Where to get money for business: 6 sources of funding

Many people who decide to start their own business have a great idea, ability and belief in success, often faced with the problem of funding. So where can a budding entrepreneur get the missing money?

We propose to consider six options where to get money for a business from scratch.

Borrow from friends and family

Seeking financial support from loved ones is one of the easiest ways to get the missing money for your business. Relatives and friends know you best and will not need a detailed business plan from you. However, you must explain in detail when and how you plan to refund. You also need to honestly voice all possible risks and how you are going to solve possible financial problems.

Get rid of unnecessary things

Over time, every person accumulates things that are completely unnecessary, but it's a pity to throw them away. You have a great chance to put things in order in your house, garage or in the country and at the same time make good money. There are many auction sites and message boards on the internet where you can sell old things. For example, you can put up lots for sale on sites like ebay. om, molotok. u, irr. u, avito. u. You will be surprised at the number of people willing to buy old records, film cameras, samovars and other "rarities".

Get a loan

When you start your own business, you can apply to the bank for a small business loan. However, most banks are not ready to finance companies that are just starting up and have no financial history. Some banks are ready to issue loans for business development only secured by real estate.

If this option does not suit you, then you can apply for a consumer loan or an ordinary bank card with a credit limit. Of course, the conditions here will be worse: the loan amount is less, and the interest for use is higher. However, any person who has documents confirming monthly income can apply for such a loan.


Leasing is gaining popularity among entrepreneurs as one of the forms of business financing. The essence of leasing boils down to the fact that the bank buys and leases the property to you with the subsequent right of purchase. For example, this could be real estate, manufacturing equipment, or cars. On the basis of the contract, you monthly pay the bank the rent for the use. At the end of the lease term, you have the right to buy this property from the bank at a reduced cost.

Hello dear friends!

If you are capable and talented, but, as a rule, are initially penniless, do not despair, you have the opportunity to monetize your ideas.

The main thing is to know that it is possible and understand how.

After all, your ideas are literally hunted by active money market functionaries - owners and managers of private capital: business angels and venture capitalists.

Business angels are private capital owners seeking to quickly enrich themselves by equity participation in projects that are profitable from their point of view.

They make their decisions based on intuition and emotional response from communicating with your talent. Therefore, if, among other things, you are also positively charismatic, you are guaranteed success.

A business angel in the literal sense, will fulfill the role of your patron, attracting all his connections, experience and personal perseverance to the general benefit.

He will help you to start and survive the most unfavorable time from the beginning to the transition to the next stage of the business, where you will be picked up as a baton by a sponsor of a new level - a venture capitalist.

Portrait of a Business Angel

The development of technology forces more and more people to think about their own business, as jobs are getting smaller every day, even specialists and professionals are being replaced by robots. The main questions when starting a business are: the idea and the means to start. How and where you can raise capital is described in this article. When choosing a financing method, it is advisable to contact trusted sources and trusted investors.

How to open your company from scratch - from idea to start

Types of business

With the advent of new technologies and the increasing needs of people for comfort and luxury, the number of types of business is growing. You can endlessly list the areas and directions, we focus on the main ones:

  • auto business ;
  • tourism and transport;
  • wholesale and retail trade;
  • repair and construction works;
  • agriculture;
  • entertainment and hobbies;
  • education;
  • beauty and health and others.

Many of them have already partially or completely switched to the online platform. When choosing a direction, one should be guided not only by profitability, but also by personal interest. One must have a sincere interest in the business, burn with it and strive to bring the enterprise to a qualitatively new level in terms of profitability and development prospects.

How much does it cost to open a company in Russia?

Company registration cost:

  • individual entrepreneur - eight hundred rubles, as well as payment for copying materials;
  • LLC - four thousand rubles, in addition to this, a minimum of ten thousand authorized capital is required ( data for 2021).

As for investments in a new enterprise, they can be very different, since they consist of the prices of equipment, rent of premises, if required, the number of personnel who will need to issue wages, and so on. So, how much money is needed to open your own business is not an unambiguous question, since it depends on many factors.

Business idea and funding

A business idea should not remain a secret, especially if you want to get (co) funding for it. All companies and individuals who have a business idea can apply for European funds, even if they are just thinking of setting up their own company in Slovenia. However, funds are not easy to obtain, and entrepreneurs usually have problems finding appropriate tenders (competitions).

Date Company can assist you in developing your idea and looking for suitable tenders, European funds for your idea.

Funding or business idea

Entrepreneurs often ask us how to get funds and where to find tenders for which they can apply. We first ask them what they want to fund, and their answer is almost always the same: whatever. This is a legitimate but far from the best approach to business finance, as it puts the most important thing in the background - the business idea. Thus, the main focus is exclusively on the acquisition of financial resources, be it investments, grants or loans. First you need to try to develop the idea, and then implement it. Instead, entrepreneurs devote most of their time to finding money - an irreplaceable source.

We all need money, but it's not the most important part of entrepreneurship, it's just a byproduct of success. The most famous global investors say they immediately reject proposals from all startups (beginners) who claim that the only obstacle to their idea is the lack of money. Therefore, we suggest putting your business idea in the spotlight. A business idea should be the basis from which everything else follows.

On Date we will help you determine a project that will correspond to your company's development plans and the main directions of the selected tender. We can also prepare an application for you with all the necessary attachments and proofs, and arrange for the timely dispatch of complete documentation.

What must you do to make your business idea eligible for (co) financing?

You are probably already asking yourself why we are writing about co-financing and not financing. - Just because there is almost no 100% funding. Only rare tenders (and not one investor) provide 100% funding, as they are mostly limited by “top-down” spending. To implement an idea, you always have to contribute your own funds. But this way you will prove to everyone that you are serious. Your own financial contribution is required in all tenders.

We often talked about tenders and grants. It is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to raise funds for your business idea. Investors are hard to convince because they work almost exclusively with market-proven products. The loan is only a temporary option and you must always pay it back.

Business idea - how to prepare to receive funds?

Business idea and some practical advice:

  • Dismember the idea from all aspects (financial, personnel, market, technological); the goal is to find out where your strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Calculate how much funding you need for specific cost categories: tenders rarely fund the development of a product or service from idea to final implementation, so you need to seek funding for specific development stages.
  • Analyze competition and customer needs; you need to be sure that buyers will actually pay for the services / products you offer (why should the buyer choose you?).

The main problem of a novice businessman when attracting bank financing is the lack of collateral and guarantees. But at the same time, there is often an attractive business idea. Proposal: creation of small business centers that will undertake: verification of the idea; structuring transactions and, in case of a positive decision, implementation of the idea on behalf of Sberbank. The re-borrower becomes a partner of the bank in this project with the right to further develop the project independently.

This would be great for a novice businessman, because many ideas die before they even start.

Essentially the same check of the business plan, etc. etc. Similar topics have already been discussed, see comments.

Negotiated price

Disagree. The main idea and difference from traditional lending: the project is implemented on behalf of the Bank in partnership with an entrepreneur, and not the traditional provision of credit resources and risk control.

What do you disagree with? Options for the bank's cooperation with entrepreneurs, including in partnership with it, have long been discussed in other topics. Read carefully.

Partnership requires Willpower. And where to get them? :)

I agree with you, for novice businessmen it would be very good for his successful business start-up.

The idea is similar to the proposal for the Bank to participate in the implementation of a business project at the initial stage on an equal footing, incl. providing for the financing of the project. The risks are high, the profitability is low.

Price: rub

I agree that good loan collateral significantly reduces the Bank's risks, but support for small businesses is then limited to checking collateral. The profitability of a project is determined by the quality of management.

Banks like to sit and not take risks. Quiet simply - wipe your pants :)

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