Your crazy idea is a challenge, but it will probably make the world a better place.

The economic sphere of our country is multifaceted and full of various contradictions, which often do not fit into the mind, but this does not prevent it from developing in the same direction. We can confidently note that almost all (maybe all) of the most famous and rather profitable niches of private business have been occupied for a long time.

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There is almost no point in creating a business of this kind, because it is incredibly difficult to win competition from experienced bison. Only diligent and persistent people overcome all obstacles, offer high-quality and inexpensive goods (services) and achieve more than their competitors. Unfortunately, there are not many such people.

That is why many business people who are planning to start their own business are trying to come up with and implement an unusual business that could occupy their individual niche and begin to bring good income.

Sometimes business ideas for such projects become just crazy. But it should be noted that it is precisely such crazy and sometimes crazy ideas, for example, selling places in paradise, that become the most popular, they quickly begin to bring a lot of money to their inventor. People are already so tired of the monotony and standard life that they are ready to pay big money just to try something completely new. What is the main secret of shooting such business projects that to most people seem unearthly, space and crazy.

Sending mail to Santa Claus

In 2021, a certain Byron Reese started a business of sending mail to Santa Claus. The project is so successful that it has already brought the creator two million dollars. And the idea was primitively simple. Many want their wish to come true, and are willing to pay $ 1-2 to write a letter to Santa and thereby attract good luck.

Creating gift collections from garbage

New York-based designer Justin Dzhignak decided to tackle the rewarding business of urbanizing waste, which eventually turned into a lucrative entrepreneurial activity. He makes money by creating gift collections from garbage. We recommend that you read in more detail about the implementation of such a business idea.

Creating DNA portraits

Would you like to get an exclusive DNA portrait, or at least see what it is. But more than 2 million people ordered such a picture and hung it on the wall in their house. Rave? Read the full article on DNA portraits and be amazed further!

Such ideas may seem absurd, but they have shown their effectiveness in practice, as they allow you to achieve phenomenal success in the end. As for me, any action plan should have a similar character if it needs to change something.


Fraser Doherty is a person who truly trusts his intuition 100 percent. It was for this reason that he dropped out of school, and then began selling jam according to a special recipe of his grandmother.

His activity began at the age of 14. He did not introduce anything new into the field of entrepreneurship, but he did something different. By selling his produce in farmers' markets as delicacies, Fraser was able to rise high in the corporate ladder. He even developed his own recipe for jam, which is 100% fruit.

Further, he adjusted production for a long period, after which he created a brand and developed many more of his recipes. At the time when he was making deliveries to a large supermarket, Fraser was already considered the youngest entrepreneur.

Superjam currently supplies more than 2021 supermarkets worldwide, including Tesco, Asda, Wal-mart, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Waitrose. Nice to sell jam, huh?

Hangover Helpers

Sounds funny, doesn't it? Let's understand the essence of the name, maybe it's even funnier in reality?

Gone are the days when you were afraid of the thought of opening your eyes and seeing total chaos after another party. Dishes scattered all over the floor of the apartment, unfamiliar faces everywhere, bottles and a lot of rubbish - this is by no means a pleasant sight to the eye. Now you don't need to worry! Hangover Helpers will fix everything in minutes!

You don't have to bother yourself with time-consuming housework, but ask Regis & Kelly and Forbes, led by Alex Vere-Nicholl and Mark Simmons.

Household stones

A rather strange idea, and I don't understand why I didn't think of it myself. The fact is that a certain Gary Dahl simply sells ordinary stones as pets.

The most amazing thing is that such an idea was able to bring him 15 million dollars in just six months! A fortune for stones! Curtain!

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# Anton Pushkarev

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I've even seen chips on a stick somewhere on the network.

In one shopping center we sell these chips on a stick: they do it right in front of you. Delicious by the way, natural potatoes.

I'll tell you one more business idea. Since smoking is banned everywhere, a dude in Germany decided to open a cafe where smoking is allowed. Arod went to him in batches. then it expanded into a chain of smoking cafes. Then came the smoking restaurants. Things went well. Now he has opened his own airline where you can smoke on board! He made millions on this ban!

And then there's the salty soda idea. Why does soda have to be sweet or at least tasteless? So the idea to make a soda with bacon flavor came about. that idea caused a certain stir in Europe and America. So the idea is not that crazy.

Likewise, you can make food-flavored toothpaste (for those who are fed up with the “fresh scent and taste of mint.”)

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And then there's the salty soda idea. Why should soda be sweet or at least tasteless ??

Material on the topic: "Crazy business ideas" with full explanation and justification.

Crazy ideas from abroad that have been successful

New startups, failing to find a sufficient response from consumers, crumble to dust, without bringing any profit.

All of a sudden, quite absurd ideas are developing for everyone, bringing multimillion-dollar profits to the organizer. Having learned about those projects that were successful and too bold, it remains only to regret that they did not come into our heads. Is it possible to translate these ideas into reality in our country, we will see further.

Dog Cleaning

This idea enriched the Colombian who founded PetButler in his country. Employees of the company do dog excrement cleanup for a fee, which their clients remit on a weekly basis.

At one time this proposal to Matt Boswell, the founder of the firm, seemed ridiculous. However, the economic mindset and entrepreneurial acumen helped to quickly analyze all the pros and cons of the proposal. And here is the result - now PetButler is the largest company for such unpleasant work as cleaning animal feces. This work is one of those that they do not like, even disdain, and tend to avoid doing it on their own.

The calculation was as follows: if we take a district with a radius of 30 km, then this is more than 100,000 dogs, even if 1% of the owners of these animals pay weekly for the services of his company, this is already a decent amount.

PetButler now has more than 5,000 dog breeders as clients and has sold over a hundred franchises in various states.

For Russia, this idea would not be bad, but there is no strict enough legislation forcing to clean up excrement on lawns after dogs.

In our country, there are conscientious citizens who clean themselves while walking the dogs, but there are very few of them. If we consider breeders of different breeds of dogs, then, probably, these services can be in demand. But it should be noted that the concentration of breeders in any region is not so great, so a large scale is hardly possible.

Grandma's jam

Entrepreneur Fraser Doherty dropped out of school at 16 and started his own company, Super Jam. At the age of 14, he began selling jars of his own jam, which made him famous now not only in his native Scotland.

What's the craziest idea you've ever had? Most often, when we have a non-standard idea that seems too radical to us, or even crazy, we abandon it. This is how we are made. But once we have given up on the idea, there is no way to determine and prove whether the idea was worthwhile and working, or an empty fiction.

What we think is crazy, unattainable, or impossible can only feel so because we didn’t try to make it something other than the unattainable, impossible and insane.

You had an idea, you thought it was a great business topic, but then you abandoned it. Tell us why you thought your idea was crazy, not real and you abandoned it?

Was your idea good and ambitious in your opinion? Take a look at your idea from the outside, objectively, maybe it's just not the time for it?

Was this something out of reach, or something other people couldn't understand? Or did you decide that you simply cannot implement this daring idea (you thought so and did not act)?

If you are like most people, then you left and abandoned the idea, right? You gave up on the idea as soon as you realized how unconventional and crazy it seems to you.

What if suddenly - everything worked out

Yes, friends. We all, for the most part, reject ideas that seem too crazy to us. But how often do you then remember the idea and think - what if suddenly ... everything worked out ..

And wondering why the idea won't let you go. What if the idea will be realized by some daredevil, the idea will work, and the creator will become known to the whole world, and I will remain a theoretician with my thoughts on the sidelines of life? Maybe the idea was really great, what is my problem, why didn't I start to implement it?

Here's the thing: most crazy ideas remain as unrealistic or unattainable in our thoughts and imaginations as we imagine them to be.

Indeed, some ideas that mostly come from the imagination with little basis in reality are clearly too fantastical to become reality. For example, you cannot invent a machine so that it instantly transports you into outer space, because there is simply no technology and knowledge for this right now. I will add, not yet.

All it takes to turn a crazy idea into a good and working one is a little energy, ambition and constant curiosity.

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