Woman and business; they are compatible

Women's business has been banned for a long time; it was believed that doing business is the lot of only a strong half of humanity. No matter how scolded the concept of "emancipation", it was it that gave us a businesswoman. And together with women, entrepreneurship came to be accurate, adequate behavior, skillful business management, soft and correct approach to all work issues.

Best for yourself

For a purposeful lady, women's business is not a method of making money, but a way of self-expression. Through entrepreneurship, she can tell the whole world about her strengths and positive aspects. Own business is also a path to self-improvement.

I must say, it's not always easy to start and run a women's business. The ideas in our society are such that women are treated with prejudice, many are underestimated. Talented and beautiful ladies entrepreneurs have taken on the fight against this.

Most Relevant Business Ideas

All of the following ideas have already been tested by pioneers and proven to be successful and reliable. So, your own profitable women's business can be in one of the following directions:

  • yoga studio;
  • fitness club;
  • club for young mothers;
  • coffee shop;
  • kindergarten;
  • wedding salon;
  • atelier.

Recently, remote work is gaining popularity and demand. Women's Internet business can be organized in the following areas:

  • blogging about beauty;
  • online store;
  • Skype tutoring.

Everything for the most social

If you prefer to work closely with a client, the best womens business for you is:

  • toastmaster services;
  • event organization;
  • restaurant opening;
  • custom-made handmade goods;
  • manicure services;
  • hairdresser;
  • solarium;
  • spa cabinet;
  • depilation services; <
  • massage;
  • beauty salon.

Let's talk today about us, Women! Today I want to share my opinion on whether it is easy for a woman to do business. Woman and business, how compatible are these seemingly incompatible concepts? Can a woman be successful in business? What kind of business is most suitable for a woman? There are many questions about this, and different answers can be found.

Our strength is in our weakness, and our weakness is immeasurable

W. ekspere "The Taming of the Shrew"

Women and Business Today

From the beginning of time, it was believed that the spheres of activity of a woman are the birth and upbringing of children, family, home, food, handicrafts, gardening, etc. This list of activities is constantly expanding through the efforts of the women themselves. Nobody forces us to take on more and more obligations, but looking for ourselves and improving in new areas, previously available only to men, gives women undisguised pleasure and pride in their achievements.

A woman always strives for perfection, for perfection in everything! She should look perfect, her children should be the smartest and most beautiful, her house should be the most cozy and comfortable, her work should bring her satisfaction.

This is why more and more women today choose business, not work for hire. Employment cannot bring such satisfaction from your labor as THAT that you do for yourself and for yourself! In business, like nowhere else, all the qualities and talents that were hidden deep inside the fragile nature are manifested. Suddenly it turns out that a sweet and defenseless girl, in fact, is an intelligent, active, adventurous and strong LADY.

Women and business look great

Very often women themselves do not even know what they are capable of. And if women have mastered such specialties as a driver, a blacksmith, a welder, a crane operator, etc., then why can't they master the wisdom of business?

Often women, moving up the career ladder, achieve the highest results. The only difference is that when you work for the boss, you have no chance of taking his place. The CEO or manager of a company will most often be men. Not because they are smarter, but simply because a man in business will never give up his place to a woman.

What is left for a woman to do, you ask? Create YOUR BUSINESS. What kind of business, you ask? There are many options for “women's business”. This can be the beauty industry (hairdresser, cosmetology, massage parlor, SPA), services for animals (haircuts, clothes, hotels), floriculture, model business, confectionery .... etc.

BUT! To start such a business, you will need huge financial investments, a lot of time and effort, both physical and moral. Not every woman will go for this, especially since a lot will have to be sacrificed in the name of this goal. Business by business, but nobody relieves us of responsibility for our home, family and children. It makes no sense to sacrifice them in the name of business, because. for a woman, family has always been in the first place. And business is an opportunity to show all your abilities, an opportunity to realize yourself, and of course to get income.

If you do not have a few million extra money, if you do not have enough time, but you really want to realize your potential, and really want to become financially independent, then MLM business is for you. Please do not be intimidated by this name, this is not MMM ???? , and MLM business has nothing to do with pyramids.

More and more women are leading businesses around the world: in 2021 alone, 163 million women started their own business. Is there a difference between female and male entrepreneurship? Rather, the difference is what character traits become a plus in a big game. There are three character traits that I can be grateful for for my success.

Eloquence, sociability and emotionality

It is believed that women are more sociable than men. It happened historically: men have always concentrated on their work (often it was physical and not collective labor), while women were engaged in housekeeping, raising children, making sure that everyone in the family was happy. People have always been at the center of their attention.

Somewhere at the turn of the 9th and 20th centuries, the situation in society began to change rapidly: the concept of gender equality became more and more natural every year, women were given the opportunity to escape from their daily routine, new paths opened up for them. And it turned out that natural female sensitivity, a tendency to communicate and empathy are indispensable qualities for successful business.

Este Lauder, the daughter of poor Jewish immigrants, who started a business in the slums of New York City, was a prime example. Today, the Estée Lauder corporation she founded is one of the 250 largest enterprises in the United States and brings in about $ 5 billion a year. Este was engaged in cosmetics ... or rather, all her competitors were engaged in cosmetics, and she was engaged in people. She came up with the idea of ​​giving out free samples and conducting demonstrations of her products, she constantly communicated with her clients and learned about their problems, "working on the ground." Today, such a concept of doing business is an axiom, but without the participation of women, it simply would not have come into being.

It is natural for a woman to pay attention to people: relationships in a team, the mood of her clients and her audience ... In the modern world - especially, given the opportunities for brand promotion that social networks provide - the ability to communicate with people becomes very serious help in the business environment.

Performance and endurance

Both men and women who have achieved success in business are talented and hardworking people, but among women, the ability to “keep the pace at a long distance” is more common. And again, this quality is due historically: after getting a conditional mammoth, a man came home and could rest quietly - a sprint spurt, followed by a good rest.

A woman housekeeper is constantly at work: she looks after a thousand things and never rests in the full sense of the word. Dozens of household chores begin in the early morning and end only late at night, to start again in the morning. This state of affairs made women more resilient than men, able to concentrate on a specific task for longer and go to success continuously - albeit in small steps.

It is this quality, by the way, that allowed Indra Nooyi to become one of the most influential business women in the world. A girl from the brahmana caste, she realized in college that she wanted to get a decent education. In-depth study of physics, mathematics and chemistry in college, successfully graduated from the Indian Institute of Management, and then from Yale University. A colossal work on himself made Indra Nooyi President and CEO of PepsiCo: the woman behind whom Pepsi bought Quaker Oats and Tropicana.

Stress tolerance

The Women & Startup team invites you to find out “what is women's business”. In fact, this is a study of a topical issue, a desire to find the truth in a dispute or to come to a complete mutual understanding based on generally accepted postulates.

Business has a female face

So, there is an opinion shared with us by Victoria Virta - a successful top manager and businessman (businesswoman), developer of the magazine and the Dom 2 website, IP services, and so on, and so on. She firmly believes that the meaning of the phrase “women's business” is based on the keyword “women's” - these are children, toys, jewelry, lingerie and clothing, and of course, SPA, beauty salons.

The business of women is fundamentally different from it. The key word in this phrase is "business". It can already be anything, even in traditionally male spheres.

Entrepreneurship involves the simultaneous conduct of several cases. Every woman does just that every day: she brings up children and her husband, solves non-trivial problems, “settles” problems, creates coziness and comfort, runs a household, and achieves the necessary results for the good of the family. And all this besides (before and after) work. Therefore, the face of the business is unambiguously feminine.

Victoria's career lies in media and it. The leaders in these segments are mostly male. This has its positive and negative sides.

Positive - the ability to stand out almost always, especially at conferences.

Negative - many men are unable to take women seriously in IT. In fact, turning negative into positive is very easy. For this, there is a woman's cunning and natural charm.

It is enough to do business like a woman. You can't fight men.

In this case, they begin to perceive you (de facto) as a man and begin to "swing their swords at a gallop." And then the woman is offended.

The gender equality you want to achieve destroys the innate superiority of women.

The point is not to become a man and stop being a woman at the same time? None. It is enough to do the same as before, but not competing with men, but asking them for advice, support, help.

For a long time, the business sector has ceased to be the field of exclusively men and many women, including in Russia, have shown by their example that anyone who has the ability to analyze, plan, organize work in advance, adhering to a single the chosen concept.

Nevertheless, due to prejudice, some spheres still represent women's business, which men choose much less often or completely bypass because of the specifics, more often leaving for niches associated with production, cars, and computer equipment. The difference in choice is still not based on gender differences (you can easily find a man who owns a beauty salon and a woman who runs a construction company), but on interests, abilities and goals.

Profitable Women's Business

On the Internet, you can find a lot of interesting business ideas specifically for girls, women of any age, but first you should pay attention to some points:

Five steps to building a successful commercial project:

  • Select a few ideas that interest you, comparing the pros and cons and relevance of each in order to choose the most suitable for yourself, taking into account the city where you will work: if you do not know at all where to start , sit down and write on the sheet about ten points - what you like to do and what you can do.
  • Having decided on the idea, analyze how much it is in demand where you would like to implement it, whether there are competitors, how many of them, what is the demand for their services.
  • As much as possible delve into the area in which you intend to join: you must know all its nuances, features, risks. Take your time and take enough time for this step.
  • Start building a client base in advance, for this there are relatives, friends, acquaintances, perhaps current colleagues, the Internet.
  • You will need the most detailed business plan in which you describe each stage of work, write down what you need to purchase, the estimated cost, the planned staff and their salaries, the total cost of opening and the payback period, taking into account projected profit, other details

Wedding Salon

Such a business is relevant for large cities and regional centers, it is characterized by seasonality, for which one should be prepared. The room can be rented not too large, but you will have to spend money on the decoration of the hall, especially on mirrors, lighting, shop windows. However, a bridal salon implies the sale of not only wedding dresses, there can be evening dresses for girlfriends, mothers, men's wedding suits, traditional accessories, shoes, bouquets, scarves, jewelry - whatever for such a celebration. The idea is always relevant, the main thing is to choose the right place and set prices in accordance with the purchasing power of the population of your city.

Women's clothing showroom

In Russia, the showroom is presented as a place for tax-free trade in exclusive branded clothing. As a rule, in this case, the product is sold at a low price and is available only in a single copy. In addition, a visit to the showroom for buyers is done by appointment or acquaintance.

You can start with at least 100 thousand rubles, the market is very saturated, the complexity is low, and the average profit is about 70 thousand rubles per month.

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