We open a business in the sports direction

A detailed business plan of a sports institution is drawn up, taking into account its format, future target audience, location planning, and so on.

Sports Business Organizational Plan

An organizational plan is drawn up in order to visually see all the stages of the implementation of your idea. Thanks to him, a novice entrepreneur will not forget anything, he will move clearly in order, without distracting his attention with something else.

The standard organizational plan for the opening of such a complex consists of:

  • Registering your business with the tax office, obtaining the necessary permits for sports activities.
  • Selection of suitable premises where this institution will be located.
  • Design development and repair work in the selected room.
  • Purchase of all necessary equipment and furniture.
  • Selection of professional workers.
  • Implementation of effective advertising to attract first and subsequent customers.

Mandatory business registration and required documents

The very first thing that needs to be done after you have decided to bring your ideas to life is to register with the tax service of the Russian Federation. If this is not done, then you can get a criminal or administrative penalty, while also paying fines to the tax office. How exactly to register, each businessman decides for himself. In general, the option of registering a limited liability company is suitable for this business idea, but at first you can register as an individual entrepreneur. We also choose the appropriate form of taxation, it is best to choose the simplified one and pay 6% of total income or 15% of net profit.

In addition to registering yourself as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, it is important to obtain permits from Rospotrebnadzor in order to open such an institution.

Sports facility format options, proposed services

It is very important to think over the format of your future enterprise in advance. It will depend on this, where and what room to choose, what kind of repairs to do in it, how much and what kind of staff to hire, and actually the most important thing - profit. At this point, you can implement any of your ideas, in addition, there are already several ready-made options. In addition to the main direction, it is required to introduce ancillary services into the price list that will help increase the number of profits.

Some ideas that you can use when opening this establishment:

  • Fitness center. Usually women visit such places.
  • Sports gym. Here you can install exercise equipment designed for men and women.
  • Center for yoga, shaping or aerobics. Such an establishment is also usually popular with the female population.

As services you can enter:

Hello my dear friends. What do you think is the most current fashion trend today?

Not owning the latest iPhone or a collection of branded items. It is now fashionable to be and look healthy, which implies both an appropriate lifestyle without bad habits, and excellent physical shape.

That is why, for many successful people, sport is becoming a real life philosophy, on which one can successfully earn money.

Today I propose to discuss what kind of business in the field of sports is not only promising in terms of generating income, but also available for organization by every person.

What kind of sports business can you do?

Conventionally, all business ideas in the field of sports can be subdivided into:

  • sale of sporting goods;
  • services for physical body correction (yoga, fitness training, aqua aerobics, etc.);
  • services in the field of sports entertainment (paintball, bowling);
  • services for the organization of healthy meals (sale of dietary supplements and vitamins, nutritional consultations, sports and diet food restaurants, etc.)

Each of these areas is quite interesting, but most of them require significant financial investments.

You can start a business without a lot of start-up capital by promoting it via the Internet, which will save on renting premises, utilities, staff salaries and advertising.

This means that the sale of sporting goods and food remains. It is the latter, in my opinion, that is the most promising direction.

Sporting goods store financial model

Brief Investment Memorandum

The popularity of sports shops is due to the fact that more people give up bad habits in favor of a healthy lifestyle and spend money on sports and equipment. This is not only about everyday goods, but also about expensive gear and equipment: exercise machines, bicycles, etc.

The sports goods market in Russia is represented by large federal chains and small stores.

The price range is wide - from inexpensive mass items to expensive equipment of famous brands. The demand for sports goods varies within product groups and depends on the season.

Initial investment amount - 1 304 000;

5 month break-even point;

Payback period - 14 months;

Average monthly profit - 115,251 rubles.

Description of business, product or service

Investments: from 400,000 rubles

Payback: from 5 months

Everyone who plays sports knows that it is almost impossible to achieve a good result without proper nutrition. But not everyone manages to comply with the regime in modern realities, bustle. Therefore, athletes began to use nutritional supplements full of essential substances for progress. The sports nutrition niche has been growing for 10 years now and is generating good income.

Business Concept

The sports nutrition business is a very profitable thing, because with the rise of fashion for a healthy lifestyle, so does the demand for nutritional supplements. Today, the following types of sports food are common in specialized stores:

  • protein and gainer (protein with high-quality carbohydrates);
  • creatine (for muscle endurance);
  • amino acids (necessary to replenish nutritional substances in the muscles after exercise);
  • fat burners (necessary for the breakdown of fats);
  • vitamin complexes (fill the necessary gaps in nutrients in the body).

Most of the assortment was taken by proteins: gainers and proteins. They contribute to gaining muscle mass in a very short period of time. The demand for them has always been high, and not only among men, but also among girls.

The clientele consists mainly of the male half of 16-40, who goes to gyms, works with "iron". Big hands and a massive body are important for them. A little less often girls visit such outlets. But all these people are interested and live in sports.

What is required for implementation?

Organization of a store is a process that does not require any skills at all, because everything is tied to sales. Finding cheaper, selling more expensive are the main tasks.

To start, you need to find a premise for organizing a store, repair it. Moreover, you need to search, given a specific location. You will also need to hire salespeople. Most of the business processes are the search for a supplier, perhaps it will be a person from abroad, or there will be several of them.

To improve sales, you can find partners in the form of city gyms that will direct people on the advice to your sports nutrition store. This practice is very common. But you need to remember that there are many competitors, and everyone is trying to surprise the client with something special. It is necessary to adopt this trend, to think over in detail the assortment and advertising of the product.

Business sports is a market for productive activities for starting a business from scratch. To navigate the sports field, you need to analyze the situation in the service delivery market. Starting a business with an emphasis on sports topics is detailing, the appropriate design of the institution, and design solutions. For the profitability of the business, competition is excluded; opening a sports cafe or section depends on the direction of the head's work.

For the development of a business, a thorough analysis of the development of types of sports business is required.

What is the potential of the sports food market

Business in the field of sports nutrition, sports is the choice and development of a specific area. The modern world is fighting for proper nutrition, taking into account vitamin complexes and microelements. For athletes, the diet and food items are a guarantee of high-quality training and sports form. Sports nutrition has a high potential for business development. This direction is not new, but it has been in great demand among athletes over the past 5-10 years. Analyzing the Western sports nutrition market, there is a dynamic growth in the intake of supplements, during hard training or to keep fit.

More and more athletes understand that proper nutrition allows you to build muscle, increase the body's potential, and replenish the reserves of missing vitamins and elements. People visit gyms, the age group 20–45 years old use supplements in their nutrition, such results give rise to a demand for specialized products.

Projected growth in demand for sports nutrition for 2-3 years:

  • regions in the future 13-15%
  • the capital by 10%.

Differences in percentages indicate the fullness of the capital's sports nutrition market. Regional development of the healthy nutrition, nutritional supplements business is beginning, the prospect of improving the quality of sales is positive.

Companies work on Internet portals, so ordering products will not be difficult, which allows you to work in remote areas of the country.

Range of Sports Nutrition

There are several categories of food additives:

  • Protein supplements are protein preparations designed to increase muscle mass. A separate product - gainers, is a supplement for gaining body weight in a short time. This action is caused by high-quality carbohydrates and proteins that are contained in the product.
  • Amino acid supplementation helps to replenish the balance of micronutrients that was spent during sports.
  • Creatines - activate body resilience during exhausting workouts, intense sports.
  • Vitamin preparations contain a daily dose of the necessary funds to maintain the strength of the body during diets and increased sports.
  • Fat burning agents act on accumulated fats, help the body convert them into energy.
  • Preparations that increase the elasticity of joints, ligaments.

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