Why offline sales for a creative gift store are more effective

Looking for unique corporate gift ideas that will appeal to your clients and business partners? Then you have come to the right place.

The term "corporate gift" or "business gift" has been around for a long time. Corporate gifts are usually valuables offered by an employer to their employees or business partners without any obligation as a sign of appreciation or goodwill. Most large firms and organizations have policies regarding the provision of business gifts to their employees.

So why do we need another list of corporate gift ideas this year when it's already done and cleaned up? The answer is simple, everything changes. a list that worked like a Bible in the past may not work any time soon. In fact, this will not work with today's preference. Let's forget about corporate gifts for a moment. Open up your wardrobe, don't you see clothes that you will never wear again? What for? Exactly! They have gone out of fashion and are therefore almost useless.

The same goes for corporate gifts. Wake up! Don't just give gifts to your business partners, because these ideas were as great as the best corporate gifts in the past. You don't want "E", but "Wow." Don't worry, we're here to help you.

Here is a list of unusual corporate gift ideas that your partners, employees and customers will appreciate

Corporate Gift Idea # 1

SmartGiftBoxes for Remote Workers

Why give another gift card? Give something unique and support Russian small business. Give and send carefully selected items, holiday gift boxes, virtual event kits filled with premium products from local suppliers.

Smart Gift Box is a service for the delivery of gift boxes for employees and remote workers. The service supports small businesses and gives recipients a reason to smile during this uncertain time. Gift boxes are stocked with premium goods from local stores, from delicious treats to skin care products and knickknacks that fit your telecommuting workers.

Currently Smart Gift Box offers 6 types of boxes: “For tea lovers”, “Health care”, “Pamper colleagues”, “Snack break”, “Care and attention”, “Productivity” ...

You can order a batch of boxes for your company on the Internet online.

Corporate Gift Idea # 2

We all love the holidays. Why? There are many reasons for this. A holiday is an occasion to meet with family and friends, for pleasant wishes, sometimes additional weekends come along with the holidays, but the main reason why we love the holidays is, of course, gifts.

Many people believe that the desire to receive gifts is a trait of a mercantile person, but first of all, a gift is a way of expressing your affection for a person, your sympathy or even love. In addition, the gift does not have to be expensive, the main thing is that it is made from the heart.

By the way, some people are more fond of giving gifts than receiving. This is not surprising, because it is so nice to see vivid positive emotions on the face of a loved one and to know that you are the cause of them. However, sometimes it is very difficult to choose what to give to this or that person. In such a situation, Maxim, who is engaged in the gift business, can help: he creates practical and beautiful sets and delivers them to customers, thus making a good profit and delighting his customers.

Reconomica also loves to give gifts to its readers in the form of interesting and useful articles. That is why we asked Maxim to tell his story of building a holiday business and present it to your attention.

A short story about me

Perhaps my experience in such business as selling gift sets on the Internet will be useful for you. Earning money without large start-up investments in the first year most likely will not work, but the prospects for this business are truly enormous.

Exactly one year has passed since I started this activity, and I already see dozens of ways to increase business turnover and significantly raise profits.

By the way, at the same time I am helping my family in a home business specializing in the sale of Maine Coon cats. Building a family business is significantly different and requires much more time and money, but the profit is much higher.

How I ended up selling gift sets

Having studied all the relevant niches, I settled on gift sets. And there were several main reasons for this:

Three years ago, Polina Skvortsova opened a creative gift shop in St. Petersburg, where she sells unusual food, accessories and household goods brought from Asia. Gradually, the project has formed a loyal audience of 50,000 subscribers on VKontakte. In 2021, Polina plans to launch a second project, but for a wider range of buyers.

Polina Skvortsova told Kontur. Urnalu, what is the difference between selling in a creative space and a mall, why a franchise in the region is difficult to recoup, and how a brand can benefit its audience.

Online and offline sales

In November 2021, we wanted to launch a creative gift shop with a friend, but she left a month before the planned opening. I opened the Amikko store anyway with the help of friends. Together we made minimal repairs - we painted the walls and assembled shelving in a randomly turned up room with an area of ​​13 sq. m in the art space "Etazhi" in St. Petersburg.

Investments were very minimal. For 100,000 rubles. we bought furniture from IKEA, the first batch of goods from AliExpress - toys, plush slippers and dishes - and paid for two months of rent.

Long before that, we had already sold goods through a group on VKontakte, positioning our project as a gift shop. There was no brand then, and there was no understanding of what we were doing either - it was just a shop made on our knees, and we were happy when at least something was sold.

Now we focus on the target audience, constantly analyze it, and try to benefit it. This is my philosophy: a brand should be useful and interesting to its audience - for example, entertain or educate it.

We try to entertain our audience: in a group on VKontakte we talk about films, we include a weekly cat horoscope in our email newsletter. We look at the target audience and try to reflect our knowledge about it in content and products. This should encourage the person who bought something from us once to stay with us for a long time.

This approach worked: in 2021 we received a grant of 100,000 rubles. from "VKontakte" under the program # I make a business for promotion in social networks.

When we meet a client for the first time, we try to sell him Japanese full length kigurumi pajamas and gift sets in three price categories, which include unusual food, notebooks, stickers - cute and original things. This allows the client to evaluate products from different categories and later choose the most useful and interesting for himself.

Advertising on VKontakte is best suited to attract new customers. We have 50,000 people in our group and we sell there on purpose. We get a small part of the audience from the website and from Instagram.

In any large city, without exception, there are shops that specialize in gifts and souvenirs. How to correctly draw up a business plan and approach the formation of an assortment and related services? How and how to attract buyers?

How profitable is it to open a gift shop - business features and what success depends on

There will always be a demand for gifts in large metropolitan areas and small cities, especially in honor of such holidays as New Year's, birthday, March 8, February 23, February 14 and so on. This demand is largely artificial. Under the influence of advertising and propaganda of the consumer lifestyle, people besiege shopping centers on the eve of significant holidays. If a person does not give anything to anyone, it is considered bad form. It is especially important to give gifts to children.

The tradition of giving gifts is very strong in many countries and has deep roots, so the demand for gift products has been, is and will always be.

Features of this business - what can be sold

Any product, from a trinket in the form of a keychain or a postcard, to household appliances or a car, can become a gift in itself. As a rule, people try to give their loved ones things that are truly practical, which can be useful in everyday life, for example, a blender for a wife. In this regard, a logical question arises - then why are the shelves of shops specializing in gift products filled with things that are not at all useful in a practical sense, but just ordinary trinkets like postcards or souvenirs? What is the focus in terms of sales?

Almost any gift shop, in addition to selling relevant products, also provides a number of services to the population, for example, packaging. And in fact, it is on this service that the main sales are made. After all, everyone who bought household appliances, a phone, a book and other goods sold in completely different stores will run to pack them in a gift shop, since this is where a similar service is provided. Thus, in many shopping centers the main emphasis is placed on the gift wrapping service. And, in fact, the store itself can very often be a small patch in a shopping center, specializing mainly in packaging work.

How big are the sales of souvenirs and other gift items that are usually found in such shops? Although many people prefer to give things that are practical in real life, there will always be those who want to leave a special impression after themselves. There are a lot of such people, and it is them that the assortment of products in the gift shop is focused on. First of all, these should be original and interesting things that cannot be purchased in other stores - caskets, unusual board games, beautiful coasters, glasses, mugs, key rings, and so on. In addition, inexpensive things should always take the lion's share of the range. After all, there are those who want to please their loved ones, but do not have enough funds for a really practical thing.

How beneficial is it

The main components of success in the case of a gift shop are as follows:

Kozubenko Lyubov Konstantinovna

Gift wrapping is considered a business that does not require a large investment. To start this type of activity, you will have to spend about 30,000 rubles, acquire basic skills and start creating a competent business plan. After investing a minimum amount of finance, you can very soon get a large profit, provided that you conduct your business competently.

This article will provide instructions on how to implement a business project dedicated to gift wrapping, the key points and nuances of this topic, possible difficulties on the way and ways to overcome them.

Why is it relevant

However, not everyone can handle packing things on their own, which creates a need for professional services. This type of activity is characterized by constant demand throughout the year, although in some seasons it is in greatest demand.

When considering possible holidays, when you have to think about the concept of a gift, you should pay attention to:

  • New Year.
  • Valentine's Day.
  • Christmas.
  • February 23rd.
  • Happy Birthday.
  • March 8, etc.

Opening your own packing point should be carried out within a large or medium city. These types of cities are characterized by a wider target audience and a higher income level of consumers who are willing to spend money on such a service.

Large cities are characterized by a large number of suitable places in order to equip your point there. The most advantageous options are shopping malls, flower shops, souvenir shops and decor items.

How to start your own gift shop from scratch:

Even in the least densely populated cities, such a business can become successful, this is possible only with a competent assessment of all the advantages and disadvantages of the idea, as well as drawing up a good business plan.

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