establishment with an area of ​​30 sq. meters offering barbecue as the main dish. The target audience of the institution are residents of the Aleksandrovka microdistrict and the city of Rostov-on-Don, as well as guests of the city. The main services of the barbecue are: barbecue to go, mini-cafe and summer cafe services, delivery services. Facility's menu includes:

The cost of opening a barbecue will be 1,101,700 rubles. The main investments will require the construction of a barbecue building and the purchase of equipment - 811,700 rubles. The project is planned to be launched at its own expense. The payback period of the project from the start of sales will be 14 months.

The construction and finishing of the premises, as well as the registration of the necessary establishments, is planned to be completed within 5 months. The opening of the barbecue is scheduled for June 2021.

Industry and company description

The goal of the project is to open a barbecue in the city of Rostov-on-Don. At its core, a kebab house will represent a "one-dish establishment" - a kebab. It was decided to choose two directions as a format of work - a self-service mini-cafe format for 12 seats and a take-away format. In the period from April to early October, it is planned to double the number of seats by adding summer tables. Thanks to this, it is supposed to make the fullest use of the facility's capabilities in the warm season, when barbecue is in the greatest demand among Rostovites and guests of the city.

Shashlychnaya is located on one of the busiest streets of the city - 40th Anniversary of Victory Avenue (Aleksandrovka microdistrict), on the first line of houses. The distance from the city center (Teatralnaya Square) is 5 km, the distance from the federal highway M-4 "Don" is 3 km.

An individual entrepreneur with a simplified taxation system (6% of the income received) was chosen as the form of ownership. The management structure of the establishment is extremely simple. The project is managed by an individual entrepreneur, the functions of receiving clients and fulfilling orders are performed by two full-time employees working in shifts. In the warm season, due to the increase in sales and the opening of a summer cafe, it is possible to attract hired personnel. Employees are also hired to provide delivery services.

Description of goods and services

The main dish of the kebab house is shashlik made from various types of meat: pork, beef, lamb, poultry. A detailed price list for the products of the barbecue can be seen in Table. 1 of this business plan. The main advantage of the barbecue will be the quality of the meat, which is purchased from a local peasant farm, and the direct cooking is done by the individual entrepreneur himself, who has many years of experience in cooking barbecue and dishes on the grill, as well as two full-time employees. The quality of the barbecue will also be facilitated by the timely delivery of meat and compliance with storage conditions, the methods of marinating and roasting, worked out from personal experience. Barbecue and other dishes for it can be ordered without visiting the barbecue: the institution provides delivery services. At the time of writing this business plan, the project is at its initial stage: the site has been transferred from the status of individual housing construction to commercial real estate, design estimates have been developed, and a preliminary agreement has been concluded for the supply of meat with one of the peasant farms.

Table 1. Price list for products sold

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Despite the popularity of different types of fast food (burgers, pizza, etc.), people still love juicy and aromatic meat fried over an open fire - barbecue.

This dish is especially popular in the warm season - it can be eaten with bread, vegetables, sauces, and also wrapped in pita bread. If it is not possible to cook meat on the grill on your own, or if you need a hearty and delicious pereskus, you can buy a shish kebab in a barbecue cafe. We will analyze how to open such a point, what are its features and advantages.

Business specifics of the BBQ menu

The specificity of a barbecue is that for most people it is "a cafe with one dish on the menu." People come to the barbecue to eat the barbecue, and the choice lies only in the variety of types of meat from which it can be prepared.

The classic Caucasian shashlik is made from lamb, but in cafes, pork shashlik (especially from pork neck) or chicken is more common, less often from beef. You can even cook barbecue from some types of fish.

Think over the serving of barbecue, develop a wine list. The menu depends on the format of the barbecue.

Shashlik format: stationary, mobile cafe and take-away shashlik

Most often this is a seasonal cafe, which is open from April / May to September / October. Such a cafe does not require a stationary room, so the organization process is simple, and the start-up costs are minimal. Usually, such barbecue houses are opened in a small tent.

The brazier is installed nearby. A separate issue is the availability of a bathroom. Usually, it is not provided in summer cafes, so they are located near public toilets or they rent their own dry closet for several thousand rubles a month. You can also buy takeaway kebabs here, but they rarely offer delivery.

But there are also stationary kebabs that work all year round. They can often be seen on the track, as barbecues are very fond of truck drivers and people traveling in cars. Also stationary kebabs can be opened in the city - in the park, on the embankment, anywhere with good pedestrian traffic. Sometimes they are even opened in sleeping areas. Such cafes often work as a take-out and deliver orders by courier.

Summer catering points work only in warm weather, but stationary establishments do not depend on the season. This is a significant advantage. The main thing in such cases is to choose a location with sufficient traffic even in winter. Also, you will have to invest in rent, renovation, purchase of furniture.

Whichever format of the kebab house you choose, it is important to place your point in a place with good traffic. But this is not so important if you open a barbecue on wheels - a small van that will travel around the city. But keep in mind that the law on mobile commerce has not yet been adopted in our country.

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