You Won't Believe: Unusual Business Ideas That Have Been Implemented

Who said that all ingenious is simple? Sometimes, in search of an original business idea, you have to literally "rack your brains" in order to become not only noticed, but also in demand. We invite you to get acquainted with unusual business ideas that were implemented and became successful among the audience. Happy reading!

Paid Store

Everyone knows this business format as an anti-cafe - an institution in which visitors pay not for the services rendered to them, but for the time spent in this place. This format is quite common in our country, and is no less popular than traditional cafes.

Now imagine that when you go to a store, you pay to enter it. For some it will seem arrogance, but for others it will completely discourage the desire to visit him. However, that doesn't stop owner Georgina Lewis, who owns Celiac Supplies.

The essence of the store, located in Australia, is that visitors pay AUD 5 to enter. Money is reimbursed only if the visitor makes a purchase, then he is assigned a discount equal to the amount paid for the entrance. Georgina is sure that such a move will encourage customers to buy, and exclude the appearance of those who come to the store only to "look" the product.

Mermaid School

A cartoon about a little mermaid named Ariel was released in 1989, and then the girls could only dream of being like the main character and being able to swim like her.

Today anything is possible! The idea to teach swimming not just with a classic breaststroke or crawl, but with a pulled tail, like a mermaid, came to the mind of creative guys from America who opened their own courses called the Mermaid School.

In Russia, all interested women of any age can also feel like the heroine of their favorite fairy tale thanks to the "1st Russian Academy of Mermaids" opened in Moscow. It not only teaches to swim with tails, but also organizes interesting holidays and underwater videos and photo shoots!

Apology Service

Everyone has conflicts of various sizes. For example, someone may forget about the anniversary of a relationship because of the routine at work, while another will not congratulate a loved one at all on their birthday due to the circumstances.

The situations are unpleasant, and they urgently need to be corrected somehow. However, not everyone can find the right words for an apology, because it is not always banal, and at the same time, difficult to pronounce "sorry" is enough.

Entrepreneurs from Japan have created a project based on drawing up an apology for the situation. The customer can choose a personal appeal, either by phone or email. A similar service was created in Dnepropetrovsk, and it received the symbolic name Sorry. The leader is Marina Ivanova, who in one of her interviews said that they also practice industrial mountaineering (that is, a person descends to the windows located on a high floor, for example, with a bouquet of flowers), in which either the culprit or the specialist can participate. Sorry service ".

Is it very difficult to make a fortune? This is luck, motivation, hard work and unlimited imagination, within the framework of the law, of course. Or is it easy to make a fortune? We invite you to get acquainted with a similar approach, as they say without comment.

Wild geese are real pests on golf courses. They very quickly eat grass from lawns, dig them up, which makes it impossible to play on such fields. Golf club owners suffered heavy losses. Until David Mark helped them.

He started chasing geese off the golf courses with the help of his dog. This has proven to be a very effective way. After making his first money, David started selling franchises for his business. As a result, having created a working scheme, Mark sold his successful business. Total earnings amounted to over $ 2 million.

In the 60s and 70s of the XX century, car manufacturers in the USA began to equip their cars with automatic antennas - folding was controlled from the passenger compartment. However, due to forgetfulness or for some other reason, the antenna control button was often not labeled at all.

Jason Wall began producing labeled antenna knobs to replace the unnamed ones. Its production earned $ 1.5 million.

A young man in Florida decided to go spinning. But I didn't catch a fish. Moreover, his expensive lure caught on a sunken log under water. Instead of being upset, the young man hired workers and divers, who got all the drowned logs from the bottom of the river. There were so many of them that it was enough not only to pay workers for labor, but also to open their own company.

Now this guy has a large logging company. Whether he found his spoon, history is silent.

One woman, after undergoing cancer treatment with chemotherapy, completely lost her hair. She now sells wigs to other women who are also being treated for cancer. The basis of her advertising campaign is she herself and is not shy about it. Women trust her very much.

Dominic McVey, at the age of 13, began exporting micro scooters from the US to England. By the age of 15, he had made his first millions. At the age of 18, the Queen of Great Britain appointed him as Britain's Pioneer of Entrepreneurship. Nowadays, Dominic has many companies of various profiles, from music to cosmetics.

American children are very fond of Santa Claus, that is, Santa Claus. For them, he is more popular than comic book heroes, for them he is a fairy tale. Alaska resident Byron Rees decided to help his parents with fairy tales. For $ 10, parents can buy a letter from Byron from Santa Claus. The letter will come in a beautiful envelope with a personalized letter addressed to the child. The return address will indicate - North Pole, Alaska. Well, right, it's very cold in Alaska. American children think so.

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