What business to open in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, people are increasingly thinking about starting their own business. This is not surprising, because the state supports SMEs, and our country has some of the lowest taxes. The main thing in your endeavors is to choose the right type of future activity. We offer business ideas that will always be relevant and in constant demand.

Perhaps among the business ideas that we offer, you will find a suitable one for yourself.

Delivery from shops and cafes

People get tired of homemade food or do not want to cook at all - then they go to their favorite cafes and restaurants. But often a situation arises when an institution with your favorite cuisine is located very far away, and there is no desire to go to the store. However, what if there is no delivery service even in a supermarket or cafe?

You may have had a similar problem as well. However, you can solve it and even make a profit - organize a delivery service yourself!

First, select the area in which you plan to work. Decide which establishments to partner with. Next, check how long it will take you to complete the order.

If all is well in terms of time and travel costs, start launching your website or creating groups on social networks. On your pages, indicate the offered dishes and goods, with which establishments you work, conditions and prices.

Do not forget - for a small business to work successfully, one idea will not be enough. It must be done correctly. Don't overlook details, be punctual, invest in advertising and specialists who can bring your resource to the top positions in the search.

Clothes rental

The dynamics of the rental market development remains positive. Millennials, the main solvent category of people, are accustomed to renting not only apartments and houses, but also jewelry, cars, clothes or equipment.

Why do people start their own business? Some feel a calling in this, others - an opportunity for self-expression. But for most, this is a way to make money. How to start the most profitable business in Kazakhstan? Let's look at a few ideas.

We will not delve into the topic of entrepreneurship, since hundreds of publications are not enough for this. Think of the information below as a guide to help you form your own goal.

There are not many options for small businesses in Kazakhstan that can be scaled up successfully. Here are five of the most interesting ideas:

Quest room: selling impressions

The essence of the business idea: people are locked in a room, from which you need to find a way out, having solved several riddles. It is necessary to follow the script, trying to meet a certain time. At the same time, the room is made in a thematic setting.

Family budget: how to save for a dream?

Quests for logic are prescribed in the script or they use simple tasks, but they complicate their implementation: they scare customers or turn off the lights. How it will be depends only on your imagination.

The quest room is a relatively new entertainment for our market. With the right approach, you can get tangible income here at minimal cost.

What you have to spend on:

  • Premises rental.
  • Decorating and possibly renovating the room.
  • Hardware (cameras, monitors, PCs, audio systems, etc.).
  • Props.
  • Promotion and advertising.
  • Salary of hired employees (administrator, accountant, possibly actors).

Advantages: relatively low rental costs - an area of ​​40 m² is enough (traffic does not matter); payback within 6-12 months; scalability due to additional formats.

How to correctly conduct financial planning of the family budget

Disadvantages: pronounced seasonality (autumn ‒ winter); high competition in large cities; risk of stealing ideas and the need to periodically change scenarios, which incurs additional costs.

Together with ATFBank, we will tell you how to calculate the start-up capital for starting a business and where you can get this money

Future entrepreneurs have two problems: they are either afraid that they will need millions to start their own business, which is why they delay at the start, or, on the contrary, they take too much risk trying to build a business empire without a penny ... And in either situation, most likely, nothing good will come of it. How much money do you really need to open a business in Kazakhstan? Let's try to count.

Step Determine Main Cost Items

First, figure out what costs are inevitable. It depends on the chosen area, the planned scale of the business and the region in which you are going to work. But there are also universal costs - first about them.

Legal arrangement

Individual entrepreneurs can submit tax reports according to a simplified declaration - “simplified” - 3% of income + pension contributions (10% of salary). According to the simplification, you can hire up to 30 employees and earn no more than 2,044 minimum wages in six months (in 2021 - 57.8 million tenge). IE is the best option for a novice entrepreneur.

  • Rent or purchase of premises

Jobs and Wozniak assembled the first Apple computer in their parent's garage. For some types of business, this option is acceptable, but if you work with clients, you will need an office.

Monthly rent of a small office space in Almaty or Astana will cost 100-150 thousand tenge.

This option is primarily relevant for small business in sales. For example, for a travel agency, advertising agency or small retail printing house. But keep in mind (!) That landlords may require a deposit or payment in advance for 3-6 months.

If the business does not imply personal contact with clients, but the team (for example, IT developers) cannot be seated in the bedroom, consider the option with coworking. It is cheaper than a separate office and requires less hassle - infrastructure such as the Internet, telephone and payment for public services will be thought out for you and included in the rental price.

By Admin · Published 07/17/2021 · Last modified 05/30/2021

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Business ideas in Kazakhstan: Building materials store

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Business ideas in Kazakhstan: Handicraft shop

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by Admin · Published 05/23/2021 · Last modified 05/30/2021

Own business is a tempting undertaking, which is increasingly being thought of by an increasing number of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The key to success is choosing the right direction to fulfill your potential. We offer the most interesting business ideas - services that are in stable demand.

Here are the most promising small business ideas in Kazakhstan:

Delivery from shops and cafes

Delicious food is what people always need.

Sometimes it takes too long and difficult to get to your favorite place, and it's simply too lazy to go to the store. But what if the hypermarket or cafe has no delivery?

Surely you yourself have encountered this problem. But she has a simple and very profitable solution - organize a courier on your own!

Photo: Semifreddo Group: UGC

To do this, you must first of all outline the territorial range of your services - from which establishments you can make delivery. At the same time, calculate how long it will take to get from home to the point of order and from it to the client.

After a more detailed consideration of the idea, take care of creating your own website or at least a group in social networks. There you will indicate a list of goods and dishes, establishments from which you are delivering, as well as the conditions and cost of the service.

Remember, an idea is not enough to make a small business successful. Its execution is important.

Be punctual and attentive to details, do not skimp on advertising and a good content manager who will bring your site to the first page of internet search results.

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