Win-win community service business ideas

Oddly enough, business ideas for services to the population are mainly designed specifically for small towns, although they are universal.

When choosing an occupation at your discretion, you must take into account the existing competition.

If the town already has 1-2 bakeries, a cleaning company, and they are flourishing, it is quite possible that the opening of a similar establishment will become unprofitable.

What to consider when choosing

Mostly the inhabitants of towns are more conservative than the population of the megalopolis.

It is advisable to take this into account when deciding to open an institution for the sale of highly specialized goods or the provision of unique services.

Perhaps the company will have several clients, but they will not be able to create a solid client base that guarantees a constant and good income to the owner.

The following conditions must be the main parameters for a successful start:

  • The business that an entrepreneur will be engaged in for years should be his favorite, akin to a hobby that brings, in addition to the pleasure of such a pastime, money.
  • Start-up capital and future income should be invested in the business very carefully. It is unreasonable to think that you can spend all the cash received on your own whims, and the business will still flourish.
  • Don't get upset if business ideas for public services don't pay off instantly. Each type of entrepreneurship needs promotion, which can last from 6 months or even up to 2 years.
  • Business development most often depends not on the amount of start-up capital, but solely on the demand for the services provided by the company. This is the foundation of profitability.

Only after starting to consider business ideas, choosing the most suitable option, you can immediately think about which of the local residents, known for the quality of their work and diligence, should be employed.

Opening of the hairdresser

There is probably no person in the world who has not dreamed of financial independence. It does not matter how old the individual is, what gender, worldview or political views. Almost everyone wants to be financially self-sufficient and succeed in life. Many people do not think that in fact financial freedom is a completely achievable goal, it is only important to find your niche and choose a win-win business for yourself, which will become the basis for your future carefree life.

Let's try to figure out how to start a win-win business from scratch using the example of a few simple business ideas that are available for implementation by almost any average person.

It is not at all necessary to use the following ideas in practice, these are generally trivial ways to make a living, used by many of our compatriots. But considering such varieties of your business makes it possible to understand that there are no unattainable goals. Look at how others make money, and the understanding of what the most win-win business can be opened in a particular city will come naturally.

What is a business idea?

A business idea is the direction of thoughts and actions that can be used to build a new activity in an existing company or even create an enterprise. In most cases, the direction of business ideas is the creation of various goods or the provision of services. These components of your own successful business are the most important factors without which you will not be able to build a win-win business. It is goods and services that can be sold for money, but only if the novice businessman has correctly approached the formulation and calculations of his own business model.

Who can start their own successful business

Of course, it is no secret that an ordinary person cannot immediately figure out which business is a win-win and which is not. To facilitate this task, only four simple business ideas have been selected and described below, which have repeatedly proven their effectiveness in practice. It has been tested many times - each of them is capable of bringing success! You don't need to worry about your lack of abilities - access to financial freedom is in fact open to absolutely everyone, you just need to make some efforts, and most importantly - choose an activity "to your liking."

Opening a food service point

So, the first practically win-win business, especially for residents of small towns and villages, is the opening of a catering point, for a start, small.

Any city, even the smallest, can boast of a demand for delicious food among its own population. Indeed, who refuses to have a quick and nutritious breakfast, a tasty lunch or a quiet dinner instead of shopping in search of the right products and time spent on cooking ?! Maybe in big cities this niche is occupied by chains of restaurants and bistros, but in small towns the sphere of activity is still characterized by dissatisfaction with demand. It follows from this that opening, for example, a canteen is, on the whole, almost a win-win small business.

Quick Start Tips

To ensure the successful start and development of such a business idea, you must first of all take care of maintaining a high level of cooking. The food offered to diners or cafes should be really nutritious and delicious. Staff is also an important factor in achieving success - employees must be polite and friendly.

Considering the question of a profitable and beloved business that develops into a business, you should always remember that the first sign of a business's success is its payback. For this, an analysis of the market is done, and which niches are free for the application of efforts in the chosen business.

It is clear that many argue, and rightly so, that the most profitable business is the organization of oil refining production, the establishment of large retail outlets, the ownership of banks, but we will consider a profitable small business business, which is of more interest to self-employed people.

Which business is the most profitable - definitions of the most successful business

There is no doubt that every entrepreneur wants to know which business is the most profitable in order to maximize profit with a long-term perspective. There is an opinion of experts that a person can influence a business, so what type of entrepreneurship will be beneficial to you, it will become clear when some time passes. By creating the same conditions for two people starting their own business, who work in all business parameters and in the same city, investors received different results.

Many experts, reflecting on the success of a business, note that before starting your own business, you need to conduct a serious analysis of the chosen direction of activity, you should also not forget the simple truth that says that it is relevant today, tomorrow you may not need it. So what still determines a successful business is probably such conditions as:

Source of the received profit (income). In other words, a successful business is characterized by the presence of passive income, which does not depend on your participation in the business. Your task is to create and launch it, then you can continue to create a network, analyzing other areas of business development.

The presence of signs of residual (increasing) income in your business also speaks of its success.

This area of ​​activity is characterized by satisfied customers and the development of additional services, the development of systems such as:

organizing small stores that have everything into a single network;

creating a network of referrals on the Internet, or a distribution network;

creation of a network of sites on free resources and paid domains with the organization of advertising of famous brands;


Surely every entrepreneur, before starting his own business, carefully thinks over and weighs everything. This is not surprising. After all, no one wants to invest in a business and eventually burn out, having lost everything. So are there any win-win business ideas? The answer is there. And in our modern time there are a lot of them. This is what will be discussed in this article.

Shoe Repair Business Idea

To open a workshop, you will need a room in some residential area, since there will be very expensive rentals in the city center, and this is useless for you, and you will need to purchase special equipment (sharpener, electric drill, lamp, ambus , awl, hammer, and many other tools). Do not forget about consumables: rubber, sole, heels, instep supports, and so on.

After all of the above, you should think about advertising. A large signboard can play a huge role in luring visitors. Not bad options are business cards, newspaper ads, online advertising. Well, do not forget about word of mouth, it has not let anyone down yet.

Shoe repair is a win-win business. There is demand all year round, both in winter and in summer. How much can you earn from shoe repairs? Let's calculate the profit. On average, one repair order costs about 350 rubles. If you make about 20 orders a day, then the daily income will be about 7,000 rubles, which means that the monthly income will be 210,000 rubles. The opening of a shoe repair shop will cost about 800,000 rubles. From all of the above, we can conclude that the payback period for such a workshop will be approximately six months.

Business on old machines

Let's start with the fact that it is often very difficult for owners of broken cars to get rid of them. And all because such cars do not move and in order to take them to the landfill, you have to hire a car, give money for services and have nothing from it. But there is a better option - selling a car. Few will refuse this, because there is a difference what to throw out and what to sell, although not a lot of money.

And this will only benefit you. For example, you can start your own business buying old cars. The average cost of purchasing an old car is from 3,000 to 6,000 rubles, and the cost of a new emergency vehicle is slightly more expensive (the price depends on how much the car was damaged during the accident, what survived).

Then, after purchasing the car, you disassemble it. All unnecessary and spoiled parts are handed over for scrap. Wheels can be sold if they are in good condition. And parts that are on sale in excellent condition. For example, the profit from the delivery of scrap metal is about 10,000 rubles, which already pays for the cost of purchasing a car. All profits from the resale of an already disassembled machine are on average 150% of its value.

A win-win business idea - growing greens for the winter holidays

To organize this business, you will need seeds, a balcony (if you live in an apartment) and, of course, your desire and patience. Greens are usually an unpretentious plant and do not require much personal care.

After purchasing seeds, you need to build boxes in which greens will be grown. The easiest way to grow onions is as they can be grown not only in the ground, but also in water. Therefore, if you are a budding businessman, then you better start by growing onions.

Most of those who decide to start their own business do not have enough capital to start.

Social media trading

  • We need to do a little research on what product is in demand now, determine what to trade through social networks and who is specifically interested in this product. Do not neglect this, because it is very important to know your customer and his interests. You can trade anything from clothing to various gadget accessories.
  • Create a group on a social network, invite friends to it and ask them to invite their acquaintances. Before that, post photos and descriptions of the item you are selling to the group.
  • After the first orders appear, contact the previously found suppliers of the goods and buy the goods from them at the wholesale price. Then sell it at your own markup.
  • There should always be activity in the group - attract new users, hold contests, develop discussions, offer discounts for attracting customers.

Provision of services

  • Manicure. It is a feminine type of business based on extension services, nail design, strengthening, etc. Training costs from 3,000 to 20,000 rubles. before starting to study, consult with friends, since in this case the cost is not always equal to the quality. After completing the courses, you will receive a certificate and will be able to receive clients not only at home, but also in the salon, sharing with him the interest for attracting clients.
  • Massage services. Since 2021, the option of such services began to gain popularity. Here, as in the case of the idea of ​​nail services, it is enough to make a presentation group on a social network, while simultaneously placing ads on the Internet or in a newspaper.
  • Help services. This option can include the creation of custom-made websites, web design, equipment installation, equipment repair, car repair, psychological assistance, computer assembly and setup, transportation or loader services, etc. The most important thing here is professionalism. you can find a few more people for your team and provide the highest level of service, but do not forget about quality.
  • Other services: writing coursework / essays / control / calculation assignments, babysitting at home, tutoring, food delivery from supermarkets (for a start, you can do this yourself, and then hire several couriers), copywriter services and others.

Small production

  • Handmade soap. The production technology is not very complicated, and the competition in this industry is strong, so it is worth experimenting with the options for the final product. Soap can be sold online and in shops that specialize in the sale of gifts, cosmetics.
  • Postcards. During the holidays, this item can be sold at a very high mark-up. It's easy to learn how to make postcards, and if you display them on the Internet or partner with gift shops, then you are guaranteed sales. Uniqueness is very much appreciated in our time, people prefer to buy original postcards.
  • Creative accessories. Here again, the focus is on uniqueness. For example, earrings in the shape of a mouse or a bracelet made of a bunch of candies made of polymer clay are in great demand among young people. The market in this area is open to earning opportunities.

So, these win-win business ideas will help you become a successful entrepreneur. you must remember that you will have to work very hard yourself to achieve your goals and make a profit.

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