What is business advertising

  • the direction of activity;
  • the place of business (offline, at a real address or on the Internet);
  • the prospects, the duration of the project, the ability to evaluate the result of advertising and business in general in the short term or distant future.

For those who are not familiar with the advertising business, you should not try to save money and try to cope on your own. The slogan “advertising is the engine of trade”, which has been relevant for several decades, is a wise working idea that has not lost its evidence and justice.

Best Advertising Guidelines

Advertising Effectiveness Factors

They are different depending on the type of activity, individual characteristics of doing business, the actual business conditions. Based on the fact that the purpose of the advertising proposal is to influence the subconscious, the formation of consumer preferences, needs and demand, experienced specialists will analyze the optimal type of service and its components. Generally speaking, experts pay attention to 5 main components of effective advertising.

  • Problem statement

This is the most important stage. The effectiveness of this factor depends on the accuracy of "guessing" the material. It is noticed that the negative is perceived emotionally more vividly, therefore it is possible to give the problem a negative connotation. Examples: - began to look bad, older than his age? - the child stopped studying, although he showed great promise in elementary school? Simple, relevant for the majority and related to the activities of the company, moments will make you pay attention to information.

  • Solutions

  • Uniqueness of the offer

At this stage, you should convince the person that there are no real alternatives. Only knowledge of the market and the professionalism of the specialist to whom the client turns will help. Even the most unique guarantees and promises to return money may simply not work! What will work? The answer to this question is purely individual, and the pros will always find the right and convincing unique selling proposition.

  • Restriction

If the competition is high, and similar products are offered by many competing firms, an excellent incentive will be some restrictions on the offer, encouraging you to use it right here and now. Examples: - only until August 5 - free trial procedure of the course; - group size - no more than 10 people. Two experimental groups are recruited. The set is limited.

Sooner or later, many entrepreneurs ask themselves which advertising is the most effective for small businesses. After all, a small business, unlike large companies, does not have a huge advertising budget and cannot afford unreasonable spending.

After reading this article, you will learn which advertising is better and how to promote your product or service more effectively.

How to create effective advertising

The main feature of advertising for small businesses is that it pays a minimum of attention to the brand, that is, the company itself.

Unlike large multinationals like, say, Coca-Cola, you can hardly afford to work on brand awareness, so you need an approach that will increase sales.

This is exactly what advertising should be aimed at: its goal is to interest a potential client with offers of goods and services and ultimately achieve a sale. Memorable advertising slogans and striking logos are unlikely to help you with this.

Focus on specific sentences and avoid using "generic" words like "a lot," "cheap," "profitable," and so on. A quarter of a century ago, this approach was effective, but today's society prefers numbers.

No one will go to a store that offers "the cheapest sofas in town," while a store that sells "sofas for 10 thousand rubles" will not end up with customers.

Run "promotions"

If your offer is not only specific, but also limited, the effectiveness of advertising will increase: the less time you leave a potential buyer to think, the higher the chance of a sale. In addition, it will reduce the likelihood of a potential client leaving for a competitor.

Variations of this idea are mobile projection advertising and the provision of ad space to other advertisers with pay for rent.

Business idea at a glance: projection advertising on buildings

Projection advertising is a way to advertise a product or service by transferring an image onto a flat surface (sky, walls of residential buildings and offices, asphalt, floor or ceiling if placed indoors). This method of advertising is convenient because more than one poster or advertisement can be projected using the same equipment.

If advertising is in demand, the project will pay off in 3-4 months.

The difficult stage is the conclusion of agreements with the owners of buildings who will be involved in advertising: a building with a projector and a “screen” building. It is much easier to find advertising agencies that will agree to conclude a contract with a company for the implementation of advertising. The source of income will be just contracts - the more, the higher the profit. If the cost of one commercial is 100,000 rubles, three concluded contracts will bring 300,000 rubles net of taxes.

The peculiarity of the advertising business is that it generates income with a relatively small investment. Features of projection advertising - novelty, environmental friendliness, mobility. There are still few competitors in this niche, in particular in small towns.

An entrepreneur can conduct this business in the long term - if there is a significant flow of customers and regular updates of equipment and consumables. But the more popular such advertising becomes, the more competitors you will have. Projection advertising will enjoy serious success with residents and advertisers not only in megalopolises, but also in small towns.

Examples of companies in this niche.

But first of all, you need to decide where to start.

To start, you will need money for equipment, for the salaries of employees. Here are the approximate hardware costs:

Name Cost, rub Outdoor laser projector 750 000 Film 15 000 Rent of building 20 000 Ignition unit, lamp, reflector 100 000 Cooler 5 000 Equipment connection 5 000 Total 895 000

The lowest cost of an outdoor projector can be 200,000 rubles. Additional investments will be required to rent a car if it is planned to open a mobile advertisement. The initial investment depends on how much the entrepreneur is willing to invest in the business. Next, a step-by-step plan and calculations will be analyzed.

Don't want to do sales and production isn't for you? Ask how the advertising business works. Perhaps this way of earning will suit you.

♦ Capital investments - 700,000 rubles ♦ Payback - up to 1 year

There is a misconception that creative people will never be able to open a profitable business, and vice versa, entrepreneurs who are completely devoid of imagination and will never launch a creative startup, preferring the old proven methods.

However, there is a field that combines creativity and business, which is suitable for both "physicists" and "lyricists", which is quite easy to start from scratch.

This is the advertising business.

If you do not want to engage in buying and selling, and production is not for you, then ask how to open an advertising agency.

Perhaps this creative and fun way to make money will suit you.

Advertising business: what it is and how to open it

The phrase "advertising agency" is familiar to us, but very often we understand it in our own way, because a real advertising business is a business that operates in various directions:

  • distributes outdoor advertising;
  • promotes the product in the media;
  • conducts PR campaigns, including political;
  • advertises his client on the Internet;
  • conducts SMS marketing.

Any small business after opening is faced with the problem of advertising. Every entrepreneur studies this issue and knows very well what types of advertising exist. But not everyone has money for a high-quality advertising campaign. This is a significant drawback, since the competition in the market is quite tough, and luck smiles on the one who better declares himself to the consumer.

When starting a business, you need to clearly understand the principles of action and advertising tools. A smart entrepreneur will not invest in empty advertising gimmicks. First of all, he will consider all types of advertising and choose the most suitable option in terms of price and efficiency. Commercial advertising can be corporate and product. The first demonstrates the face of the company, the second promotes goods and services.

Commercial Advertising for Business

Product advertising in small businesses is rarely used. Its main tasks are to advertise new products, to acquaint customers with an unknown brand. Small businesses, as a rule, do not start with a patent for a new invention, so product advertising is not relevant for it. Corporate advertising is of greater interest. It is she who should be profitable and attract new customers.

Given the lack of funds at the first stage of business development, the emphasis should be on non-standard advertising. All techniques and original ideas should be based on three pillars: to attract the attention of consumers, set them up in a positive way and intrigue. If you strictly follow these principles, the advertising campaign will not cause any particular difficulties.

You can attract the attention of future customers with loud sounds, bright colors, unusual situations, original accessories. It is imperative to take into account human psychology. Sounds and loud tones attract attention for a short time and can quickly become irritating. Therefore, focus on originality, humor and exclusive accessories. These can be special packaging that arouses curiosity, fun contests and giveaways. With no less success, you can use the desire of people to take part in creativity.

How to organize advertising

Any promotion is a job that must be done by professionals. Inappropriate use of advertising gimmicks can cause irreparable harm to the company. The choice of stock depends on the image of the potential client or may have a neutral coloration suitable for all ages and social strata. It should be clearly understood what the client wants to get from the product and use this knowledge to his advantage.

The most inexpensive form of advertising is printed matter. It can be considered one of the successful small business advertisements. And for little money, you can give free rein to fantasy. A common way is to place useful information on the back of a leaflet or business card, such as a subway map or city phone numbers.

Printed products provide ample opportunities for advertising. This can be poetry, puzzles, comics, drawings, educational information, crosswords. The main task when drawing up an advertising brochure, leaflet or business card is to make sure that the potential client does not throw it into the trash can, but keeps it with him. In this case, every time he picks it up, he will remember about your company or products.

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