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In the modern world, where competition between entrepreneurs is very serious, a novice businessman must either have a lot of capital to invest in his business, or have an original idea for a business. Starting a toy rental company is a great idea for a budding entrepreneur.

Renting baby products as a business idea

Renting children's things can benefit not only the entrepreneur who decides to open this business, but also the client. Today, there is a law on the mandatory installation of a child car seat in the rear passenger seat of vehicles. As a rule, the price of a new safety device for children starts at 3,000 rubles, but the chair is not often used, so buying it is unprofitable. The possibility of renting not only saves the client's money, but also relieves him of subsequent problems with the sale and sale of unnecessary things.

The car seat example isn't the only one. There is a wide range of things that can be rented. In addition, children grow up very quickly, so things, toys, clothes will soon lose their need for use. Also, on New Year's holidays, kindergarten graduations and matinees, it is difficult to do without a carnival and festive costume, which is not profitable to buy for one day. Therefore, they are in great demand in the rental market for goods for children.

The essence of the business idea for the rental of children's products

The essence of the idea of ​​renting children's goods is to give the child the necessary toys at all stages of development to develop certain skills. Often times, the kid is bored with the same entertainment items, and parents do not always have the money to buy new toys. Therefore, renting baby products is the best way out of this situation. When the child gets tired of the toy, or the thing ceases to be relevant in age, it can be returned and a new lease can be drawn up. Moreover, if the baby likes the thing so much that he does not want to part with it under any circumstances, then the product can not be returned, but left to himself.

Such services are provided on a security equal to the full cost of the goods purchased for the business. Thus, customers can make their own decision: keep the item for themselves or return it after use.

When starting a business of this kind, you should think about the issues of hygiene and cleanliness of products that are rented. This is extremely important to many parents, and they pay primary attention to it. Therefore, it is necessary to use disinfectants when caring for toys, things and devices for children, as well as have evidence confirming the hygiene and safety of the proposed products for children.

Benefits of a baby clothes rental business

A wide selection of children's goods and things that are suitable for rental make this business quite promising. A big advantage when starting a business on children's products is a great demand, which does not fade over the years, besides, children grow up very quickly, so they need a lot of things and entertaining games. In addition, this type of business is very easy to document and does not require a license.

A good location to set up a rental company would be a dormitory area where people with low or middle incomes live. Since such services are most often used by representatives of the low-income population. Such services enable such families to save money on the budget, while using the desired products. Business can even be described as socially oriented, as the organizer helps parents in providing their children with the necessary things for development.

Disadvantages of the children's goods rental business

Numerous events take place throughout the year. On them, everyone wants to look perfect and delight others with new outfits. It is very expensive to buy “disposable” dresses and suits. For such cases, people turn to clothing rentals.

With a large selection of quality outfits and competent marketing, an entrepreneur will quickly build up a client base and raise profits.

For many, it is easier to go to a clothing rental than to buy a new outfit for the celebrations every time.

Costs and Benefits

To open the rental of dresses and suits, you need to allocate a minimum of approximately 750,000 rubles. Such investments will pay off in 1 year with stable operation of the rental.

For additional income, enter the sale or rental of accessories and costume jewelry.

Initial costs:

Paperwork - 5,000 rubles.

Equipment - 115,000 rubles.

Purchase of clothing - 350,000 rubles.

Monthly expenses:

Wardrobe replenishment - 20,000 rubles.

Dry cleaning and repair of clothes - 15,000 rubles.

Not everyone can afford to buy an expensive and high-quality item. Moreover, the purchase does not make sense when it comes to its temporary use. Entrepreneurs who were able to timely see the demand of the population for certain items of equipment, and even vehicles, were able to organize their rental around the clock and receive a stable income from this.

How to create passive income in 4 days

A marathon where you will create passive live income from scratch and learn specific strategies for investing in apartments, houses, garages, cars and even profitable sites

How to start a rental business?

The peculiarities of a car or power tool rental business are that start-up capital is required to start it. Providing a decent choice of everything that a client may need is the main task. It is possible to solve it only if you have a decent amount of money on hand. Even to buy a gazelle, start-up capital is required. But after opening, the cost of doing business will be minimal, and income will not decrease every day. Such a business model will work with good advertising of services and a sufficient variety of inventory, tools or rental items.

Organization of sports equipment rental

How to arrange sports equipment rental

Sports equipment rental can be organized in any city. This business will be especially profitable in tourist cities. Most people have long sought a healthier weekend. Camping equipment is considered the most popular. Tents, karemats, backpacks, shoes and clothes - all this will come in handy for novice tourists. Equipment for fishermen, climbers and divers is very popular if there is a sea or lake nearby.

Sports equipment rental should provide active recreation at any time of the year. In winter, you can rent skates, skis, snowboards, and in summer, rollers, bicycles, tennis rackets and more.

Tool rental business

In large and small cities, near the dacha villages, the rental of tools will be in demand. Renting a gas generator, lawn mower, cultivator, chainsaw is a service that will be used by people working on the ground or building a house. In this business, it is important to correctly calculate the rental price. It should be such that it is more profitable to rent than to buy a new instrument. Usually the rental price per day is 1/25 of the cost of a new device.

Scrapers for rent

Some owners make home repairs on their own. For them, you can offer rental of a modern scraper, grinder, hammer drill, electric drill and other tools. This type of business is not yet widespread enough, so there is no high competition in the market.

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  • 2 Where to start a business: what documents are required and what can be rented
    • 2. Legalizing business
    • 2. Selecting the required OKVED codes
  • 3 Preparing an apartment for rent
    • 3. Where to buy an apartment for rent
  • 4 How to balance income and expenses
  • 5 Protecting ourselves from risks
  • 6 Tips on successful business

Planning to rent out an apartment, but don't know where to start? Or are you looking for a way to make money on renting real estate and thinking about possible strategies, but nothing attracts? Afraid that there will be no permanent income?

It is profitable to rent out an apartment or other housing because it gives a stable income. If the property is sold, then the profit will be one-time. Therefore, we suggest paying attention to this method of generating additional income. We will tell you in detail about renting an apartment, what you first need to pay attention to, and how to turn this idea into a stable business.

How much you can earn on rent

Income from renting an apartment in the regions will differ. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, you can get from 20 to 30 thousand rubles for a one-room apartment in a residential area. In cities with a population of over one million and around a million, you can get about 15 thousand rubles for a one-room apartment in the center and 10-12 for an apartment in a residential area. In regional centers with a population of about 500 thousand people - 8 thousand rubles for an apartment in good condition.

In a small town in 5 years you can earn about 480 thousand rubles by renting an apartment, in large cities - about 900 thousand rubles, in Moscow and St. Petersburg 1.5 million rubles.

If an apartment is located in a prestigious area, and it has a modern renovation, then its rent is more expensive. So, renting a two-room apartment in the Tverskoy district of Moscow costs 140 thousand rubles a month, and in the Mitino district - 40 thousand rubles. In both cases, the nearest metro station is 700 meters away.

Two and three-room apartments are less in demand, but they can also be rented out. If, for example, a three-ruble note is located near the university, then you can take it to students. This will help you find permanent residents and receive a regular income.

It is quite possible to live on the money received for renting an apartment. To cover basic needs, one person per month requires an average of 20 thousand rubles. This will be enough to pay for the utilities of your apartment, buy food. In order to buy clothes, new household appliances and rest, the income must be higher. In Moscow, St. Petersburg and million-plus cities, the minimum amount will be higher.

To cover the costs of one person, you must turn in:

  • 1 apartment in Moscow;
  • 2 apartments in St. Petersburg;
  • 2-3 apartments in million-plus cities;
  • 3-4 apartments in regional centers with a population of about half a million.

This scheme will work if decent tenants are caught, and the apartment will not be empty. This can take several years. Let us analyze in detail how to properly organize a business for renting apartments.

Where to start a business: what documents are required and what can be rented

Construction tools are presented in numerous forms, and the highest quality units have a high cost. People doing repairs on their own do not have the financial ability to purchase such tools. Therefore, they rent them from the appropriate organizations. A tool rental business can bring high income if you choose the location of the organization correctly, create an optimal assortment, and also maintain the correct pricing policy.

Features of rental

The tool and equipment rental business is considered an interesting choice for many aspiring entrepreneurs. The cost of a high-quality and reliable tool is considered high, so not all citizens can afford such a purchase. Often it is required to use one or another equipment for one time, so buying a unit is simply impractical. Under such conditions, people turn to organizations that offer tool rental, which is also called equipment rental.

The specifics of this business include:

  • clients of the organization are both ordinary citizens and employees of various construction or finishing companies;
  • there is a huge number of different equipment on the market that is used in the construction process or finishing of buildings and premises, so it is usually not possible to buy all these elements;
  • to get high profits, you do not need to buy all types of tools, since you need to choose the most popular items;
  • the most popular power tools are considered to be used for welding or assembling various elements, and also include hammers, chainsaws, lawn mowers and concrete mixers;
  • in order for customers to constantly contact the organization, it is necessary to initially purchase only reliable and high-quality equipment used by professionals, so as if cheap and short-lived instruments are offered, then customers will prefer to go to competitors;
  • depends on the exact cost of specific equipment, and in practice, the most profitable markup is 25%.

Construction or finishing tools are in demand at any given time. This is due to the fact that the decoration of the premises is carried out not only in summer, but also in winter, so the business of renting a tool can bring high profits in any season.

Registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC

To offer an instrument for rent, you must correctly register, which ensures the legal conduct of business. To do this, you can register an individual entrepreneur, and an LLC is often chosen. With the help of such organizational forms, it is possible to apply the simplified regimes provided by the STS or UTII. When registering a business for renting tools and equipment, the following rules are taken into account:

  • registration of an individual entrepreneur is considered the most convenient;
  • it is not required to obtain any specialized permits;
  • there is no need for a license; <
  • an application, a receipt for payment of the duty and a copy of the passport are sent to the tax office;
  • simultaneously with registration, the optimal taxation regime for the planned work is selected;
  • if an individual entrepreneur is registered, then UTII is ideal, since only the size of the trading floor is taken into account for calculating the tax, and the amount of the fee does not change depending on the income received;
  • if an LLC is registered, then the simplified tax system is selected, and it is optimal to use the system "Income minus expenses ";
  • when choosing such a direction of work, the OKVED codes 32 and 40 are indicated in the application.

Only after the business is officially registered, you can start searching for premises and perform other mandatory actions.

Where to do business?

The business of leasing tools will be profitable only if the retail space for such work is correctly chosen. The rules for choosing such a room include:

  • you can work in a shopping center or in a separate room;
  • the building should be located in a high traffic area;
  • the city center would be an ideal choice , since in such a place the organization will quickly become known and in demand;
  • it is required to have a parking lot for cars near the premises, since it will be easier for customers to bring the rented tool to the car under such conditions.

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