What is anti-cafe and how to open it correctly

If in an ordinary cafe a person, ordering a light snack, gets the right to be in the institution as much as he wants, then in an anti-cafe - exactly the opposite. Here they pay for minutes, and tea, coffee, chocolates, sweets, cookies are a bonus. And in the anti-cafe, visitors come to have a bite to eat and relax, but the two types of establishments are fundamentally different.

In anti-cafe, the first place is, figuratively speaking, the cake - and the tastier it is, the more money the client will leave. And the purpose of anti-cafe is to interest the visitor in leisure. The idea is this: the more interesting a person is in an institution, the longer he wants to be in it - which means he will leave more money. The theme of anti-cafe matters - the institution can be a cafe time for family celebrations, a hall for a youth flash mob, a section for video games, a room for business meetings and trainings. Based on the subject matter, they make up an anti-cafe business plan.

Clientele: how not to be mistaken with visitors

The greatest success was achieved by those entrepreneurs who correctly identified the audience of the institution at the stage of drawing up a business plan.

"Since the main product in anti-cafe is time, focus on the category of people who will be very interested here," advises Igor Malyugin, an expert on small business.

Based on the analysis of articles in the open press, forums, interviews with businessmen, surveys of potential clients, we have compiled a table for target audiences.

Target audience of anti-cafe

Knowing the positive and negative sides of the clientele will help minimize or even eliminate conflicts between visitors.

It is often asked why open anti-cafes aimed, for example, at teenagers, if they are prone to noisy behavior? First, it is good for society. This is a socially responsible business, which means that you can try to get the support of the authorities. Secondly, renting halls near schools turns out to be much cheaper than in urban centers, with the same amount of traffic.

How to open an anti-cafe and how much money you need

Antikafe is a specific institution. If you have a desire to open such an institution, then we suggest considering an anti-cafe business plan. It will help you assess the feasibility of implementing your idea.

With no "bad habits"

Description and analysis of the sales market

Video "How to open anti-cafe"

Business Description

Antikafe is a newfangled type of establishments where people can relax, communicate, and be creative. The specificity of anti-cafe, or time-cafe, lies in the fact that the visitor pays a fee only for the amount of time he has spent in the establishment. Tea, coffee and a variety of sweets are provided free of charge. The idea of ​​anti-cafe is quite fresh if you approach the opening of a business with creativity. To get the most out of your profit, you need to draft an anti-cafe business plan (or download it on the Internet) and follow it clearly.

The video from the Seventh Day channel provides an overview and reviews of anti-cafe.

Services provided

In essence, anti-cafe is a paid platform for a variety of activities, creative ideas, entertainment and communication in a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Services can be offered to visitors:

  • connect to free WI-FI;
  • organize master classes and participate in them;
  • hold a party of interest;
  • watch movies from the video library;
  • hold a tournament in various types of board games on a specially organized site.

Think about what drinks and sweets to offer visitors, for example:

  • black or green tea (leaf or in bags);
  • cappuccino or espresso, brewed in a coffee machine;
  • assorted cookies;
  • various types of nicotine-free steam cocktails.

If everyone is accustomed to traditional catering establishments, then the word "anti-cafe" still raises a lot of questions from our fellow citizens. This is a relatively new format of establishments, which has not yet reached many regions.

Feature of work

Eating is not what one visits this format for. This is a space for pleasant relaxation, communication, exchange of creative ideas. Here you can read, play board or video games, watch films, take part in master classes, find interesting interlocutors and even new friends. Creative people come here, freelancers who want to work in a calm and comfortable atmosphere, as well as active youth. This is usually a smoking and alcohol-free area, although there are options for establishments with a hookah.

Required documents and permissions

You can watch an interesting interview with the owners of such a business about its organization in the following video:

Select a location

It is worth paying attention to the surrounding area. The first or second line of houses, proximity to public transport and metro stops, the availability of parking - all this will be an undoubted advantage. But it shouldn't be too noisy, because people want to work and communicate in a calm atmosphere. If there is no quiet place, you should take care of good sound insulation. It's good if there are no establishments of this format nearby, this will help to avoid competition.

It is important to pay attention to the peculiarities of the repair. The building should have smooth operation of all communication systems: electricity, water supply, sewerage. Visitors also look at the exterior of the building in which the establishment is located. It should look neat and presentable.

Room decoration

For work, private conversations and negotiations, you can organize a small cozy office. A spacious hall - for concerts, presentations, exhibitions, seminars, watching films. If the cafe is declared as a family cafe, then a children's room is needed, where kids can play, draw, participate in master classes.

The business idea of ​​anti-cafe appeared in Russia. Having become popular in large cities, it is quite capable of occupying its niche in a small city. Cozy and interesting interior, space for work, study and rest, creative meetings, business trainings, pleasant and fun pastime, self-service, free sweets and drinks: this is the format of this institution. With a competent organization, taking into account the nuances and specifics of this business, it can become a source of good income for the owner and a favorite place for citizens. How to understand all the intricacies and open an anti-cafe from scratch, as well as a detailed business plan with calculations - in this article.

Antikafe: business plan for opening in a small town

Like any other business, opening an anti-cafe requires careful planning. Here is a ready-made business plan for a project in a small town format.

Anti-cafe concept and goals, clientele

Antikafe is a new direction in organizing a place for leisure, work and learning.

The name with the prefix "anti" explains the difference from an ordinary cafe and the essence of the institution's work:

Providing a room for pastime for a fee.

Organization of a space that meets the needs of visitors: for recreation, work, communication, games, watching films, trainings, studies, and more.

Lack of kitchen and ban on alcohol within the walls of anti-cafe.

Availability of free drinks (tea, coffee) and sweet snacks (sweets, pastries).

Every year anti-cafe as a business is gaining popularity. These are establishments in which there are no usual waiters, menus and features of ordinary cafes. The main feature is that visitors pay for the amount of time spent in the anti-cafe, and not for the products. Customers come to such establishments to have a cultural time, and not to enjoy delicious food or alcoholic drinks.

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Antikafe can house several rooms inside itself, designed for conferences, dances, coworking and eating. The owners of such establishments rent out separate areas for holding seminars and celebrations.

In order for the idea of ​​creating an anti-cafe to come true, you need to draw up a plan containing all the main points of the organization.

Advantages and disadvantages of the idea

Business in this industry is especially relevant at the present time, since there are many who want to gather in one place and spend time with benefit. Antikafe is a great place to meet friends, hold events. Children's birthday parties can also be held in an institution of this format.

The purpose of a business idea is to provide visitors with halls designed for specific events (trainings, holidays, meetings, lectures) for a fee, most often per minute.

Every business has both positive and negative sides. Before you open your own business and draw up a plan, you need to find out what the pros and cons of opening an anti-cafe are.

The peculiarity of this kind of establishments is that it is forbidden to drink alcohol and smoke tobacco in them. But there are places where this is allowed, although they are few. This point is undoubtedly a plus for clients who lead a healthy lifestyle. It will be much more pleasant for them to be in a room where the air is fresh and pleasant, and not smoky.

Step-by-step plan for opening anti-cafe

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