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In the current crisis, many are thinking about how to open their own business and make money. But not everyone can afford to get involved in something serious with large initial investments. There are many options for starting a business from scratch with minimal investment. And one of them is making dumplings. Classic homemade dumplings as a business are great for beginners and allow you to get, albeit low, but stable income. Semi-finished products are very popular: their assortment is wide enough, and the cooking time is minimal. Therefore, with the right approach, you will find regular customers who will buy all the products from you.

Key business strengths

The dumplings business has several serious advantages that must be considered when drawing up a business plan. Let's list the key ones:

  • This case is not seasonal. They buy dumplings and khinkali equally well in winter and summer.
  • High return on investment. Usually a business pays for itself in 2-3 months.
  • Minimum investment. You don't need hundreds of thousands of rubles to get started.
  • No need for staff, office or workshop (at least in the initial stages).
  • Simplicity of manufacturing technology, available ingredients.

There are also disadvantages: high competition, especially in megacities. If in a small city you can easily conquer the market, then in large cities you can face serious competition. But you can always defeat it - the main thing is to use only high-quality products, not to save on meat and spices.

What documents are needed?

For starters, you don't have to complete any documents at all - you will distribute dumplings and khinkali among your colleagues and friends. This will provide you with a fairly stable income, but the turnover will be scanty. Therefore, sooner or later you will be faced with a situation when you have to look for a way to enter the market, which means that you have to issue permits:

  • Recipe for your products.
  • Conclusion of the sanitary and epidemiological station on the safety of the goods.
  • Documents from Rospotrebnadzor.

You will also need to register as an individual entrepreneur or open an LLC. Each of these types of management has its pros and cons, so be sure to figure out what will be beneficial for you. If you decide to work in a separate room, opening your own workshop, then you will also need a permit from the fire inspection, technical conditions and a label for the release of your own products.

Please note: a prerequisite for working with food and food is that every person in the shop has a health book. Make sure that the stamps are not expired, otherwise you will be charged with heavy fines.

Required equipment

In order to start a dumplings business at home, you need a minimum set of equipment - a meat grinder, a mold for molding dumplings, a rolling pin and a knife. If you plan to do sculpting at a serious level, you will have to purchase:

  • Flour sifter.
  • Electric knife for cutting meat.
  • Powerful electric meat grinder capable of processing 5 kg of meat at a time.
  • Dough stirrer.
  • Mixer for minced meat.
  • Installation for rolling raw materials.
  • Freezers for storing products.

You can organize a home business both in a large city and in a small region. Below is a business plan for the production of dumplings at home in a large regional center. What initial capital needs to be prepared and whether it is profitable to do a home business in the region, we will tell in more detail.


Main activity: production and sale of semi-finished products (dumplings, dumplings).

Location of the company: the private sector of the city, a separate annex in a private household with an area of ​​35 sq. m. The form of ownership is the private property of the business organizer. Supporting documentation - evidence of home ownership.

Working hours: daily as orders are received.

  • Dumplings, frozen, hand sculpted / stamped.
  • Dumplings, frozen, hand-made.
  • Khinkali frozen.
  • Manty frozen.

As an additional service, we offer delivery of hot dumplings and dumplings in portions to offices (from 5 portions).

Form of legal registration: individual entrepreneurship.

Prices for each item are set based on the analysis of the price list of the closest competitors. As a highlight, an additional service is offered: delivery of hot dumplings in portions at a price of 160 rubles / 250 g. Office workers can order a hot lunch, sample produce, and buy frozen dumplings home for dinner.

Planned expenses

Entrepreneurship in the field of food production in 2021 is relevant and gaining momentum. The dumplings home business is an example of a profitable and promising business that can bring pleasure and income to the owner.

From the moment the idea was born and until the first sale of a batch of goods, the entrepreneur will go through a complex process, which includes a number of stages, which will be discussed in the article.

Business plan

The dumpling business requires a preliminary study of the theoretical part to understand the principles of work and form a general idea of ​​the chosen direction, as well as analyze the production of competitors.

The production of homemade dumplings, like a home business, means the production of semi-finished products. The range of products depends on the entrepreneur's imagination and capacities. For example, don't limit yourself to making dumplings.

Study the production technology of manti, dumplings, khinkali and other types of flour products. Borrow recipes from Slavic, European or Oriental cuisine.

It is important to take care of the sales market for the finished product. The buyers will be acquaintances, relatives, shops located nearby. Consider organizing the delivery of meals to offices that include flour dishes.

  • Pelmennaya as a business is organized in a room specially designated for these purposes on the territory of a plot with a private house. The dumpling room must be non-residential and meet sanitary standards for the production of semi-finished products in order to be able to legally sell products to catering establishments.
  • Illegal work - produce and sell products without state registration and obtaining appropriate permits only to friends, acquaintances and relatives. Avoid taxes, but the income will be less than when working on an official basis. Expansion is out of the question, since vigorous activity will attract the attention of regulatory authorities, and demand will not cover supply.
  • Pass the official registration, obtain permits for activities. Allows you to legally cooperate with wholesale and retail consumers.

The third option allows you to avoid problems with the law and lay the foundation for further business development.

Legal registration of the activity cannot be avoided if it is planned to receive tangible profits from the business on dumplings and similar products.

Assess the prospects

The dumplings business is a responsible occupation that requires attention, just like any other field of activity.

Dumplings belong to the category of semi-finished meat products in a dough casing. During their manufacture, strict adherence to technical standards and sanitary norms established by law is required. Efficient production of dumplings at home as a business requires thorough market research, the purchase of specialized equipment and the mandatory registration of the company.

How to calculate whether it is profitable to make dumplings for sale

The main parameter for production planning is the volume of production. He determines the direction of the sales market and financial investments in the company. On the other hand, the direct profitability of making dumplings does not depend on volume, since production costs are directly proportional to the amount of products produced.

When determining the amount of income of the planned business, an approximate calculation of 1 kg of ravioli is performed. To do this, take the total production costs for the month, including the depreciation of equipment and divide by the planned quantity of products for this period.

Manufacturing costs include:

  • Raw materials (meat, onions, salt, flour, clean water, oil, eggs, pepper, spices, packaging, labels);
  • Cleaning products and protective employee clothing (robes, gloves, hair caps);
  • Utility bills (electricity, water, heating and gas);
  • Tax deductions (depending on the form of the company);
  • Salaries of employees;
  • Transportation costs for the delivery of raw materials and delivery of finished products;
  • Advertising of products;
  • Depreciation of equipment. It is calculated as a percentage per year based on the useful life indicator. For example, a mini machine for making dumplings at home has a 2-year warranty. Thus, depreciation is 50% of its cost per year or 4.16% per month.

After calculations, the resulting cost of 1 kg of dumplings is compared with the market value of a similar type of product. Since the prices for raw materials are constantly fluctuating, and the actual consumption of utilities depends on the season and many indirect factors, it is recommended to bookmark the insurance amount of unforeseen expenses when initially calculating the cost price.

Permits for opening production

To legalize the "pelmeni at home" business, it is necessary to register activities with the tax control authorities and obtain documents authorizing the production and sale of products.

  • Enterprise registration form. Depends on the scale of production and is selected on an individual basis (patent for the provision of services, state of emergency or individual entrepreneur, LLC). Read - How to register an individual entrepreneur in 2021 in Russia: step by step instructions.
  • Conclusion of the sanitary-epidemiological station. It is issued after assessing the suitability of the premises for the production of food products, checking the sanitary books of all employees, the developed technical conditions and technological instructions, and laboratory analysis of the finished product (it must be performed weekly throughout the entire period of the enterprise's operation).
  • Fire Inspection Authorization. Before signing a lease agreement or equipping (building) your own premises, you must consult a fire safety expert. This will avoid the hassle of obtaining a fire permit.
  • Certificate of conformity for products. The document is compulsorily obtained from state certification bodies. Commercial certification centers act only as an additional voluntary step of the entrepreneur in order to advertise the quality of the goods. To obtain a certificate, the following are provided - recipe, technical conditions of production, copies of registration documents, product samples, packaging and a mock-up of a product label, a veterinary certificate for meat and a manufacturer's declaration for food additives.

Dumplings are one of the most popular dishes in our country, and their production is quite a profitable business. It would seem that all niches in the manufacture of these products are occupied, and with a new brand, given the current competition, it is impossible to break through to the market. Is there a chance for success in the dumplings business? Where to start and how to get ahead of the competition? All these questions will be answered by our next interlocutor.

Reconomica spoke with a dumplings manufacturer who, with a limited budget and in a short time, managed to conquer a part of the market in his city. A young entrepreneur from Astrakhan began his career from the bottom up, working as a loader in the grocery market, and currently occupies a worthy place among manufacturers working for quality.

A businessman told us his success story and revealed to us some secrets of what things to look out for when choosing frozen semi-finished products (and a lot of other interesting things about the quality of products on the Russian food market). Also, readers will have the opportunity to look from the inside at the production of dumplings, which for some will be a discovery, and some will be shocked by this information.

There is nothing to do with your hands in business without experience! Where did I start

Hello everyone. My name is Marat, I am 27 years old and I live in Astrakhan. I am engaged in the production of frozen instant food. My products are of high quality and affordable prices.

This is how my career began.

In this article I will tell you how I managed to go from an ordinary loader to an entrepreneur who owns a small production workshop, equipped with the most modern equipment. At the moment, I have 8 people who are satisfied with their workplace.

I started out as a loader and I'm not shy about it!

I started my career in the local city market as a simple loader. I came from the army, there was no work, and I decided to temporarily work as a loader. I loaded everything from cereals to meat. This profession did not look very prestigious, but I earned my thousand - one and a half a day. Often I had to stay for night loading, and this was additional income. Little by little, I got involved in this business, and I even began to manage to accumulate a little money.

I worked as a loader for over a year. I did not sign labor contracts with the market administration, but negotiated directly with entrepreneurs. I worked for several outlets at the same time. It was hard, but I always made it. I also worked for two trade pavilions selling meat.

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