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There is no need to prove to anyone that small business in Europe and the United States is better developed than in the vastness of Russia. This is evidenced by statistics. For example, in Europe the share of small business in GDP reaches seventy percent, in the United States - about forty, in the Russian Federation - a little more than twenty-three percent. It is not surprising that most of the newest and most promising business ideas come to us from Europe. We will talk about them in this article.

The Internet and digital technologies are increasingly penetrating the business sphere. It is with them that many new business ideas in Europe are associated, the implementation of which began in 2021.

Car insurance by phone

The business idea was born in England. Thanks to the new service, car owners from Europe can insure their vehicle in just 1 hour using their phone.

It used to take about a day to get an insurance policy from European drivers who took a car for a certain period from their acquaintances, friends and family members. At the same time, a considerable package of documents had to be drawn up. Today, everything can be done much faster and easier. Enough:

  • download a special application for a smartphone;
  • upload your photo;
  • consent to the processing of personal data;
  • pay for the service.

Then you need to wait until the service receives confirmation of payment, after which the insurance will be instantly activated. The application is useful for those European car owners who have an urgent need to use someone else's transport. For example, in case of an unexpected breakdown of your own car.

In Europe, the service is available to people over twenty one years of age.

Virtual Stadium

This interesting business idea was born in 2021 in the USA, but it is starting to gain popularity in Europe as well. The LiveLike VR project enables sports fans to virtually attend various sporting events and observe what is happening at the stadium from different angles.

  • download the application;
  • create and customize a virtual stadium;
  • invite your friends.

After that you can virtually be next to your friend at the stadium and root for your favorite team or athlete.

Naturally, the authors of this business idea expect to make good money on advertising and user communication. LiveLike VR has already signed several partnerships, including with the organizers of the French Open (Roland Garros) and the renowned European football club Manchester City.

It's no secret that any direction of business in Runet originates precisely from American and European business ideas. It is there that interesting ideas arise, the most innovative technologies and profitable areas appear that really work and will allow you to make very good money.

Good day, dear reader of the Istok blag blog. Today within the heading business system AIOP. I will continue the topic of making money in the European company All In One Profits and how this small company, which has collected all the best tools for business promotion in one place, will help you bring your business to the international market and easily bring partners from America and Europe. And of course a useful gift.

So, dear friend, as I said, I am just a translator of the top leaders of the USA, and their new Business ideas and technologies for getting money from the network.

I study their ideas and developments, which they sell for 1000 and 5000 dollars. Further, I take the best and show the team features and programs that we do not know about.

This saves the team thousands of dollars.

I also stay away from companies with very obscure and difficult compensation plans.

We have 10 types of earnings in our company. This is, of course, a binary. This means that deductions for the entire depth of 1-3% come from all sales of the team.

From funny and tempting "if only, if only" offers.

Here you have 300 people and you are now a diamond, and now you get 1000 dollars.

And in a month you already have 1000 people and you get a double diamond 5000.

In 3 months you are a blue diamond and you already have 2021 people, you get 10000.

Everyone can become a businessman. You just need a little self-confidence and a little more determination. Otherwise, it is hardly possible to find your own economic “shelf” in the crowded market of our society. But how do you want to become a successful entrepreneur, right?

It is said that young people are easier to take risks, easier to experience setbacks, and quicker to return to duty after falls. That is why novice businessmen around us are young promising guys (and sometimes girls). And if these young people also think carefully about every step in business, then, quite possibly, there will be no falls.

Here is such a successful young businessman Andrey will tell his story to Reconomica magazine, how he decided to start his own business while still a student. How was it? You will find out now.

Let's start from the beginning

Hello everyone! My name is Andrey Bogdanovich Matselko. Originally from Ukraine, namely, from the city of Rava-Russkaya, a small provincial town that borders Poland.

I was 22 years old when I started my business. I started my small business in 2021 and continue to this day.

Summer 2021 will be remembered for a long time. At the moment I was a student at one university and I didn't even think about starting a business. There was only a desire to close the session and move on.

Internet Help

But one evening, my friend and I were browsing a bulletin board on the Internet on various topics. There were so many ads that it was impossible to watch them in one session. And then the thought comes to me, “Why not try and sell me something”? After all, I lived in a border town, and the border with the European Union is just a stone's throw away.

Therefore, you can easily bring certain things or goods from Europe and sell them.

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Most entrepreneurs dream of coming up with a new “million dollar idea” that will bring millions in profits and take it to the business Olympus. Promising ideas do not appear so often, but do not despair - if you cannot come up with anything interesting, you can use the example of your Western colleagues. The ideas of many projects were borrowed from Western startups, and this did not stop them from becoming successful: for example, Pavel Durov took advantage of Mark Zuckerberg's idea and created the VKontakte network, which, although it did not “surpass” Facebook in the world, still became the most popular social network in Russia and the CIS.

The United States has long been considered the trendsetter in business, but European businessmen can also demonstrate creativity and bring to life outstanding ideas that can be easily used here. Ecotourism, women's repair teams, production of Eurobeam - these and many other European ideas are successfully working on the Russian market.

The latest business ideas from Europe: TOP ideas

1. Bicycle cafe. Everyone knows what a MacAuto is - McDonald's and other cafes serve customers right in the car. A similar business for cyclists emerged recently in Zurich. A person can come to a cafe and drink coffee / eat without getting off the bike, which “parks” right on the territory of the cafe directly at the table.

It's no secret that bicycles are a very popular form of transport in Europe, and in Russia, in recent years, special parking lots for bicycles have appeared.

The cafe owners in Zurich went even further: they treated all customers on their bike to free espresso. Thanks to this, 500 cyclists visited the cafe in the first week alone. Soon other similar cafes appeared in Zurich.

Can this idea be applied in Russia? Yes - especially in big cities. In addition to the convenience for cyclists, this novelty will attract the attention of visitors - even those who come on foot or by car.

By the way, you can do one more business on bicycles, and this idea also came to us from Europe: more precisely, from the most “cycling” country - Holland. This is an automated bike rental center where anyone can take a bike literally in a matter of seconds for little money, and then return it to this point or to any other similar rental point in the city.

Such machines have already reached Russia, but so far the idea has been implemented only in a few large cities.

If you have no time to study the market and do not know how to do it, then download a ready-made business plan for opening a food outlet and save a few days on developing a business plan yourself.

2. Free gym. Many people do not go to the gym because they need to pay for an annual or monthly membership right away. A person may not have such an amount, or he will not buy a subscription, doubting that he will go there regularly for a month or even more so - a year.

Business development in Russia began in the 90s. Almost always inexperienced entrepreneurs borrowed ideas for making money from Europe and the United States. These countries have gone far ahead in commerce: in their history there was no 70-year ban on private entrepreneurship. Until now, business in Europe is a source of ideas for Russian entrepreneurs. We talk about interesting and profitable ideas from Europe, as well as whether it is possible to bring a ready-made business from abroad.

Popular ideas from Europe that conquered the world

There is every reason to believe that a business that is popular in Europe will be in demand in Russia as well. The interests and opinions of the majority of Russians in terms of goods and services are close to those of Europe. Citizens traveling in Europe would like to see a similar level of product and service quality at home. These characteristics together make the borrowing of European business ideas very promising.

Many ideas came from Europe that are now widely used by businessmen: delivery of goods to home and office (including coffee and food), focus on increasing comfort in everyday life, active introduction of mobile applications, use of alternative energy sources. It is often difficult to determine exactly where an idea came from. Europe is characterized by a careful attitude to resources, the desire for accurate consumption and maximum convenience at work and at home. In the next section, you will see that most of the fresh European ideas are based on these principles.

Business ideas that do not exist in Russia

The most promising business ideas seem to be those that have not yet come to Russia. They provide an opportunity to occupy a profitable niche ahead of competitors and offer customers completely new products and services. Consider which startups have already achieved success in Europe, but have not yet been implemented in our country.

Unfortunately, not all ideas can be implemented according to the European model: Russia and Europe have different legislation, and the demands of the population differ significantly. However, an entrepreneur can adapt an attractive European startup to Russian realities (or his goals) and build a promising business.

It should also be borne in mind that examples of profitable business in Europe are not innovative companies, but manufacturers of rather traditional goods: cars, food, household chemicals, clothing. Fresh ideas, as a rule, do not allow reaching the same level of profit.

Let's consider some new types of business in Europe that may be in demand in Russia.

Mobile charging stations

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